Buffy Comics Update

Hello folks. We realize that many of our newest regular customers have started shopping at the store thanks to Joss Whedon’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 8 comic book adaptation. Welcome to The Beguiling! We’ve been happy to sell you these comics! But, as we feared, the series has slipped off schedule, with the first-Wednesday-of-every-month ship date for October being missed.

Even though it wasn’t, you know, our fault, we’re still quite sorry about this. Because we want you to have your Buffy comics. And to keep enjoying your Buffy comics for what I hope will be years to come.

Well, Dark Horse Comics has released an updated schedule for the next few issues, and we’re happy to let you know that the next issue of Buffy will be out in just a few more weeks.

Here is the ultra-revised, updated Buffy schedule:

Issue #19, November 26The Time Of Your Life, Part 4 – The end of Buffy’s visit to the future to meet Fray, the last slayer.

Issue #20, December 17After These Messages… We’ll be right back! One-shot – Whatever became of the Buffy Animated Series? A glimpse of what might have been acts as an epilogue to the time-travel storyline.

Issue #21, January 7 Harmonic Divergence Part One – Harmony is back.

After that, the book will return to its first-week-of-the-month schedule. Thanks for your patience!

In other Buffy/Joss news:

FRAY: FUTURE SLAYER TRADE PAPERBACK is now in stock. Collecting Joss’ first comics work, this mini-series tells the tale of the last slayer, set hundreds of years in the future. $19.95.

BUFFY SEASON 8 VOLUME 3: WOLVES AT THE GATE TP arrives in store October 29th. It will be $15.95.
– We’ve got issues #1-18 of Buffy: Season 8 in stock, as well as the first two trade paperbacks, and all six Buffy Omnibus editions.

– Other Joss stuff in stock includes SERENITY: BETTER DAYS and SERENITY: THOSE LEFT BEHIND now in trade paperback, ANGEL: AFTER THE FALL VOL 1 & 2, Astonishing X-Men V1-4, Spike: After The Fall #1-4, and various issues of Angel: After The Fall.

– Chris @ The Beguiling