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Virtual events! We did a few, they were lots of fun, so let’s do it again with this amazing one coming your way!

On Thursday, November 12th at 7PM EST,  artist DAKOTA McFADZEAN will be going LIVE on the Beguiling’s Instagram to celebrate the release of TO KNOW YOU’RE ALIVE from the fine folks at Conundrum Press!

To mark the occasion, Dakota will be doing a live drawing demonstration followed by an interview and Q&A hosted by BETH HETLAND of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago! Beth and Dakota will talk, they’ll answer your questions in the Instagram feed, it’ll be a fun time from the safety and comfort of your own home!

We have some more exciting details to come but what more do you need really?! Mark it down in your calendars and see you there!!


Penguin Random House Canada, The Beguiling, and Little Island Comics invite you join us in a virtual Zoom celebration for Ontario creators Nathan Page and Drew Shannon’s new middle-grade mystery series, The Montague Twins! We’ll mark the publication of the first book in this new series, The Witch’s Hand, as writer Anne Thériault interviews them about their historical adventure full of thrills, witchcraft, and sass, before opening it up to your questions!

Additionally, you can enter a raffle to win one of two pages of original art from The Witch’s Hand. Simply donate to Friends of Ruby (minimum donation: $25) and send your e-receipt to YoungReaders@penguinrandomhouse.com (you can black out the amount and your real name, if you wish), and we’ll randomly select two attendees as winners at the end of the virtual event! Friends of Ruby work with LGBTQI2S youth with a focus on mental health, even providing food and shelter.

The Beguiling is so pleased to be serving as the official bookseller of this event! You can buy a copy of the book RIGHT HERE! We’ll also have copies signed by Nathan and Drew available! If you’d like a signed copy, just be sure to mention it in your order notes!

About The Montague Twins:

“Brothers. Detectives. Witches? Meet Pete and Alastair Montague in the first instalment of a new graphic novel series that mashes the Hardy Boys with Brian K. Vaughan’s Paper Girls.

Pete and Alastair Montague are just a couple of mystery-solving twins, living an ordinary life. Or so they thought! After a strange storm erupts on a visit to the beach, they discover there’s more to their detective know-how than they’d previously thought. Their guardian, David Faber, a once prominent professor, has been keeping secrets about their parents. At the same time, three girls go missing after casting a mysterious spell, which sets in motion a chain of events that takes their small town down an unexpected path. With the help of David’s daughter, Charlie, the Twins discover there are forces at work that they never could have imagined, which will impact their lives forever.”


Virtual launches! We did one, it was fun! Now it’s time to do…more?
On August 5th at 6PM EST, join creator GILLIAN GOERZ in conversation with RYAN NORTH as she launches her debut middle grade graphic novel, SHIRLEY & JAMILA SAVE THEIR SUMMER!

We’re giving the keys to the store Instagram over to Gillian & Ryan for this event so they can go LIVE and talk all about the book and whatever else might cross their minds too!

As an added treat, if you order a copy from The Beguiling you’ll get a signed bookplate from Gillian herself! Just make sure to mention BOOKPLATE in your order!


The Beguiling is pleased to be the official bookseller for a special virtual launch event with Joe Sacco in celebration of his new book PAYING THE LAND!

Joe Sacco is one of the recognized masters of the form of comics journalism, a sub-genre of both comics and journalism that he was instrumental in pioneering. In his first full-length work of comics journalism in a decade, Paying the Land, Sacco brings his razor sharp intelligence and insight to Canada’s Mackenzie River Valley in the Yukon and the day to day struggles of the Dene people who have inhabited this land for thousands of years. As many lands have experienced in the recent past where the money that follows development is both a blessing and a curse, Sacco travels through the far North and shows us how these conflicts play out on and in the ground and how the Canadian government’s legacy of racism and neglect in this stunning landscape still lingers.

Joe Sacco will discuss Paying the Land and his travels through Canada’s far North with author and storyteller, Richard Van Camp, member of the Dogrib (Tlicho) Nation of the Northwest Territories.


