HAPPY GAY PRIDE WEEK – Sale June 20th to June 30th

The Beguiling is celebrating Gay Pride Week in Toronto by making it easier to get your comics Pride on. From Saturday June 20th to Tuesday July 30th, we’re having a big Gay sale with discounts on tons of great gay comics!

30% off of the sticker price on all CLASS COMICS porn!
This includes some of our bestsellers like PORNOMICON, PORKY, & SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!
20% off of the sticker price on all main-floor import gay comics collections from BRUNO GMUNDER VERLAG and etc.
This includes hardcover collections like STICKY, all of the Joe Phillips books, the STRIPPED anthology, and more!
20% off of Select Works by Maurice Vellekoop!
How could we leave out Toronto’s premiere gay cartoonist and illustrator! You can get 20% off the sticker price/Canadian cover price of VELLEVISION, A NUT AT THE OPERA, and PIN-UPS by Maurice Vellekoop!
It’s Wallace Wells-tastic. Get 20% off of the Canadian price on Scott Pilgrim. If you’ve been waiting for a chance to read it, lower-than-U.S.-cover-price is probably the best incentive you’re going to get. It’s not like it’s gonna get LESS popular. 🙂
10% off the U.S. Cover Price on any Marvel, DC Comics, Image, or Dark Horse trade paperback with a gay character in it.
We are willing to accept certain interpretations of Batman, Robin, The Legion, and Wolverine. We feel like we have a good idea what’s going on ‘between the panels’ in Wonder Woman too. Try us…!
20% off of the regular price on FUN HOME and STUCK RUBBER BABY
These are two great gay graphic novels that we think everyone should read, and so we’ll give you a bit of an incentive to do so.
Check out the big PRIDE display on the second floor for book suggestions, regardless of your taste in comics. We’re sure you’ll find something you’re interested in 🙂
– Chris @ The Beguiling