The Beguiling and the U.S. / Canadian Exchange Rate

While things have much improved since the printed Canadian price on many books became a hot issue in 2007, it is still a problem we deal with every day. Many publishers and distributors have tried to get more up to date with their pricing, but much old stock remains.

At The Beguiling, we’ve taken this disparity very seriously for over 8 years now, instituting our policy of manually adjusting the exchange rate at the checkout to reflect an accurate exchange, on the vast majority of books we sell. This means that back when one dollar U.S. was worth about $1.20 Canadian, and the books from Marvel or DC were treating the exchange more like a U.S. buck was worth $1.60 Canadian, our customers were paying the lower price.

We’ve always tried to find a fair and equitable solution to the problem of outrageous price disparities, and our customers have told us time and time-again how much they appreciate it.

Now, as the Canadian dollar has reached par with the U.S. dollar, The Beguiling has decided to sell most of the major comics publishers at the US cover price, in Canadian dollars. This includes Marvel, DC, Image and Darkhorse, as well as many of the larger Manga publishers. For all other product with a Canadian price printed on the book, we are using a current exchange rate at the register to determine the Canadian prince. Of course, exceptions include anything that is stickered at a higher price due to rarity (back-issues, out-of-print books), books from outside of the U.S. and Canada, and in issues where the price of an object is in dispute The Beguiling reserves the right to set the final price. We have done this to make our policy as clear and concise as possible for our customers, and because we feel it’s the fair thing to do.

As the value of our dollar continues to bounce, we will continue to address this issue in an expedient manner, aiming to give Canadian and international shoppers the best value for their money on the vast array of comics, graphic novels, original art, and other products that we carry. As always, if you have any questions please contact us at

Thanks for shopping at The Beguiling!

Peter Birkemoe, Owner, The Beguiling Books & Art
Celebrating 20 Years of Comic Book Excellence

Shipping October 24th

Hey there folks, the following comics are scheduled to ship to the store this Wednesday.

