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chromacoverFans of all things cool should take note of new comics that just arrived in the store:

DISTANCE MOVER #7: “If you missed issues #1-6, #7 is the best place to start,” says creator Patrick Kyle, “In this new story arc Mr. Earth and Mendel set off to explore new civilizations, but are quickly thrust into a new adventure when the Distance Mover plans its own course.” For those of you who miss out on the fantastic subscription deal, don’t worry – Copies are available at The Beguiling for $5.

HOT DOG BEACH #2:  “Mop and Fuzz are on the job, half drunk and hungover, everyone’s trying to get to Hot Dog Beach but nobody knows what’ll happen when they get there, they just wish they’d get paid soon, or at least get something to eat…” Holy cow! This book is rad! The second issue of Lale Westvind’s Ignatz Award Winning series can be yours for only $6.

CHROMAZOID #1 & 2: Speaking of Lale Westvind, her Kickstarted anthology Chromazoid #1, as well as the follow-up issue, are choc-a-bloc full of comics from exciting artists like Lyra Hill, Robert Calzone, Austin English , Sakura Maku , Otto Splotch , Jazmyne Araya, and many more. Both issues come with a mixtape and mix-CD (respectively) full of original songs connected to the comics! Chromazoid #1 is $20! Chromazoid #2 is $20!

These are the hippest things right now on the market/in the store. Get them now so that later you can tell your friends “Pff, yeah. I read those months ago. Where have you been?”


ware-mono30Looking for a Ware fix while waiting for Building Stories to come back in print? Or are you looking for the perfect follow-up after devouring Jimmy Corrigan? Well, we have something that just might scratch those itches!

Mono Kultur, the well-designed interview magazine from Berlin, focused its entire Winter 2012 issue on Ware with an informative 23-page interview. This beautiful chapbook features two different fold outs, including one of rarely-seen Ware process material. The intimate interview looks at every aspect Ware’s illustrious career and includes great insight to his work — a must-have for any Ware fan!

You can find Mono Kultur #30 on the main floor and second floors next to the cash registers for $10.00.

EYE OF ATROCITY – Superviolent Ukiyo-E art book now in stock


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWould you believe that these insanely gruesome illustrations of Samurai were originally created in 1870? If you want a whole book that is this intense… or moreso… then by all means come pick up THE EYE OF ATROCITY: SUPERVIOLENT ART BY YOSHITOSHI, the Ukiyo-E Master Series Volume Two. It’s pretty incredible stuff, must be seen to be believed. Located on the second floor.

We also got a restock on the first in the series, SAMURAI GHOST AND MONSTER WARS.

The interiors are even more gruesome than the cover, so if you want a preview keep reading past the cut…!

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New From Shintaro Kago – Gruesomelarious Mini-Comics



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne of our favourite Japanese creators is Shintaro Kago. He’s almost completely unpublished in North America (except for, oddly, VICE Magazine) and he’s an amazing formalist, experimental author AND a purveyor of hiariously satiric filth. We’ve carried some of his self-published books in the past, and on our last trip to Japan we picked up the two newest! “Zombie Play” (written ‘Return of the Living Dead’ on the cover) is a collection of hilarious, billingual Japanese/English zombie gags that are only for the most hardcore fans. We’ve also got his newest, ‘Patent Play’, which is a Japanese-language collection of ‘weird’ inventions turned inside out, often literally. Even in Japanese the illustrations are very… evocative.

Both of these fine books are available on the main floor for the bargain price of $7.

If you want to click “continue reading” down there you can see a couple of samples of some interior pages…!

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Kate Beaton’s DRAW! Silkscreen Print



Now in stock, these very handsome DRAW! silkscreen prints, by Ms. Kate Beaton. 2 colour hand-pulled silkscreen, measuring 18 inches x 25 inches, on some really surprisingly lovely paper. Previously only available at the ThoughtBubble show in England. $30, located in the poster rack on the first floor.

– Chris @ The Beguiling