From now through August 5, any order on BEGUILINGBOOKS.COM including a copy of PAYING THE LAND will ship free to most locations in Canada! A shipping charge will appear as you check out but will be removed before charging your card.  Additionally, we are getting signed bookplates to go with the book, and if you would like your order to include one all you need to do is put the word BOOKPLATE in the notes when checking out!!



After a successful Kickstarter and only mild delays in the grand scheme of pandemics, we are thrilled to announce that the first title from BDP Press, MAGICIAN A by Natsuko Ishitsuyo, is now officially for sale!

With art heavily influenced by Ishitsuyo’s time studying art in the Czech Republic, the six stories collected in Magician A focus on young women discovering and playing with their own sexuality. The feelings in these stories are universal, but Ishitsuyo’s approach is not for the squeamish.

The translation was spearheaded and executed by Eisner Award winning translator Jocelyne Allen– you might be familiar with her translations of Juniji Ito (Fragments of HorrorSmashedShiverFrankenstein), Kabi Nagata (My Lesbian Experience with LonelinessMy Solo Exchange Diary), Riyoko Ikeda (Claudine!Rose of Versailles), Yuhki Kamatani (Our Dreams at Dusk), Fumi Yoshinaga (What Did You Eat Yesterday?) and Asumiko Nakamura (ClassmatesMaiden Railways) to name just a few!
On top of that, The Beguiling’s own Penny Clark served as editor on the book!

If you lice in Canada, you can buy a copy for yourself RIGHT HERE ON OUR NEW WEBSTORE!

International customers (including USA): please email us at orders@beguiling.ca with your full mailing address and we will send you a paypal invoice!

Now that the book’s here, why not go check out how it all started by reading Jocelyne’s story of discovering Magician A on her brainvsbook blog!


Publisher Peter Birkemoe is the owner and operator of the world-famous Beguiling comic store in Toronto, Canada, and co-founder of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. After years of supporting comic artists behind the scenes through his work as a bookseller, he’s made the decision that it’s time to again dip his toes into the world of publishing, with a focus on books both in English and in translation that aren’t finding a publisher elsewhere, in part because they are a little bit dirty. Dirty books need a home, too! 


It’s official: new comic shipments from Diamond have resumed! Whew!

We are very excited to be able to get you your comics, but obviously things are going to be a little different than they have been, so here’s a handy little FAQ outlining how things are gonna be working!


I heard new comics are coming out again. Is that true?

Yes! Diamond shipments have resumed. DC has switched distributors, but orders from the new distributor have also been established.

DC comics said something about Tuesday?

Sorry, that was idiocy. You can ignore that. New comics will be available Wednesday morning as usual.

Does this mean you are open?

The store has remained operational filling orders for pickup and/or mail-out throughout this first wave of the pandemic.  We remain closed for in-store shopping, and browsing.  All of our graphic novels are up on our webstore www.beguilingbooks.com. Please note, single issues will not be available for sale through the website. We will be posting our Diamond lists on this site every Friday with a list of titles coming out the following week, and taking orders througb email. If you have a pullfile with us, we will pull your books as per usual!

We have also begun to offer CURBSIDE BROWSING every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays! We have our new single issues displayed in the window, and you can place an order with a clerk at the door for any product we have in store! We are also accepting payment in-person these days by all means, including cash.

So I can’t just come to the store and yell what I want to you through the glass?

…No. But you can come on Wednesdays and Saturdays and talk to someone with no glass between you! That’s a better form of yelling!

When will you be open to the public again?

Once  we feel it can be done safely.  When that does happen, keep in mind that it may very well still be in a limited capacity-  we may allow only a certain number of people in the shop at once, and you will need to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer.  It could be a very long time before shopping is back to normal, but we’ll roll with the punches as best we can and hope you’ll join us in, uh, getting punched. By life.

Can I see the single issue comics on-line?

