2010 Holiday Shipping Schedule

We’ve been pretty fortunate here in Canada to not experience almost any delays this year in Diamond’s regular Wednesday shipments, but our luck couldn’t hold out forever and it looks like the one-two punch of Christmas and New Years is going to hit Canada with a shipping delay. Here’s Diamond’s shipping schedule for Canada for the rest of the year:

Wednesday December 1st
Wednesday December 8th
Wednesday December 15th
Wednesday December 22nd
Thursday December 30th
Wednesday January 5th, 2011

There will be a bunch of delays for U.S. and other customers in and around this period, but until we hear otherwise these are the in-store dates. Reorders placed through Diamond will also likely be a mess until about January. As it is, we’re seeing 3-4 week wait times on items listed as “in-stock”.

Also of note? We get tons and tons of new product through distributors other than Diamond, arriving all through the week. We’ll do our best to make note of new arrivals here on the blog.


– Chris @ The Beguiling