Horribleville! Wizzywig! New Viz!

Man do we have some great new books! As you know we’re constantly getting in titles that aren’t available from more obvious sources, and this week we got two really awesome books.

First up is the third volume of WIZZYWIG, a fictionalized biography of Kevin Mitnick, probably the most infamous computer hacker in history. In WIZZYWIG Mitnick becomes “Kevin Phenicle” but his story is no less compelling. Even if you have no interest in computers or hacking, this really is a fascinating look at human nature and a surprising part of our not-too-distant history. Author Ed Piskor is really doing something special here, check it out. Volume 3 is $15, and all volumes are currently in stock.
Next up: HORRIBLEVILLE, by KC Green, published by New Reliable. What to say, what to say? It’s hilarious and dark, the first collection of the popular webcomic that’s sort of a rollicking fictionalized autobiography that features the author and the antrhopomorphisized voices in his head. KC Green is also a guest at TCAF this year! We’re super-excited to have him, and you can get a head-start on everyone else by picking up for $10.
Finally, we got a small bunch of new VIZ manga today, as well as some new DVD;
New From Viz:
Dragon Ball Z VizBig Edition v6
Arata V1
Detroit Metal City v4
Inu Yasha v46
Switch v13
New DVD and Anime Stuff
Fables Novel: Peter & Max – Audiobook Edition
The Mindscape of Alan Moore – New Lower Price! $14.95
Bleach: The Bount – Season 4 Box Set 2
Bleach Anime DVD v25
Bleach Anime DVD v26
Naruto Shippuden v6
Naruto Shippuden v7
Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths Reg Edition
Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths Blu-Ray
– Chris @ The Beguiling
– Christopher