Happy New Year News!

So we’re going to start posting a little bit more frequently, with news of cool books and updates to the store and website. I’ll also probably redesign the front-page here, to more-easily accomodate increased posting.

We’ve added two great, fairly-rare books to the website recently that we wanted to tell you about. They’re both by the awesome and talented art-duo kozyndan, who we got to meet a few years back and fell in love with. You can find out more about them at their website, http://kozyndan.com/

The first book is Urban Myths. Published by Giant Robot in 2003, it collects most of the duo’s work up until the latter part of 2003 in an affordable 96 page volume. It features several panoramics, tons of illustration work, and several of the The Postal Service CD-Single covers too. The second book is Lactaid Dreams, a very cool colouring book. Yeah, there’ve been a couple of ‘hip’ colouring books released that are kind of questionable… (the Arnold Schwarzenegger and Gangsta Rap ones in particular), but this one’s actually really good. It features original pencil art and process work from before their illustrations are digitally inked and coloured, and has a double-gatefold in the centre featuring their salaryman-as-kogal panoramic. It’s also a little bit dirty, but that’s a good thing. 🙂

Both books are available on the store as well, and I’d totally recommend them both, if for no other reason than Urban Myths is completely out of print everywhere, right now (but I really like their work too).

Thanks for reading!

– Chris @ The Beguiling