Happy Halloween! Get kids comics bundles at The Beguiling and Little Island Comics!

Hallowe’en’s just over a month away, and already talk amongst our customers has turned to who’s wearing what, who’s going where, and especially what’s being given away to celebrate the big day.

As last year, The Beguiling and Little Island Comics will be selling bundles of 20 comic books, appropriate for all ages, for just $5. These comics are specially printed for the occasion, and feature a mix of established kids properties and unique new stories.

We’ve got bundles that are all the same comic, as well as bundles of mixed comics, so come by either store and pick up a selection to hand out at your door for haloween this year. Every other house will be giving away candy, why not actually give away something cool?

Mini-Comics Bundles: 20 comics for $5

Publisher: Title
Antarctic: Zombie Kid Mini Comic Bundle 2012  5.00
Ape: Strawberry Shortcake Scouts Mini Comic Bundle 2012  5.00
Archaia: Cow Boy Hallows Eve Mini Comic Bundle 2012  5.00
Boom: Adventure Time Mini Comic Bundle 2012   5.00
Dark Horse: Axe Cop Mini Comic Bundle 2012   5.00
Fantagraphics: Spacehawk Mini Comic Bundle 2012 5.00
IDW: Ghostbusters Mini Comic Bundle 2012  5.00
Archie: New Crusaders Rise Of Heroes Mini Comic Bundle 2012  5.00
Papercutz: Ernest & Rebecca Mini Comic Bundle 2012 5.00
Top Shelf: Tricky Treaters (Johnny Boo!) Mini Comic Bundle 2012  5.00
Mixed bundle of comics, 2 of each title. 5.00

– Chris @ The Beguiling