DEC 3: ZINESTRAVANGANZA Free Zine-Making Workshop @ Off-Panel

ZINESTRAVANGAZA! Free Zine-Making Workshop
Saturday, December 3rd, 2016, 1pm-4pm
@ Nuvango Gallery, 639 Queen Street West
Free To Attend

Part of the TCAF: Off-Panel Gallery Show & Pop Up Shop, Running until Decemeber 5th. 

Zines meet comics, comics meet zines!

Oh, that’s awkward— seems like you two already know each other…

Yes indeed, some of the world’s favourite comic artists and illustrators made their first break for the big time with zines and other forms of self-publishing.

But what goes into a zine? For some, all you’ll need is a sharpie and a photocopier. For others, you’ll have silk screens and sewing machines out before you’ve even come up with a title!

At this multi-media drop-in workshop, we’ll be talking with Jonathan Valelly of Broken Pencil Magazine about the intimate history of zines and comics. We’ll also be making three kinds of zines:

••• NEW YEAR’S LETTER REMIX! Remember those yearly holiday letters you’re great aunt used to send where she detailed the seasonal habits of her three pet rabbits and enumerated the various surgeries imminently affecting members of her bridge club? Yeah, I didn’t open them either. New Year’s letters could be so much better! We’ll be making page-turning zines you can use to share the highlights (or lowlights) of your year with loved ones and stuffed animals.

••• COLLAGE VS COMICS! Are you a scissors person or a sharpie person? Challenge yourself to be BOTH! Make a zine bringing together these two essential media! Will one prevail, or will they go together like salt and pepper (or, better yet, Salt-N-Pepa)? There’s only one way to find out!

••• COOL GUY DETECTIVE ZINE! Smell you Nancy Drew! Start with one of our templates and either make a top-secret dossier collecting clues to solve Nuvango’s latest mystery, or create a simple Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Zine to get you close to cracking the case!

Make one or try all three! We’ll have lots of supplies, surprises, and tips and tricks to get folks to make the zine of their dreams. Feel free to bring anything for your own projects or that you think might be useful to share!

Got any questions? Email Jonathan at