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Friday Film: Peter interviews director Shane Carruth about his new film Upstream Color

Film Friday . . . in which Peter urges you to go see a movie.


While posts about film adaptations of comics or ticket giveaways may crop up here occasionally, this time I am going to give a straight ahead recommendation to a film opening at the TIFF this week. I have long recommended Shane Carruth’s first film “Primer” (2003). If one wants to classify it as science fiction then it is certainly among my few favourite films of the genre. “Upstream Color” now joins that list.

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ware-mono30Looking for a Ware fix while waiting for Building Stories to come back in print? Or are you looking for the perfect follow-up after devouring Jimmy Corrigan? Well, we have something that just might scratch those itches!

Mono Kultur, the well-designed interview magazine from Berlin, focused its entire Winter 2012 issue on Ware with an informative 23-page interview. This beautiful chapbook features two different fold outs, including one of rarely-seen Ware process material. The intimate interview looks at every aspect Ware’s illustrious career and includes great insight to his work — a must-have for any Ware fan!

You can find Mono Kultur #30 on the main floor and second floors next to the cash registers for $10.00.