New Comic Books
AUG073752 30 Days Of Night Red Snow #3 3.99
AUG070235 Action Comics #857 2.99
AUG072218 All New Off Hb Marvel Univ A To Z Update #4 3.99
AUG072208 Annihilation Conquest Wraith #4 (of 4) 2.99
AUG070309 Authority Prime #1 (of 6) 2.99
AUG073452 Bart Simpson Comics #38 2.99
AUG073729 Beowulf #4 3.99
AUG073731 Beowulf IDW TP 17.99
AUG072211 Black Panther #31 2.99
SEP073410 Black Summer Auxiliary #1 (of 7) 2.99
AUG070227 Blue Beetle #20 2.99
AUG072267 Cable Deadpool #46 2.99
AUG078020 Cable Deadpool Zombie Var #46 (pp #784) 2.99
AUG072003 Casanova #10 1.99
AUG070197 Countdown 27 2.99
AUG070246 Countdown Special The Flash 80-page Giant 4.99
AUG071979 Crawl Space Xxxombies #1 2.99
AUG070015 Criminal Macabre My Demon Baby #2 (of 4) 2.99
JUL072152 Daredevil #101 2.99
JUL073320 Doktor Sleepless #3 3.99
SEP073414 Doktor Sleepless Auxiliary #1 3.99
JUL073321 Doktor Sleepless Wrap Cvr #3 3.99
JUN073337 Fall Of Cthulhu Mavillain Cvr A #7 3.99
JUN073338 Fall Of Cthulhu Walpole Cvr B #7 3.99
JUL070015 Fear Agent Last Goodbye #4 2.99
AUG070245 Flash #233 2.99
AUG072274 Foolkiller #1 (of 5) 3.99
AUG070310 Gen 13 #13 2.99
AUG073769 Gene Simmons Dominatrix #3 3.99
AUG072013 Glister #2 5.99
AUG073355 Gold Digger Halloween Special 2007 2.99
AUG070215 Gotham Underground #1 (of 8) 2.99
JUL070193 Green Arrow Year One #6 (of 6) 2.99
AUG070226 Green Lantern Corps #17 2.99
JUL073479 Hack Slash Series Crank Cvr A #5 3.5
JUL073480 Hack Slash Series Seeley Cvr B #5 3.5
AUG070335 Hellblazer #237 2.99
AUG074056 India Authentic Vishnu #6 2.99
MAY073144 Jellyfist 8.95
AUG070249 JLA Classified #45 2.99
JUN073246 Killer #5 (of 10) 3.95
AUG073378 Killer #6 (of 10) 3.95
AUG070285 Legion Of Super Heroes In The 31st Century #7 2.25
JUN073413 Lone Ranger #9 2.99
JUN073414 Lone Ranger Cassaday Virgin Cvr Incv #9 10.00
AUG070336 Loveless #20 2.99
MAY071897 Madame Mirage #3 2.99
JUN072206 Magician Apprentice #10 (of 12) 2.99
AUG072237 Marvel Adventures Iron Man #6 2.99
AUG072197 Marvel Illustrated Man In The Iron Mask #4 (of 6) 2.99
AUG072241 Marvel Spotlight Marvel Zombies 2.99
JUL073659 Metal Gear Solid Sons Of Liberty #12 3.99
JUL072180 Moon Knight #13 CWI 3.99
JUL073382 Potters Field #2 (of 3) 3.99
AUG071987 Proof #1 2.99
APR071874 Pvp #35 (note Price) 3.5
SEP078029 Ramayan 3392 Ad Reloaded #2 Kang Cvr 2.99
SEP078015 Ramayan 3392 Ad Reloaded #2 Starlin Cvr 2.99
AUG070234 Robin #167 2.99
JUL073429 Savage Tales #4 4.99
AUG070291 Scooby Doo #125 2.25
AUG072252 She-hulk 2 #22 2.99
AUG078092 She-hulk Mcguinness Var #22 (pp #785) 15.00
AUG078093 She-hulk Zombie Var #22 (pp #785) 2.99
AUG073453 Simpsons Classics #14 3.99
AUG073395 Sonic The Hedgehog #181 2.25
JUN070053 Star Wars Dark Times #6 2.99
JUL070048 Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic #21 2.99
SEP073415 Streets Of Glory #2 (of 6) 3.99
SEP073416 Streets Of Glory Wrap Cvr #2 (of 6) 3.99
AUG070238 Superman #669 2.99
AUG070239 Superman Batman #41 2.99
AUG073849 Tales Of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #39 3.25
AUG070223 Tales Of The Sinestro Corps Superman Prime #1 3.99
AUG070260 Teen Titans #52 2.99
JUL072194 Thunderbolts #117 2.99
AUG073740 Transformers Devastation #2 3.99
JUL073630 Transformers Megatron Origin #4 3.99
AUG072200 Ultimate Spider-man #115 2.99
AUG078023 Ultimate Spider-man Zombie Var #115 (pp #784) 2.99
AUG070222 Uncle Sam And The Freedom Fighters #2 (of 8) 2.99
JUL071975 Velocity Pilot Season #1 2.99
JUL071966 Walking Dead #43 2.99
JUN073352 Warhammer 40k Blood & Thunder Cvr A #1 (of 4) 3.99
JUN073353 Warhammer 40k Blood & Thunder Cvr B #1 (of 4) 3.99
JUN073355 Warhammer Forge Of War Cvr A #4 (of 6) 2.99
JUN073356 Warhammer Forge Of War Cvr B #4 (of 6) 2.99
AUG070317 Wetworks #14 2.99
AUG072232 What If Planet Hulk 3.99
JUL073437 Witchblade Shades Of Gray #3 (of 4) 3.5
AUG072262 X-men #204 2.99
AUG072272 X-men Die By The Sword #2 (of 5) 2.99
AUG072268 X-men First Class Vol 2 #5 2.99

