IT’S ADVENTURE TIME! New original art by Mahendra Singh, from The Adventure Time Encylopedia!


Adventure Time Encyclopedia cover - smallWoo-hoo! The Beguiling is thrilled to announce that we are now selling original art pieces by Mahendra Singh, the lead illustrator of The Adventure Time Encyclopedia!

We have 6 pieces available for sale, including all of the illustrations that make up the cover featuring Finn, Jake, and the entire cast! You can see all the pages for sale at:

Mahendra Singh has a very unique illustration style that closely resembles traditional engraving. His beautiful images are created by using dip pens with English or German nibs onto Denril paper, a special type of vellum which never cracks/stretches/warps. The whole page is then treated with Krylon Spray Fix afterwards to further protect it. All of this combines to create a slightly textured, unique, and truly compelling work of original art. Here are some close-up photos!



We are expecting these pieces to sell very quickly, as these originals are gorgeous, and there are millions of Adventure Time fans out there…!

For more on the work of Mahendra Singh, visit