La Vilane Lulu strikes at The Beguiling!

Originally published in 1960, fashion legend Yves Saint Laurent’s “La Vilane Lulu” created quite the uproar in fashion circles, as the collection of comic strips held an unkind mirror up to the industry. Long out-of-print, the early graphic album has made a welcome return thanks to the fine folks at Editions de La Martineiere and is now in stock at The Beguiling for just $35.95.

The new edition is creating something of a stir as well, with initial buzz on Twitter last week preceding a full story in The Toronto Star today! Here’s to hoping that positive word of mouth and a fabulous buzz inspires some smart publisher to pick up the similarly long-out-of-print Adventures of Sandee The Supermodel by Isaac Mizrahi from long, long ago…
Oh! And for you international customers (or if you just hate coming downtown…), we’re also offering this book through our online bookstore.
– Chris @ The Beguiling