Doug Wright Awards Benefit Auction Now Live

The organizers of The Doug Wright Awards, Canada’s premier comics and graphic novels awards, have begun their 2007 fundraising drive with the first of three auctions featuring new original art by Seth, Chester Brown, and Dave Sim. Each of the artists has created a work on the theme of the monster comics of Jack “The King” Kirby.

Seth’s piece, GROOT!, is the first to hit the auction block over at ebay and it’s pretty darned nice looking, if we do say so ourselves. Groot! is a Kirby creation from Tales To Astonish #12, and he has the most adorable little log-button nose.

Each one-of-a-kind artwork will go up for auction on eBay beginning Monday October 8th 2007, with all of the proceeds going towards the non-profit Wright Awards.

We’ll be mentioning all of the future auction items here on the website as well, but you can also bookmark this link to keep up to date on Wright Awards auctions.