After a short delay, we’re ready to start the third and final phase of our very extended “Boxing Day” sale. This time out we’ve got three weeks of amazing deals on single issue comics overstock, and the deal will change every week! Basically every day except Wednesdays (new comics day) we will have an incredible, deep-discount sale:

Back issues in selected boxes are $1 each when you buy 10 or more!
Buy 50 or more, and we’ll lower the price to 80 cents each!

1. Boxing Day Phase 03a Sale: Marvel Overstock $1!
Sale Runs Thursday January 19th to Tuesday January 24th!

2. Boxing Day Phase 03b Sale: Indie Overstock $1
Sale Runs Thursday January 26th to Tuesday January 31st!

3. Boxing Day Phase 03c: DC Overstock $1
Sale Runs Thursday February 2nd to Tuesday February 7th!

Single comics are still U.S. Cover Price, so buy lots! Only comics in marked bins are available for sale price.

The first sale starts this Thursday, January 26th!

– Chris @ The Beguiling