Did someone say Green Lantern rings?

As part of their promotion for the mega-popular Blackest Night crossover, DC comics has gone ahead and produced power rings in all of the colours of the rainbow, to match all of the new lanterns they’ve introduced. We’re going to be giving them away free with the purchase of their related Blackest Night crossover titles. Here’s the list:

Red Lantern Ring – Free with Justice League of America #39 – In-store Nov 25th
Orange Lantern Ring – Free with Booster Gold #26 – out now
Yellow Lantern Ring – Free with Doom Patrol #4 – out now
Green Lantern Ring – Free with Blackest Night #5 – In-store Nov 25th
Blue Lantern Ring – Free with Adventure Comics #4 – out now
Indigo Lantern Ring – Free with R.E.B.E.L.S. #10 – out now
Violet Lantern Ring – Free with Outsiders #24 – out now
Black Lantern Ring – Free with Blackest Night #1 (still in stock!) – Out now
EDIT: I totally made a mistake. The Violet Lantern Ring comes with Outsiders #24, not Teen Titans. My apologies, and anyone who picked up Outsiders today (November 18th) and didn’t get a ring, come by and we’ll hook you up.
After all of the rings have come out, we’re going to see how many we have left and then think about selling them individually or in sets, for folks that just want the rings but not the comics.
Rings are available on the second floor at the cash register when you’re ringing out.
– Chris @ The Beguiling