Gift Ideas That Aren’t Comics, For Comics Fans


Relax. We’ve got a good selection of neat toys and statues and stuff, tied into different comics and books and things. We’ll make it easy for you. Here’s a good sample of what we’ve got, and there are always more ideas in store.

If you’re buying for kids:

Jeff Smith’s Bone Plush- $13.95, Giant Size Bone Plush- $40, Bone Lunchbox- $20, Andy Runton Owly Plush- $15.

– If your kid has got every single volume of Bone (including the new one that just came out), go ahead and get them the plush. You are seriously never too old for these, they’re ADORABLE. Oh and we’ve got a great Bone lunch-box too. And the wordless Owly graphic novels are great for younger readers, and there’s a plush of him too!

If you’re buying for people who like creepy/cute stuff:

LENORE STUFF: Vinyl Figure- $24.95, Plush Doll- $19.95, ‘Betrayal’ Figure- $9.95, Lunch Box- $14.99
– From the twisted mind of creator Roman Dirge comes these LENORE-related toys and figures. Plus we’ve got the new Full-Colour LENORE comics collections and more.

Tim Burton’s Tragic Toys- $15.99 each, Jhonen Vasquez’s Fillerbunny Figure $19.95, Bunnywith Dolls- $20.00
– Fantastic PVC toys from Tim Burton and Jhonen Vasquz, leaders in their respective fields. Plus, who doesn’t want a blush rabbit with tentacles?

If you’re buying for art comics fans:

CHRIS WARE STUFF: Quimby The Mouse Wood Toy- $29.95, Jimmy Corrigan ‘Vital Animus’ Vinyl Figure- $60, “Chicago Hero” figure (Chris Ware’s Superman)- $29.95.
– These are all great toys, but the box art featuring ‘exclusive’ Chris Ware comics is almost worth the price of admission on its own. Oh, and the Chicago Hero figures come in red, yellow, blue, and white!

JIM WOODRING STUFF: Frank w/ Pupshaw & Pushpaw figures- $72.95, JIVA figure- $29.95, DORBEL figure- $50.
– Jim Woodring is a master of fabulous and surreal comics like his JIM and FRANK series, and these are colourful and beautifully produced toys. There isn’t room to show everything here, but the DORBEL and JIVA figures are really neat, and beautiful. If you get the chance come in and check’em out.

DAVE COOPER STUFF: Eddy Table Figure- $30, Pip & Norton Figure Set- $45.95
– Dave isn’t doing comics so much any more, but these figures are great and go well with the comics and artbooks still in print!

DAN CLOWES STUFF: Little Enid Doll- $15.95, Enid Doll- $47.95, Pogeybait Doll- $42.95
– Hey, we all like Dan Clowes, and now you can either get an adorable Enid doll, or a filthy pervert figure, either or. Depends on who you’re buying it for I guess…!

PETER BAGGE STUFF: Buddy Bradley Doll- $42.95, Buddy Bradley Circus Punks Doll- $13.95
– Everyone’s favourite 90s archetype in doll form! Funfact: The Buddy Bradley Doll is made with REAL HUMAN HAIR.

Gary Panter’s JIMBO doll- $49.95, Kaz’s Smoking Cat (Underworld)- $62.95, Johnny Ryan’s Angry Youth Comics Sinus O’Gynus & Loady McGee dolls- $45 each or both for $75.
– Alt comics notables have had their work translated into the third dimension as well! The Jimbo doll is anatomically correct btw.

Do you like Sandman?:

SANDMAN STUFF: Signed Sandman 1st Printing Hardcovers, Sandman 10th Anniversary Statue, P. Craig Russel Sandman “Ramadan” Statue, Sandman Snowglobe, Sandman Morpheus & Daniel Bookends, Sandman & Death Bookends, Sandman by Kelly Jones Statue, Sandman by Kelly Jones Mini-statue, Sandman Manga Statue, & More…
– What I’m saying is we have a LOT of Sandman stuff. Come in store to check it out. Lots of Neil Gaiman print rarities as well.

If you’re buying for a Superhero Fan:

…honestly, we’re not the first place people go to to buy gifts for superhero fans, as we don’t carry a lot of those toys and merch. We do have a couple of cool things though, like:

Kabuki Mini-Mask Sets #1 and #2: Now you can get a set of NOH masks from David Mack’s popular Kabuki comic series. Each set contains 4 masks, one for each of the assassins from the series. Each set is $50, but we’ll do both sets for $70!

The Batman Masterpiece Edition: This is a large box-set perfect for display. It contains an exclusive 9 inch action figure (doll) of the 1939 Batman, an accurately sized reprint of the Golden Age Batman #1, and the hardcover Les Daniels Batman Chronicles Book (designed by Chip Kidd) about the history of the Golden Age Batman. Basically the ultimate gift for any Batman fan, and now it’s only $50, down from $104. (only 1 in stock)

Batman: The Killing Joke Collector Set: We just picked this up in a collection. Get the Brian Bolland-designed Batman figure, and the “just about to Rape Barbara Gordon Hawaiian Shirt Joker” alongside a copy of the original Killing Joke by Alan Moore and Bolland. Slightly dinged box, so Now only $15, down from $30. (only 1 in stock)

Marvel and DC Collector Books: We got Encyclopedias, histories, vaults, and more. Lots of gifty book-type-stuff, from the detailed stuff for the hardcore fan to beautiful oversized artbooks perfect for any nerd-friendly coffee table.

If you’re buying for people with ‘eccentric’ tastes:

Evan Dorkin’s MILK & CHEESE Vinyl Figures- $74.95, Tony Millionaire’s Uncle Gabby Figure- $35, Robert Crumb’s Keep On Truckin’ Mini-Statue- $59.95.
– Basically we got violent dairy products (complete with broken bottle), a drunken money with a removable hat to show his brain, and the famous hippy “Keep On Truckin’” drawing by R. Crumb but in statue form. Strange, yes. But there are a lot of strange people out there.

Gary Baseman’s Seatbelt Bag for Harveys- $150 (Reg:$200+), Nathan Jurvicius’ MTV Fauna – Dayan vinyl figure- $65
– These are two high-end consumer products featuring work by popular contemporary illustrators. Gary Baseman is a prolific painter and illustrator, and he illustrated this amazing Seatbelt Bag for Harveys. Nathan Jurvicius is a Canadian creator who designed this new character to celebrate the launch of MTV in Canada (I do believe).

Cheap DVDS: We do have a pretty good collection of classic and contemporary animation on DVD, as well as live-action films and things that general audiences will enjoy. Prices range from $5-$30, but almost all of it is pretty cheap.

PLUS: We got Zippos! We got weird one-offs of random stuff! We got t-shirts! We got artbooks! We’ve got all kinds of stuff that isn’t a comic book, that people who love comic books will absolutely love. We love comics, the reason we’re in business is comics, and we don’t generally stock action figures or toys… but sometimes you just can’t resist something really, really cool. 🙂

– Chris @ The Beguiling