"Alan Moore: Storyteller" Goof

We get so much rare, new, and unique product coming through the store (and wait ’til you see what we picked up at San Diego…) that we rarely post about stuff we didn’t get, but this is an exception. We didn’t get copies of Alan Moore: Storyteller last week, the new book about Alan Moore by Gary Spencer Millidge, because I entered the data wrong while doing the previews order entry. Entirely my fault. I’ve rectified that now and our reorder has been confirmed, and should be in the store (knock on wood) August 10th.

We hold all of Mr. Moore’s  and Mr. Millidge’s projects in high esteem, and we’re sorry this one fell through the cracks.

In more positive news, League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century: 1969 arrived in stores this Wednesday, and it is fantastic. Moore fans: you’ve still got a reason to visit the shop. 🙂

– Chris @ The Beguiling