Death and $1 Marvels: Fantastic Four #587 On Sale Today

Note: We are now sold out of FF #587.


But first! Today is the LAST DAY for our sale on Marvel backstock! Thousands of Marvel backissues from the last five years are now on sale for just $1 each, as long as you pick up at least 10 comics! That’s 10 comics for 10 bucks! It’s a hell of a deal. Today until 7pm.


No, really. Fantastic Four #587, out this week, a member of the Fantastic Four is scheduled to kick the bucket. The media have caught wind of this, and the resulting FEEDING FRENZY has driven demand mad! Er, not really. But everyone involved–Marvel, Diamond, and ‘the press’ have decided that his is a big deal, and have decided that Fantastic Four #587 can now be sold one day early, today, Tuesday January 25th. The book is $3.99.

We are only too happy to make the comic book available to you, our customers, at this early date, but with the following caveats:

  1. Limit, 2 per customer. No exceptions.
  2. We are not accepting phone orders for this item, and no holds except for folks with standing pullfiles. First come, first served, in store only.
  3. We are putting half of our copies out for sale out today, and half of them Wednesday. This will accommodate folks alerted by the media as well as our regular, AWESOME Wednesday regulars. We want to make sure everyone gets a crack at the issue, if they so desire.
  4. No other “early” comics except for Fantastic Four #587 will be made available for sale. Everything else goes out Wednesday morning at 11am.

Update: Fantastic Four #587 is  sold out.

All I ask is if you’re reading this, please don’t call the store asking to have it put aside. If you’re reading this you must like us at least a little, and any time something like this happens (Obama in Amazing Spider-Man, anyone?) the phone rings off the hook all day, and if you can make our day at least a little easier, hey, we’d appreciate it.

Thank you for your attention! Excelsior true believers, we’ll see you soon!

– Chris @ The Beguiling