Beguiling Holiday Hours!

Okay, I’ll try to be as clear as possible about this, because it’s a little confusing (sorry!).

We are open normal hours and with normal operations, except for the following:

Wed Dec 23: 11am-9pm Open Late/NEW COMICS ON THIS DAY!*
Thu Dec 24: 11am-6pm (Closed Early for Christmas Eve)
Fri Dec 25: Closed
Sat Dec 26: 11am-7pm BOXING DAY
Wed Dec 30: NO NEW COMICS** – Comics will not ship this week at all.
Thu Dec 31: 11am-5pm (Closed early for New Year’s Eve)
Friday January 1st, 2010: Closed!
– After that, back to Normal.

* Dec 23: This Wednesday, there are In Fact NEW COMICS shipping on Wednesday. It’s not even like it’s a light week or anything. A BUNCH of new comics are shipping. See previous post for info. New Sacco! Complete ALEC by Eddie Campbell!

**Dec 30: So the week between Christmas and New Years, Diamond has decided not to ship new comics at all. That said, a couple of companies are making new books available on that day (shipping them early with instructions to hold): Marvel has a Hulk book and a SIEGE preview, DC has BLACKEST NIGHT #6, some self-publishers have declared it “Indy Comics Week”, etc. We’re also supposed to get Joe Sacco’s newest that week. So, expect us to have lots of new products that week, but that big Wednesday haul of superhero books is being delayed until the first week of January.

Any questions, e-mail us!

– Chris @ The Beguiling