Congrats to Brown, Chantler, and Leavitt on Canada Reads Longlist Nominations

Our sincerest congratulations to graphic novelists Chester Brown, Scott Chantler, and Sarah Leavitt; their respective graphic novels have made it to the long-list for CBC’s 2011 CANADA READS event.

As you may remember we wrote up an extended list of recommendations for Canada Reads (sorry for our oversight on Ms. Leavitt’s book) a few weeks back, and we were happy to see several of our recommendations make the list.

Of the 40 works chosen, Chester Brown’s Louis Riel, Scott Chantler’s Twon Generals, and Sarah Leavitt’s Tangles make up the graphic novel choices, a very good showing for the medium that we love.

If you’d like to vote to see these three works on this year’s Canada Reads shortlist (and why wouldn’t you?), please head over to and vote! You can vote for 5 other books; I’m sure some of them are as good as a graphic novel.

– Chris @ The Beguiling