Holiday Shipping Update (Diamond)

Hey folks! The holidays are coming up (right?) and so we thought we’d give you an early heads-up on changes and delays to “New Comics Day” for November, December, and January.

U.S. Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 28

No Delay. Comics for sale Wednesday November 27th and Wednesday December 4th as normal. There will be delays in the U.S. that do not affect us.

Christmas, Wednesday December 25th

The week before Christmas is normal, with Wednesday December 18th new comics day.

The week after, new comics day is on Christmas Eve, Tuesday, December 24th. There are only 9 new items this day. The complete list of new items is at the end of this message. We close at 5pm on Christmas Eve.

We are closed Christmas Day, Wednesday December 25th.

We are open at 9am on Boxing Day, Thursday December 26th.

New Year’s Day, Wednesday January 1st

The week after Christmas, new comics day is New Year’s Eve, Tuesday December 31st. We close at 5pm on this day.

We are closed on Wednesday, January 1st.

We are open as normal, 11am, on Thursday January 2nd.

Back to normal after this.

The full list of comics available on Tuesday, December 24th is as follows: 

Dark Horse
Conan TP Vol. 14: The Death (AUG130073, $19.99)
Star Wars Omnibus: Knights of the Old Republic TP Vol. 2 (AUG130084, $24.99)

DC Comics
Forever Evil #4 $3.99
Justice League #26 $3.99

Doctor Who Special 2013 #1 $7.99

The Saviors #1 (MR) $2.99

Origin II #1 $4.99 ea.
Avengers #24.NOW $3.99 ea.

Boom Studios
Deceivers #1 $3.99
The Day Men: Pen & Ink #1 $9.99

Dynamite Entertainment
Robotech/Voltron #1 $3.99

Oni Press
Lost at Sea HC $24.99

X-O Manowar TP Vol. 4: Homecoming $14.99