We’ve got a lot of recent overstock, comic books from the last few years and we need to get rid of them! So for the next three weeks (not counting Wednesdays) we’ll be putting tons of overstock comics on sale, Marvel the first week, DC the second week, and everything else on the third week. Here’s that schedule again:

Part 1: MARVEL: Thurs Jan 14 to Tues Jan 19
Part 2: DC/VERTIGO: Thurs Jan 21 to Tues Jan 26
Part 3: IMAGE/DARK HORSE/MISC: Thurs Jan 28 to Tues Feb 2

There’ll be at least a dozen boxes of comics every week, and the deals get progressively better as you buy more comics! Here are the deals:

Single comics will be 50% off U.S. cover price
Buy 10 or more comics for $1 each
Buy 50 or more comics for 80¢ each!


1. We reserve the right to refuse sale of any item to any customer for any reason.
2. We will probably not do this, but you’d be amazed at the number of people who insist that certain things are on sale when they’re clearly not, so yeah, rule #1.
3. Anything put on hold or special-ordered prior to Boxing Day is entirely exempt to sale pricing.
4. Sales cannot be combined with other specials or sales.
5. Items released in December 2009 or later are not eligible for sale. This includes certain pre-made sets. Determination for eligibility will be made at the cash register, at our sole discretion. All December/January books should be removed from the boxes, but we may miss some. We apologize in advance.


– Chris @ The Beguiling
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