Don’t Fret: You’re Only Dreaming

Jordan Reginald Aelick

“While we sleep we dream. What a strange realm of existence it is. The clarity of these times can rival our daily lives, others lost in a confused fog, forever forgotten. Exploring the world of dreams and reality, Fret Aujir continues his unwanted journey throughout the land of the Feurlin’s where the greedy Reginald Oilslick continues his corporate reign. Every chapter alternates between being a dream inside of Fret’s head followed by his ongoing daily life, starting with a dream chapter. Over the course of two and a half years of daily panel comic practice the paintings in this series were made to be used as the cover image for each chapter’s printed zine, one panel per page. Between 30 and 90 copies of each chapter were printed. Upon completion of chapters 1-4 and 5-8 they were compiled in a larger zine, four panels per page. All twelve chapter’s were then collected and assembled into a hardbound book, hand made (except for printing which was done by a Xerox machine at Net Plaza) in an edition of 50.”

The Beguiling will be displaying Jordan’s art in our gallery for the month of August, with an opening event on Sunday, August 11th starting at 6PM!