Fresh coat of paint.

Hello customers and friends!

In the interests of getting with the times, at least a little bit, we’re in the process of upgrading our web presence.

The first step is we’re now running WordPress, which means the site looks about 20 times prettier than yesterday, and is going to be far more useful to you (and to us!). Because the information here can be better organized, better displayed, and more easily searched, we’re going to be updating more frequently with book reviews, new product announcements, and other cool content. You can see the beginnings of how we want it to work in the sidebar.

The site will be further customized, with upgrades to our online store likely to go live early in the new year (we’re beta-testing that now).

So, thanks for your continued patronage, and we hope to be able to bring you even more bang for your buck going forward.


– Chris @ The Beguiling