It’s FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at The Beguiling!

Saturday, May 2nd, from Noon-5pm
@ The Beguiling, 601 Markham Street, Near Bloor & Bathurst

It’s FREE COMIC BOOK DAY at comic book stores around the world, and that means THE BEGUILING! If you’ve never been to Free Comic Book Day before, here’s the deal: Come by The Beguiling on Saturday May 2nd from noon to 5pm, and we’ll give you a bunch of Free Comic Books! Publishers like Drawn & Quarterly, Fantagraphics, Marvel, and DC, have all produced special new comics just for this occasion, and you’ll be able to choose to take home, for free!

IN ADDITION! This year The Beguiling and The Toronto Comic Arts Festival have teamed up to produce a special comic book, COMICS FESTIVAL!, an all-ages comic featuring cartoonists who will be exhibiting at The Toronto Comic Arts Festival… and many of them will be at our Free Comic Book Day event! This means you can get a free comic book AND get it signed by nearly a dozen cartoonists! Plus many of them will be sketching for fans, autographing books, and selling their own great work!

Cartoonists participating include:

Kate Beaton, Willow Dawson, CTON (Clayton Hanmer), Jason Kieffer, Ryan North, Ramon Perez, Kean Soo , Tara Tallan, Zach Worton, Chip Zdarsky

Brian McLachlan, Willow Dawson, Ray Fawkes, Ryan North, Zach Worton, Chip Zdarsky

For more on Last Year’s Free Comic Book Day Events, check out: 
If you’re not in Toronto or can’t visit us for Free Comic Book Day, visit to find out about Free Comic Book Day events in your town!

1. WHY DO YOU DO THIS? WHAT’S THE CATCH, COMPADRE!?: Simply, The Beguiling Likes Comics, and The Beguiling Feels You Should Be Reading Comics. So one day a year, we work with the industry to give good comics away to people, in the hopes that they’ll come back to the store and buy the next one. No purchase necessary, though obviously encouraged.

2. ARE ALL OF THE COMICS FREE? No. Only the ones we say. They will be clearly marked.

3. RAIN OR SHINE? Rain or shine.

4. HOW MANY FREE COMICS DO I GET?: Probably 5 or so per person. No you cannot have more for people who are not with you.

5. ARE YOU ORDERING ALL OF THE FREE COMICS THAT ARE GOING TO BE AVAILABLE ACCORDING TO FREECOMICBOOKDAY.COM?: Yes, but we’re ordering almost none of the sucky ones, and lots of the good ones. We define “good” in this instance. If you’re looking for a terrible, terrible book, chances are we won’t have it for you, because no one needs more sucky comics. To quote the Lorax: “Think of the trees.”
6. CAN I BRING A FRIEND?: Bring all of the friends you have. We’ve go enough comics to go around.