We’re having an amazing Boxing Day Sale, on now! Of course, if you’re one of the thousands of subscribers to The Beguiling’s official mailing list, you already knew all about this as we sent out the info days ago. If you’d like to subscribe, and we do frequently make it worth-your-while with secret sales for mailing list subscribers, contests for free movie passes, and much more, then you can do so real easy-like by entering your e-mail address into the box up there to the right.

So! Boxing Day! 2 Waves of great sales!

WAVE ONE: Wednesday December 26th and Thursday December 27th, 11am-7pm
In this wave: 20% off of the U.S. price on most in-print books in the store, plus sales on Anime, T-Shirts, Toys, and tons more!
No sale on back-issues, sets, or expensive “wall books”. These books will be largely inaccessible.

WAVE TWO: Sunday December 30th until Thursday January 3rd (Closed New Years Day), Regular Store Hours
Deep discounts on the back-issue bins, on expensive wall books, and on all of our pre-made sets!

Note: Due to this week’s and next week’s New Comics Days being pushed back to Friday December 28th and Friday January 4th respectively, there will be no in-store sales on these days.

See you at the store!

– Christopher