DC Villains Month Lenticular Covers – Here’s what we’re gonna do.

Hi Beguiling customers!

We’ve got some bad, overly-complicated news for you here. If you don’t regularly buy or subscribe to DC superhero comics, or know about ‘Villains Month’, you can skip this. Everyone else, please read on.


So! If you haven’t heard, DC is suspending their regular publishing for the month of September, and replacing their books with special “Villain” editions.  Instead of “Batman #24,” we’re getting “Batman #23.1 The Joker.” The Villain editions are $3.99, and come with a special ‘lenticular motion cover’, which honestly looks pretty cool.

Unfortunately, DC didn’t print enough of the lenticular covers to meet demand. In fact, they didn’t print enough so that everyone who, say, ordered “Batman #23,” could get a copy of “Batman #23.1 The Joker.” They really, really screwed this up. As a result, we are only getting between 30% and 90% of our orders on these books.

In an effort to head-off speculators, and to treat you, our regular customers, as well as we can despite a pretty crappy situation, we’ve prepared this statement explaining the situation. What follows are the steps that we’re going to take to try to make everybody happy.

First and foremost:

  • DC has also printed a new first printing of all books, that have standard covers, that will arrive on the same day as the first printings with the lenticular covers. We will be offering these books for roughly 33% off cover price, or $2, each. Limit 2 per person. You will be able to get the stories you want, if you want them, and at a discount because we feel bad about the whole mess.

How we are doling out the lenticular covers:

  1. Priority is being given to existing pullfile customers. Pullfile customers will get their standard orders filled with the lenticular covers. This means that if you pre-ordered Batman #23, you can get the special edition of Batman #23.1.
  2. If there are any copies left after regular pullfiles are taken care of, we will then fill the orders of pullfile customers who submitted special request lists for titles before Friday, August 23rd. This means if you have a pullfile and don’t normally get Batman, but wanted Batman #23.1, we’ll  pull it for you (if we can).
  3. After this, all remaining lenticular cover copies will go to the rack for cover price. Limit one per person. No holds.
  4. We continue to reserve the right to refuse to sell any item to any person, without a given reason. We don’t like to do this, but speculation tends to bring the worst ‘customers’ out of the woodwork, and we do our best to take care of the folks that are here every week.

We’re sorry about all of this. DC has put us in a pretty crappy situation here, and we’re trying to make the best of it. We appreciate your understanding, and your support.

If you have any questions, you can e-mail chris@beguiling.com .

–          Chris @ The Beguiling