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From the world of Weird News: On Tuesday, October 22 & Wednesday, October 23rd, we’re going to be without power as our building’s system is updated.  Geez Louise.

Now, if this were Monday? We’d probably just close. Thursday? Oh, we’d close. Friday…maybe we’d close. But these are NEW COMICS days! The day we receive ’em and the day we put ’em out for you, our loyal customers! We can’t just close up!

So, with that in mind and in true Beguiling spirit: We’re not closing! We’re renting a generator and keeping the store open to receive product and get the new comics into your eager hands!

That being said, we can’t run the store at full power- we have to redirect and focus our energy on new product. As a result, ONLY the first room of The Beguiling will be open on Tuesday the 22nd and Wednesday the 23rd. Little Island comics, manga (excluding new releases), wall books, our gallery and the back issue basement will be closed. We also won’t be checking our overstock for supplies, books or manga. To be clear: Only new comics, new manga and the shelf stock in our first room will be open to shoppers!
For our pull file customers: Rest assured we’ll be here and your file will be ready as usual! We take getting you your new comics as seriously as you do!
We’ll be back at full power literally and figuratively on Thursday, October 24 for our EXCUSE ME event with superstar cartoonist Liana Finck!
And that’s that!


The great events just keep coming, and here’s a HUGE one!

On October 24th, creator LIANA FINCK will be here in-store for a launch event for her new book EXCUSE ME: CARTOONS, COMPLAINTS AND NOTES TO SELF from Random House! Liana will be in-conversation with writer IVY KNIGHT, followed by a chance to get your own copy of her new book signed!

It all starts at 7PM October 24th! It’s gonna be a big one, so get here early! We’ll see you then!


On Wednesday, October 16 at 7PM The Beguiling welcomes FRANK SANTORO to the store to lead his “Comics as Music” workshop and to celebrate two releases from New York Review Comics: PITTSBURGH and RETURN TO ROMANCE: THE STRANGE LOVE STORIES OF OGDEN WHTNEY, edited by Santoro and Dan Nadel!

Frank Santoro will lead a hands on workshop where he examines the connections between art and music. Santoro postulates that improvisation and orchestration across diverse disciplines are all connected by creative intuition and pattern language. He will also be promoting his new book “Pittsburgh” published by New York Review Comics.

Watch a video about the workshop!


We’re super excited to have Frank bring his workshop to the store, and we know you are too! See you there!


THIS IS IT FOLKS, the big one! The showstopper! The, uh, very nice time!

On Thursday, October 17th, The Beguiling welcomes a plethora of guests to the store for a huge KOYAMA PRESS book launch event!

“Bradley of Him” by CONNOR WILLUMSEN
“Sports is Hell” by BEN PASSMORE
“The Death of The Master” by PATRICK KYLE
plus a chance to get advance copies of GG’s “Constantly” and “Rat Time” by Keiler Roberts!

Everything’s going to kick off at 7PM and just keep going– it’s gonna be a heck of a time with so many of our favourite creators and our favourite publisher celebrating the final wave of books from Koyama Press in-store!
We’ll see you there!!


our back issue basement is open!

WELL! It took us a little bit but we’re thrilled to announce the grand opening of our  organized, stocked and permanent back issue section!

We now have plentiful stock of silver, bronze and current back issues and plenty more in our back issue basement! We also continue to offer our great selection of high-grade back issues with a newly-expanded selection as well!

We’ll be adding more and more pretty consistently over the next few months as we continue to make it better and better!

Come on in and shop till you feel satisfied with how much you have shopped and then leave our store feeling good about life!



It’s a literal A-to-Z of comics art new in our web store!

Aaron Costain‘s debut graphic novel ENTROPY came out from Secret Acres earlier this year & now we have a selection of original art from it for you to take home, put in a frame and look at lovingly!

Zach Worton recently released both THE WEIRD WORLD OF LAGOOLA GARDNER and THE CURSE OF CHARLEY BUTTERS and we have a selection of art from both of them and it is BEAUTIFUL!