We always post a list of the new issues that arrive each week, and we’ll also be posting videos of the new release rack to OUR INSTAGRAM every Tuesday night.  We’ll be filling orders from our pull-file customers first, email requests second, and phone inquiries after that.

If you’re looking for issues, send us an email at ORDERS@BEGUILING.CA and let us know what you’re looking for!

As mentioned above, as of June 24th 2020 the Beguiling will offer in-person curbside shopping Wednesdays and Saturdays! This means you can come pick up comics and pay directly at the store for your stuff, all from the (relative) comfort of the street!

How do I pay for my comics?

We accept Visa and Mastercard over the phone as well as Interac e-transfers and Paypal payments to mail@beguiling.ca. You can also pay in-person Wednesdays and Saturdays ONLY between 11 and 6!

Can I pay at the door?

Only on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 11-6.

How do I set up a pull file?

I’m so glad you asked! Pullfiles are wonderful. They make sure a copy of what you’re looking for is ordered for you, and it’s put aside so you can pick it up at your own convenience!

Go here to see how to set up your very own pullfile!

If you still have any questions, please send us an email about it and we’ll do our best to get back to you asap!


Look, you shouldn’t leave your house. We all know this. But we also know you all miss shopping at the store! (Look, give this to us ok?) How, you may ask, could I possibly make my house look like I’m in The Beguiling, ie overflowing with comics, when I can’t go down to The Beguiling and shop?

Well, my friends, we have a surprise for you.


Browse our inventory! Look at some staff picks! See some curated-by-staff lists of books! And BUY COMICS!

The store is live NOW and we encourage one and all to visit!!

FOR SINGLE ISSUE REQUESTS please note this inventory isn’t on the website! Feel free to email us for any single issues you’re looking for, new or old!

Thanks one and all for your passion and support during these difficult times and we hope this makes it a little bit easier for you to browse, shop and BUY BUY BUY from the BEGUILING!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us or fire an email to BEGUILINGORDERS@GMAIL.COM!


We’ll be closing indefinitely for regular in-store shopping end of business day today, 03/16. This Wednesday, we’ll open in a limited capacity for customers to pick up their comics.

Shipping and curb-side pick-up are still available! Send us an email at mail@beguiling.ca or give us a call between _____ and we can arrange your order.

Thanks to all of the kind souls who have already phoned in to buy books or gift-certificates– In the days to come we’ll be trying out our legendary hand-selling skills by phone & email!

Also, you can also purchase a GIFT CERTIFICATE electronically through our paypal by sending money, with a note specifying it’s for a gift certificate, to:


or over the phone during our normal hours to process your order via Visa/MC/Debit!

Thanks everyone for your support, it means the world.

–The Beguiling


Starting Sunday, March 22 we’re going to be holding the first of what we hope will be a regular uninstructed life drawing session with Toronto artist Kagan McLeod!

Kagan has been illustrating for newspapers, magazines and design firms since 1999. He has received awards for his work from such groups as the Society of Newspaper Design, the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, American Illustration and the Society of Publication Designers. Kagan’s latest book Draw People Every Day: Short Lessons in Portrait and Figure Drawing Using Ink and Color was released last summer by Watson-Gupti, and this isn’t even mentioning his numerous comics works, including Infinite Kung-Fu and Kaptara!

This session will feature a live model and a playlist curated by Kagan McLeod!! There is a $10 cover charge to help pay our model, Meredith!

Here’s the details all in handy point form!


Hope to see you there!


On Wednesday, March 25th, The Beguiling welcomes artist SAMI ALWANI to the store to celebrate two-fold!

First: to celebrate the release of his story “THE MISFORTUNES OF VIRTUE” in NOW #8, published by Fantagraphics and out that day!

Second: to observe the launch of Sami’s show in our gallery featuring original art from The Misfortunes of Virtue, The Dead Father and other works!

Sami will be reading from his piece and answering some questions and just generally Hanging Around!

Everything starts at 7PM! We hope to see you there!!