It’s the Toronto Japanese Film Festival 2015!


The Beguiling and Page & Panel: The TCAF Shop are proud to sponsor the 2015 Toronto Japanese Film Festival, taking place June 11th to 26th at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. There’s all kinds of great films being screened this year, and tickets are available now at

A special thing about the lineup this year? There are six (6!) films screening that are being adapted from manga! This is pretty exciting:


Tokyo Tribe, adapted from the manga by Santa Inoue.
This manga was partially published by Tokyopop, but it’s now out of print. That hasn’t stopped manga fans from snapping up old copies and loving it, though! And this film adaptation by Sion Sono has been drawing raves! Screening June 12. This screening sponsored in part by The Beguiling. Featuring a short introduction by Christopher Butcher of The Beguiling.

poster2Thermae Romae II, adapted from the manga by Mari Yamazaki.
The complete series of these excellent books are in print in English, in three great omnibus editions! Screens June 23rd. This screening sponsored in part by Page & Panel: The TCAF Shop.

Little Forest, adapted from the manga by Daisuke Igarashi
This particular series hasn’t be translated into English, but Igarashi’s amazing visual tour-de-force manga Children of the Sea is available, and it touches on many of the same themes.

Hot Road, adapted from the manga by Taku Tsumugi
Her Granddaughter, adapted from the manga by Keiko Nishi
Maestro!, adapted from the manga by Akira Saso
Unfortunately these authors don’t have anything in print in English, but all of these manga have been critically acclaimed, as have the films!

So once again, we strongly encourage you to check out some of the many great films screening at this year’s Toronto Japanese Film Festival! Full information on the films, schedule, and tickets can be found at

– Chris @ The Beguiling