Head over now to our art store and seize your chance to get some great art!



We’ve added a bunch of new original art to our art store from two amazing & very disparate artists!

First, we have a selection of pages from three of Tommi Parrish’s newest releases, allowing the incredible range of their work to be on full display! This includes many pages from  from their debut book for Fantagraphics, The Lie and How We Told It!

Next, we have  a selection of affordably-priced works by renowned ero guro artist Shintaro Kago! Kago’s gorgeously realized horror artwork is not for the faint of heart but his surprisingly lighthearted (and off-kilter) sense of humour shines throughout this selection of pieces.

Head over to our art store to check out both of these artists and take some of their work home!

The Grand Re-Opening of LITTLE ISLAND COMICS!!

Art by Steve Manale

The Beguiling Books & Art is proud to announce the return of


The world’s first and only comic shop exclusively for kids!

Little Island Comics is BACK!!! Offering the widest possible array of graphic novels, manga, and comics for people 12 years old and younger, Little Island celebrates its Grand Re-Opening during March Break 2018 with a slate of creator appearances, refreshments and activities– with a sale to jumpstart your library of great comics for kids!


When it opened in 2011, Little Island served thousands of young readers, grateful parents, enthusiastic educators, and cool aunts and uncles for five years until the original Mirvish Village location closed due to redevelopment. During that time Little Island was more than a retail destination — it was a local hub: a venue for comics-making classes and teacher/librarian sessions, and hosted many book launches and events with kid-lit luminaries like Tomi Ungerer (The Three Robbers), Kate Beaton (The Princess and the Pony), Kazu Kibuishi (Amulet) and Jon Klassen (We Found a Hat).

“Little Island has proven to be a key part of The Beguiling’s business overall,” says proprietor Peter Birkemoe. “I’m thrilled to once again devote space where kids and parents can learn, read and start loving comics. And we really missed giving our youngest customers the specific attention they deserve.”

“Little Island Comics responded to the public’s continuing need for specialized books shops as points of discovery, interaction, and creative community,” Little Island Comics manager Andrew Woodrow-Butcher adds. “It’s a bricks-and-mortar success story!”

A year after closing its previous Mirvish Village location, Little Island Comics re-opens in March next door to its parent shop The Beguiling’s newly expanded location at the top of Toronto’s vibrant Kensington Market neighbourhood. As The Beguiling enters its fourth decade as North America’s premier comic book retailer, the move to College Street has allowed it to add a gallery and events space, which Little Island will share.

Little Island Comics will be staffed by the same team that worked at the previous location, who also work for The Beguiling’s Library Services business, which has been helping school and  public libraries curate their comics collections for more than 15 years. Comics as a medium has become a mainstay of educational library collections in the last decade, and parents and educators will appreciate the expert help in selecting titles that address curriculum objectives, learning challenges, and a wide variety of reading levels. Kids will appreciate the engaging visual storytelling in some of today’s most popular books for young people!

Little Island will offer a 20% discount on all in-print kids comics, picture books, and graphic novels throughout March Break (March 10-18, 2018) to encourage families to dig into graphic novels! The week will culminate in a Grand Re-Opening Party on Saturday, March 17th, with refreshments, drop-in activities, story time, and appearances by such creators as:

  • Scott Chantler (The Three Thieves series)
  • Naseem Hrab (Ira Crumb Makes a Pretty Good Friend)
  • Brian McLachlan (Draw Out the Story)
  • Ryan North (Adventure Time, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl)
  • Kean Soo (March: Grand Prix, Jellaby)
  • Britt Wilson (Cat Dad, King of the Goblins)
  • Tory Woollcott (Mirror Mind, Science Comics: The Brain)

…and more! For details on the line-up for the Grand Re-Opening, please follow Little Island Comics on Facebook and Twitter (@littleislandcmx) and visit our website: http://littleislandcomics.com

We’re VERY HAPPY ABOUT THIS and we hope you are too!!