Announce: Lynda Barry’s WRITING THE UNTHINKABLE Class October 23rd & 24th

Thursday October 23rd and Friday October 24th
10am-4pm both days, Location To Be Revealed(!)
$300.00 Tuition
Only available through eBay:

In advance of Lynda Barry’s upcoming presentations at The International Festival of Authors, she will be giving one of her fantastic classes on writing and creativity. It runs two days, Thursday and Friday the 23rd and 24th of October, for 6 hours per day, and will cost $300.

For those of you who know about this class, you’ve already gone to click that eBay link; this is certainly a rare opportunity.

For those of you that need to know what this is all about, check out this special message from Lynda’s friend Betty Bong!

About Writing the Unthinkable:

OK! This is the writing class Lynda Barry teaches! It is open to ALL PEOPLE! It is called– WRITING THE UNTHINKABLE! But first! Please note! IMPORTANT! This class is for students 18 years old and UP! No one under 18 allowed! Do you wish you could write? Do you wish you had a better memory? Do you want to make stories but are too confused about how to even start? DO YOU WANT A SEAT IN THE TWO-DAY WRITING CLASS TAUGHT BY LYNDA BARRY? THIS IS AN INTENSIVE WRITING CLASS! It’s not a social situation at all! Actually, you can be completely anonymous in this class! You don’t have to be cool! Your clothes can be square! You don’t have to be talk to anyone if you don’t want to! You don’t even have to make eye contact! And you don’t have to be a writer to be part of it! In fact, this is a class that works especially well for ‘non-writers’ like bartenders, janitors, office workers, hairdressers and anyone who has given up on ‘being a writer’ but still wonders what it might be like to write. Lynda teaches a specific way of working that she learned from her teacher, Marilyn Frasca, in the late 1970’s and has used ever since. She says it will work for anyone who has any kind of curiosity about writing or remembering, especially people who have always wanted to write but have no idea how to even begin. BE ADVISED! IT’S GOING TO BE TWO DAYS OF INTENSE CONCENTRATION AND HARD WORK! It is not jive! It is for real! (It is also, actually, pretty fun too, but not in a social way!) Can you dig that? If so, we can dig YOU! All you’ll need is about 100 sheets of notebook paper, a three-ring binder (no other kind of paper set-up will work for this class) and a couple of your favorite pens. All students must figure out their own transportation and lodging. We’ll tell you where the classroom is and other details when we confirm your reservation! Come to Lynda’s writing class! Our class secretary, Betty Bong, describes the class as a way to “blow your mind with….. your own mind!” GOOD! GOOD! GOOD! Yes you can! YOU CAN! Do! Please come!

Now that’s a mouth-full.

– Chris