A couple of neat new back issue collections have come in…

We don’t normally post about back-issue acquisitions, because we have collections of varying grades and ages trickling into the store non-stop, all of the time–and most of them end up in the 50 cent bin. But we had a couple of neat things show up in-store that some of our customers might be interested in:

– A giant collection of low-grade Dell & Gold Key from the 60s onward, all priced at between $1.00 and $3.00. A few Archies in there as well.

– A near-complete run of Miracleman in pretty high grade
– A scattershot collection of 3-D comics, including some pricey 3-D rarities
– A bunch of medium/low grade Silver-Age superhero material.
– A ton of 90s superhero stuff in the 50cent bin.
– A low/mid-grade Silver Surfer 1, 2, & 4
– Some gorgeous older Dells
All of them are in various clearly-marked boxes on the second floor.
Oh, and as a reminder, we’re continuing our 50% off sticker-price variant covers sale through the weekend.
– Christopher