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MARCH 4: Seth & Michael DeForge at U of T

MAKING HISTORY: The Cartoon Worlds of Seth
Saturday March 4, 2017 @ 2:00 PM

University of Toronto, Jackman Humanities Building, Room JH 100
170 St. George Street, Toronto, Ontario
Free to attend

SETH · cartoonist · illustrator · book-maker · designer · model-builder · installation artist

For decades Seth has been making and re-making histories – often uniquely Canadian histories – while cultivating a distinctive graphic style that calls to mind a golden age of cartooning. In comics and illustrations, in published sketchbooks, in gallery installations, on New Yorker covers, Seth gives substance to an imagined past that hovers at the edge of memory.

The historical inventions and interventions of his work draw attention to the representation of the past, and in doing so reveal the amount of the artifice involved in the construction of history. By allowing his readers to explore a vividly rendered, materially rich collection of overlapping cartoon worlds, Seth makes tangible a complicated longing for the past.

Join Seth and fellow cartoonist Michael DeForge for a discussion about comics, world-building, and capturing the past.

Also featuring: short talks by Tom Smart, curator and author of Palookaville: Seth and the Art of Graphic Autobiography, and Andrew Lesk, editor for the Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics and past president of the Canadian Society for the Study of Comics.

THURS JAN 26: Abominable Mr. Seabrook Launch with Joe Ollmann!


Featuring Joe Ollmann
Thursday, January 26th, 2016, 7pm
@ The Beguiling, 319 College Street (NEW LOCATION!)
Free to attend. 

Join cartoonist Joe Ollmann as he discusses his latest graphic tour de force: The Abominable Mr. Seabrook. In Seabrook, Ollmann chronicles the trials and tribulations of notorious journalist William Buehler Seabrook: famed member of the Lost Generation known for participating in voodoo ceremonies, riding camels cross the Sahara desert, communing with cannibals, and popularizing the term “zombie” in the West. Exposing both the highs and extreme lows of a turbulent life, Ollmann often weaves in Seabrook’s own words and those of his biographers. This biographical account, however, posits Seabrook the believer versus Seabrook the exploiter, leaving the reader to consider where one ends and the other begins.

This event will take place in, or very near to, The Beguiling’s new space at 319 College Street. See you there!

joeollmann_self2016ABOUT JOE OLLMANN:

Joe Ollmann lives in Hamilton, Ontario. He won the Doug Wright Award for Best Book in 2007.


In the early twentieth century, travel writing represented the desire for the expanding bourgeoisie to experience the exotic cultures of the world past their immediate surroundings. Journalist William Buehler Seabrook was emblematic of this trend – participating in voodoo ceremonies, riding camels cross the Sahara desert, communing with cannibals and most notably, popularizing the term “zombie” in the West. A string of his bestselling books show an engaged, sympathetic gentleman hoping to share these strange, hidden delights with the rest of the world. He was willing to go deeper than any outsider had before. But, of course, there was a dark side. Seabrook was a barely functioning alcoholic who was deeply obsessed with bondage and the so-called mystical properties of pain and degradation. His life was a series of traveling highs and drunken lows; climbing on and falling off the wagon again and again. What led the popular and vivid writer to such a sad state?

Cartoonist Joe Ollmann spent seven years researching Seabrook’s life, accessing long neglected archives in order to piece together the peripatetic life of a forgotten American writer. Often weaving in Seabrook’s own words and those of his biographers, Ollmann posits Seabrook the believer versus Seabrook the exploiter, and leaves the reader to consider where one ends and the other begins.

EVENT JAN 28: Farewell Markham Street Show @ The Beguiling

The Beguiling Moving BLOWOUT Show!
Saturday, January 28th, 2016. 9pm to Midnight
@ The Beguiling, 601 Markham Street, Toronto
Tickets Required. Details Below.

THE BEGUILING is moving from its longtime home on Markham Street to its new digs at 319 College, so we’re gonna celebrate with a big blowout show on both floors of the old store!

NEW FRIES // https://newfries.bandcamp.com/
CREEP HIGHWAY // https://creephighway.bandcamp.com/
TONKAPUMA // http://www.tonkapuma.com/
MAN MADE HILL // https://manmadehill.bandcamp.com/
TOUGH AGE // https://tough-age.bandcamp.com/
PAUL TJEPKEMA // https://soundcloud.com/paultjepkema
& ITALIAN BOYFRIEND DJing all night!

$10 in advance. FIRST ROUND OF TICKETS SOLD OUT! 20 MORE TICKETS GO ON SALE exclusively at our NEW LOCATION at 319 College Street starting Saturday, January 7th at 11. Limit 2 per person/household/whatever // 20 more tix available at door, $15

First Band 9:30PM

Poster by Michael DeForge & Patrick Kyle// SHIRTS featuring the poster available exclusively at the show, limited to 50/ $20

Let’s have a safe time & take care of each other– If anyone is made to feel unsafe, please let a Beguiling staff member know & we will rectify the situation IMMEDIATELY.



