Wednesday December 26, 9am-6pm
until Monday January 31st, 11am-5pm

Again this year we’re expanding our Boxing Day Sale to both The Beguiling and Little Island Comics, and starting the festivities at 9am!  We’re open crazy-early!

As is traditional, we’re doing different sales on different weeks, so please read the below carefully. Oh, and we encourage you to take notes on what the sale items will be from this mailing, so you can remember exactly what you wanted from the shop!

NEW COMIC DAY: Wednesday December 26th
Lots of new comics! Includes: Amazing Spider-Man #700, Aquaman #15, Avenging Spider-Man #15.1, Before Watchmen: Nite Owl #4, Crossed: Badlands #20, Deathmatch #1, Eerie Presents: El Cid HC, Hip Flask: Ourborous, Justice League #15, Mara #1, Star Wars Omnibus: Clone Wars V3 TP: The Republic Falls, The Shadow Special #1.

Phase 01: Weds December 26, 9am-6pm until Monday December 31st, 11am-5pm
General sale, 20% off mostly everything. Tons of deep-discount door crasher specials. No discount on back issues, “Wall Books,” or variant covers.

January 1st: Closed

January 2nd: New Comics Day (no sales on this day).

Phase 02: Thursday January 3nd until Tuesday January 8th.
Back issues on sale! Wall books on sale! Variants on sale! More blanket sales! A more detailed e-mail covering these sales will come next week!

New Comics Day January 9th, no sales on this day.

PHASE 03: January 10th to January 28th
Single issue over stock blow-outs! New comics every week! Different publishers every week! Plus other stuff! More detailed e-mails covering these sales will arrive in your inbox in the coming weeks.


Wednesday December 26, 9am-6pm until Monday December 31st, 11am-5pm
(Back issue bins, wall books, variants completely unavailable during this time.)


  • Bring your own bags! Save the environment! We’re happy to sell you 5c bags, but we’ve only got small ones left.
  • We reserve the right to refuse sale of any item to any customer for any reason.  We probably won’t do this, but this is a straightforward disclaimer in case there’s any dispute about what is or isn’t on sale.
  • Out-of-print items (books/comics/etc.) are exempt from sale pricing. Determination of ‘out of print’ is at The Beguiling’s sole discretion. Ask at the counter if you’re unsure.
  • Anything put on hold prior to Boxing Day is entirely exempt to sale pricing.
  • Sales cannot be combined with other specials or sales.
  • “Regular Price” is determined as ‘Whatever the book would sell for not on Boxing Day,’ whether that’s U.S. Cover Price, Converted Canadian Cover price, Canadian Cover Price, or Sticker Price.
  • Items released in December 2012 or later are not eligible for sale. Determination for eligibility will be made at the cash register, at our sole discretion.

BACK ISSUE BINS and WALL BOOKS and VARIANTS will not be accessible until Thursday, January 3rd. They are not on sale, they aren’t even really FOR sale. We are sorry, but we’re focusing on other product during this part of the sale, and we need the space and attention for other things. Thanks!


The Beguiling & Little Island Comics: 20% Off Almost Everything
The Beguiling & Little Island Comics will be offering a straight 20% off of almost everything* in both stores. This includes comics, graphic novels, manga, art books, doujinshi, toys, shirts, DVDs, comics sets, 50 cent bin, postcards and greeting cards, etc.

*Exceptions: Back Issue Bins, Wall Books, Variants (as mentioned, these will be on sale later), Original Art, and all items released in December 2012 or later are exempt from sale pricing.

Door Crashers @ Little Island Comics, 742 Bathurst Street

Hope Larson’s A Wrinkle in Time: was $21.95, now $15
David Nytra’s The Secret of the Stone Frog: was $17.00, now $10
Dave Roman’s Astronaut Academy: was $10.95, now $5
All Babymouse and Squish books: 40% off

PLUS: There will be bins of specially marked $1, $2, and $5 books for sale! The deepest discounts in the store will be there!

Door Crashers @ The Beguiling, 601 Markham Street

MARVEL NOW! ISSUE #1 STARTER SET – $10 (reg $42)
Get the first 12 new MARVEL NOW #1s for less than a buck each! Jump on board Marvel’s relaunch! Includes A Plus X #1, All New X-men #1, Avengers #1, Captain America #1, Deadpool #1, Fantastic Four #1, Ff #1, Indestructible Hulk #1, Iron Man #1, Thor God Of Thunder #1, Uncanny Avengers #1, X-men Legacy #1.

New X-Men Omnibus: was $125, now $75
The Hole of Tank Girl: was $114, now $75
X-Statix Omnibus Vol 1: was $125, now $75

Adrian Tomine’s Shortcomings: was $18.95, now $10
Chester Brown’s Ed The Happy Clown, was $24.95, now $15
Eddie Campbell’s The Lovely Horrible Stuff: was $14.95, now $10
Harvey Pekar’s Cleveland: was $21.99, now $10

Adventures of Dr. McNinja Night Powers Volume 1: NOW $10
Anime Club (Gunshow): NOW $10
Achewood: Worst Song Played on Ugliest Guitar: NOW $10
Penny Arcade v3 (Warsun Prophecies): NOW $2
Questionable Content Vol 1: NOW $10

Marvel Masterworks Golden Age Captain America vol 1: was $29.99, now $5
Simon & Kirby Superheroes: was $62, now $30.

Nausicaa Volume 1: was $12.99, now $5
Slam Dunk Volume 1: Was $8, now $1
Until Death Do Us Part Manga 1, was $18.99, now $10

Aaron and Ahmed: was $24.99, now $5
Fables 1001 Nights of Snowfall HC: was $19.99, now $5
Grant Morrison’s Kill Your Boyfriend: NOW $3
David Lloyd’s Kickback: was $12.99, now $5
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Vol 1 HC, was $19.99 now $5

Amazing Screw On Head (Mignola): was $17.99, now $5
Criminal Macabre: The Iron Spirit: was $19.99, now $5
Holy Terror: was $30, now $10 – Watch a popular comic creator’s descent into madness for a price you can’t beat!
Modern Warfare: Ghost: was $17.99, now $5
RASL VOL 1-4: was $63, now $40! – Save nearly 40% on the complete, awesome, oversized edition of RASL. Why wait for the pocket edition when you can get the oversized edition for the same price?
Stephen King’s “N” was $19.99, now $5
True Blood HC Volumes 1-3: was $24.99 each, now $10 each!

Astonishing X-Men: Ghost Box: was $29.99, now $5 – A very expensive Astonishing X-Men collection from Warren Ellis, now at a crazy-great price.
Chaos War X-Men: was $16.99, now $2
Chaos War: was $19.99, now $8
DESTROYER (Robert Kirkman): was $19.99: now $5
Girl Comics: was $19.99, now $5
Marvel 5 Ronin: was $16.99, now now $3
Marvel Zombies 5: was $19.99, now $5

Batman: Imposters: was $14.99, now $3
Green Lantern: In Brightest Day: was $19.99, now $3
Superman vs. Aliens: NOW $1
Superman/Batman: Selected volumes NOW $5 each

All this, plus even more can’t-miss specials in store!!

See you at 9am on the 26th!

– Chris @ The Beguiling