But Wait, There’s More! NEW MANGA!

So in addition to the awesome Yotsuba Volume 7 we actually got a TON of new manga from Viz and Yen Press today. Check it out:

Yen Press:
1001 Nights V9
Azumanga Daioh Omnibus – Reprinting the previous ADV edition. The content seems essentially the same, though it’s got colour pages and (apparently) an all-new translation.
Bamboo Blade v3
Cynical Orange v9
Moon Boy v7
Pandora Hearts v1
Pig Bride v3
Raiders v1
Spice & Wolf (Novel) V1
Time & Again V1
Yotsuba V7

20th Century Boys v6 – I can’t even imagine what this volume is going to be like, after the last one…!
Detroit metal City v3
Dogs v2
Excel Saga v20
Fushigi Yugi Vizbig Ed v4
Gestalt v4
Inuyasha v43
O-Parts Hunter v19
Ooku v2
Rurouni Kenshin Vizbig v8
– Chris @ The Beguiling