From today until January 28th, The Beguiling will be offering a massive selection of comics, graphic novels, books, manga, and more at STEEP (and ever-increasing!) discounted prices in our 601 Markham Street location.

In addition to the sale prices listed below, we have MANY titles featured at even deeper discounts, some as low as a dollar. Look to our Twitter and/or Instagram for sale prices, or heck, just come see them yourself in-store!


  • All listed sale prices are for 601 Markham Street ONLY. 
  • Bring your own bags! Save the environment!
  • We reserve the right to refuse sale of any item to any customer for any reason.  We probably won’t do this, but this is a straightforward disclaimer in case there’s any dispute about what is or isn’t on sale.
  • Sales cannot be combined with other specials or sales.
  • “Regular Price” is determined as ‘Whatever the book would sell for not on Boxing Day, whether that’s Converted Canadian Cover price, Canadian Cover Price, or Sticker Price.
  • The Beguiling 601 Markham Street’s new store hours are:
    Monday & Tuesday: Closed. Wednesday to Saturday: 11a-7p. Sunday: 12p-6p.

These are GREAT books that we just won’t have space for in our new location, and we’re making some VERY attractive offers on these books so that we don’t have to move and/or store them somewhere.

The best selection overall is available now, so if you see something you want you might want to pick it up now for 50% off, rather than chancing waiting for it at 75% off and being disappointed!

We will be restocking the store as often as we can, so it’ll be worth your while to drop by every few days to unearth a new treasure!

We are entertaining all sorts of wholesale offers! That means you could show up one day and all of the Marvel trades, or all of the back issues, or who knows what could just be GONE, sold to another comics dealer! Come early, come often!

Buy next year’s Christmas/Hanukkah/Birthday gifts NOW! Wasn’t it great giving comics and graphic novels as gifts for the holidays this year? There are seriously hundreds of truly excellent books available at 601 Markham Street right now. Why not pick up a bunch of comics for an incredible discount and do next year’s shopping early?

Final Week Details Will Be Announced Closer To The Date: We’re actually a little worried about selling literally everything before the final week, but if we don’t: don’t worry! We’ll make it worth your while to come back one more time.

Thanks for 30 years of the greatest comics in the world, 1987-2017!
Here’s to 30 more!


Hey everyone! The New Year is upon us and changes are afoot! It’s a good time to remind you as of this Wednesday, January 4th 2017, all new comics, graphic novels, and book product will begin to arrive at and be made available for sale at our new store on 319 College Street. Our store at 601 Markham will be open until January 28th, but will not be receiving any new product, and will just be used for some AMAZING clearance specials (details TBA).

The Beguiling at 319 College Street is only a 10 minute walk from the old store, and can easily be reached by either the College or Spadina streetcar lines! We hope to see you there every new comic book day, starting Wednesday January 4th.

Pullfile Customers:

We know that some of our customers, especially pull file customers, depend on the subway to get their comics.  In order to keep pullfile subscriptions as accessible as possible we’re offering pullfile pick up at Page & Panel: The TCAF Shop.  Page & Panel is located on the ground floor of the Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge Street, just a block North of Bloor Street and the Bloor/Yonge TTC.

If you are a pullfile customer and you want to move your pullfile to Page & Panel, just email chris@beguiling.ca with “Pull File Pickup at Page & Panel” in the subject line and we’ll make sure your new comics get there.  Please do so by Monday, January 2nd. Otherwise, your pullfile will be available at our 319 College Street location starting on the 4th.

If you’ve already let us know where you’d rather pick up your file, thanks! No further action is necessary on your part.

Thanks to everyone, and we hope to see you soon at any one of our locations!


The staff of The Beguiling

The Beguiling: News About Our Move

Over the past few months, many of you have asked just what will be happening with The Beguiling when Mirvish Village shuts down in early 2017. Well, we’re ready to share the first part of what comes next.

Both our home at 601 Markham (since 1992!) and Little Island Comics at 742 Bathurst will shut down at the end of January, probably around January 28th. We’re currently making plans to say goodbye with a bang, and we look forward to sharing more details on that in the New Year.

In the meantime, we’re currently setting up a great space on College at Spadina (319 College St., south side) near the top of Kensington Market. This new space is a ten-minute walk from our current location; it’s serviced by both the TTC’s College streetcar line as well as the Spadina LRT. It’s easily walkable, accessible by transit, and a great space overall. We’re excited to join the neighbourhood.

We hope to open those doors at 319 College in a matter of weeks, with a selection of our current merchandise geared toward holiday shopping and specials.

Our legendary Boxing Week sale will still take place as usual at 601, but then beginning Tuesday January 3rd, all the full regular operations of The Beguiling will be handled out of 319 College St. That means: pull files and all new releases.

If you’re a pull file customer, you have two options:

  1. Unless we hear otherwise, your pull-file will automatically continue at 319 College starting January 3rd.
  2. If you’d prefer to continue to do your comics shopping on the TTC Bloor subway line, Page & Panel (the TCAF shop in the Toronto Reference Library) will start offering full pull-file service that first week of January. We want this transition to be as convenient and comfortable as possible for all of our customers, so just let us know.

We’re also happy to say that much of Little Island’s all-ages material will be made available at Page & Panel. There will be more news to come in 2017.

As we approach the end of the year, I’d like to say thank you to the Toronto comics community, and to our many loyal friends and customers for your continued support. We’re excited to enter this next phase of the shop with you.

– Peter Birkemoe, and the Staff of The Beguiling


Fresh from his appearance at The Beguiling last week, we’re happy to say we have a great selection of new artwork by Sammy Harkham in The Beguiling’s Original Art Store!

You can see all of Sammy’s artwork here:

And you can see the new pieces in the “General” section here:

The recently added pages include:

Kramers Ergot #5 – Alexander the Greatest Page 01, 02
Crickets #2 – Title Page
Crickets #4 – Page 20, 33, 36, 39
Crickets #5 – Pages 15, 18, 32
Elisha – Pages 01, 02

Sammy Harkham is best known as editor and contributor to the groundbreaking Kramers Ergot series of comics anthologies, as well as for his self-published series Crickets, which is also pretty-darned excellent.  Head over and check out all of his artwork now!

– Chris @ The Beguiling


New in the Art Store: Jason Lutes’ BERLIN Book One & Two


The Beguiling has long represented art sales for Jason Lutes, the incredibly talented creator of the series BERLIN, published by Drawn & Quarterly. He was one of our very first clients in fact!

Today we’re happy to announce that Lutes has provided us with all of the remaining original artwork for Berlin Book One (issues #1-#8 of the regular series) and Berlin Book Two (issues #9-#16), and it is all now available for sale on The Beguiling Art Store.


In addition, we have a very rare piece of promotional art for the series, two strips that ran in Nickelodeon Magazine, and most of the original artwork for Berlin #19.

So please head over to our Original Art store, and check out some of the hundreds of pages of beautiful artwork that Jason Lutes has created over the past two decades.

– Christopher


New Original Art by Mahendra Singh available in the art store, from Adventure Time: Enchiridion

The Beguiling is proud to announce that we now have available for sale ALL NEW original art by incredible artist Mahendra Singh! This time, the pieces come from the just-released ADVENTURE TIME: THE ENCHIRIDION & MARCY’S SUPER SECRET SCRAPBOOK (but mostly the Enchiridion parts).

You can find his work at: http://store.beguilingoriginalart.com/index.php?cPath=165

Singh’s art is more evocative of the history of the Adventure Time universe in this book, and so the pages are as unique and strange as they are beautiful. I mean, check this out:

9475a 9474a

Mahendra Singh has a very unique illustration style that closely resembles traditional engraving. His beautiful images are created by using dip pens with English or German nibs on Denril paper, a special type of vellum which never cracks/stretches/warps. The whole page is then treated with Krylon Spray Fix afterwards to further protect it. All of this combines to create a slightly textured, unique, and truly compelling work of original art. You can see some of the texture in this image:


It’s really cool stuff!

Check it out.

– Chris @ The Beguiling


The Beguiling is proud to announce that it will begin selling the original comics artwork of

Marian Churchland
(Beast, 8house)

Brandon Graham
(King City, Prophet, Multiple Warheads)

Original Art Sales Begin Today, July 1st
Including the brand-new 8house #1: Arclight, released today

8houseArclight01-2x3-300July 1st: The Beguiling is proud to officially announce that it is now representing the original comics art sales of acclaimed Canadian comics creator Marian Churchland, and creator and Canadian transplant Brandon Graham in its art store. This announcement happily coincides with the release of the pair’s newest collaborative effort, 8house #1: Arclight, published today by Image Comics, with originals from the issue already available for sale at http://store.beguilingoriginalart.com/.


Brandon Graham is probably best known for his signature graphic novels King City and Multiple Warheads, which he wrote and illustrated, and for his reimagining of the Image comic Prophet, which he wrote and drew along with a top team of international artists. His newest projects, the anthology-series Island (launching later this month) and the open-world speculative-fiction series 8house (debuting today) continue to deliver everything his fans have come to love about his work, and then some!


Joining Brandon for the debut of 8house today is the supremely talented artist Marian Churchland. Creator of the original graphic novel Beast for Image comic, Churchland has also contributed art to series including Elephantmen, Northlanders, Madame Xanadu, and is also co-creating the upcoming series From Under Mountains, due to debut in September 2015.

Speaking of 8house, Marian Churchland has fully illustrated the first two issues of the series, and has made almost all of the original artwork for the first issue available for sale! In addition, Churchland has provided art from several personal projects, and her work on Vertigo’s Northlanders, and it is all currently available in the art store. Brandon Graham has provided a selection of pages from his projects including King City, Multiple Warheads, Prophet, and more, which are now available for sale.

So head over to http://store.beguilingoriginalart.com/ to see all of the available pages by both of these fantastic artists, and look forward to seeing even more in the weeks to come!

The Beguiling would like to thank Robin McConnell of Inkstuds for all of his help getting the art together. Check out his regular podcast at http://www.inkstuds.org/, it’s great, and Chris is on it occasionally.