SEP078001 Marvel Previews #51 0.99
SEP070001 Previews Vol Xvii #11 4.50

New Graphic Novels
SEP073522 Adventures Of Red Sonja Vol 3 TP 19.99
AUG072293 Avengers Assemble Vol 5 HC 39.99
JUN073804 Basil Wolverton Agony And Ecstasy TP 25
AUG072305 Black Panther Four Hard Way TP 13.99
SEP074173 Chris Ware TP 21 – New edition of the book by Dan Raeburn
JUL070014 Chronicles Of Conan Vol 13 Whispering Shadows TP 16.95
MAY070015 Conan The Phenomenon HC 29.95
JUN073372 Growing Old With Bc A Celebration Of Johnny Hart GN 19.95
JUL070305 Jack Of Fables Vol 2 Jack Of Hearts TP 14.99
JUL070249 Justice League Elite Vol 2 TP 19.99
AUG072294 Legion Of Monsters HC 24.99
AUG073918 Maggots GN 21.95
JUL072220 Marvel Masterworks Nick Fury Vol 1 New Ed HC 54.99
AUG072292 Marvel Zombies Covers HC 19.99
MAY073964 Melange Art Of Dean Yeagle Bilingual HC 45
AUG074292 Mutts Best Of Mutts TP 24.95
SEP074192 Neil Gaiman M Is For Magic Ltd Sgn Ed 60
AUG073919 New Engineering GN 19.95
AUG073823 Original Art Of Basil Wolverton HC 35
JUL073229 Pictures Of You GN 11.95
AUG073920 Powr Mastrs GN Vol 1 18
JUL070284 Red Menace TP 17.99
JUL074081 Schultz And Peanuts HC 34.95
JAN073489 Scion Vol 6 Royal Wedding TP 17.95
JUL070021 Serenity HC Those Left Behind 19.95
AUG072307 She-hulk Vol 5 Planet Without A Hulk TP 19.99
AUG074410 Southland Tales The Prelude Saga TP 29.95
JUN070218 Spirit Vol 1 HC 24.99
JUL070051 Star Wars 30th Anniv Coll Vol 9 HC Boba Fett Death Lies 24.95
AUG073921 Storeyville GN 24.95
AUG074206 Street World HC 35
MAR073941 Taste Of Venison Gary Baseman HC 29.95
JUL073562 Usagi Yojimbo Vol 3 SC (new Ptg) 15.95
JUL063019 Winsor Mccay Vol 9 Early Works TP 19.95
JUL074102 World War Z Oral History Of Zombie War SC 14.95
AUG072310 X-factor Vol 3 Many Lives Of Madrox TP 14.99

New Magazines
AUG074112 Alter Ego #73 6.95
AUG074134 Juxtapoz Nov 2007 Vol 14 #11 4.99

New Manga/Japanese Art Books
JUL073935 Art Of Angel Sanctuary 2 Lost Angel 19.99
JUN073608 Black Sun Silver Moon Vol 3 GN 10.99
JUN070051 Bride Of The Water God TP 9.95
AUG073296 Cromartie High School Vol 12 #12 10.95
AUG073466 Es Broccoli Vol 4 GN 9.99
JUL073348 Eureka Seven Vol 1 Gravity Boys & Lifting Girl Gn 9.99
JUL073462 Ghost Hunt Vol 9 GN 10.95
APR074378 Kanji De Manga Vol 5 9.99
JUN073609 Night Of The Beasts Vol 5 GN 10.99
JUN073613 Train Plus Train Vol 4 Gn 10.99
JUL070274 Vs (versus) Vol 7 9.99

Back In Stock:
JUL072139 Amazing Spider-man #544 OMD 3.99
AUG070241 Aquaman Sword Of Atlantis #57 2.99
AUG070243 Birds Of Prey #111 2.99
AUG070232 Catwoman #72 2.99
AUG070253 Checkmate #19 2.99
AUG070196 Countdown 28 2.99
AUG070331 Fables #66 2.99
AUG070247 Justice League Of America #14 2.99
AUG072235 Marvel Adventures Avengers #17 2.99
MAY073665 Multiple Warheads #1 5.99
AUG072248 New Warriors #5 CWI 2.99
AUG070256 Shadowpact #18 2.99
AUG070217 Suicide Squad Raise The Flag #2 (of 8) 2.99
AUG070237 Superman #668 2.99
AUG072263 Wolverine #58 2.99

SEP060034 Appleseed Hypernotes TP 14.95
JUL073835 Aqua Vol 1 GN (of 2) 9.99
JUL073918 Hoshin Engi Vol 3 TP 7.99
APR074028 Street Fighter II Manga Vol 1 GN 12.95

– Chris @ The Beguiling

A Busy Comics Weekend In Toronto

If you enjoy comic books and live in the City of Toronto, this is going to be a very busy weekend for you. Tighten your laces, sharpen your pencils, and bring a comfy cushion to sit on:

Saturday October 20th: 24 Hour Comics Day @ The Burrow
The Beguiling is proud to be sponsoring an event for 24 HOUR COMICS DAY, at The Burrow, an Art Centre and Shop just down the street from us. 24 Hour Comics Day is an event for people to create a 24 page comic in just 24 hours. Have you got what it takes? Starts at 2PM Saturday and goes until 2PM Sunday. Free to attend, but you’ve gotta register in advance. For info, head over to The Burrow Blog at

Saturday October 20th: Rutu Modan & James Sturm @ Harbourfront
As part of the International Festival of Authors going on at Harbourfront, graphic novelists Rutu Modan (Exit Wounds) and James Sturm (Golem’s Mighty Swing) will be reading from their work at 12pm in the Brigantine Room this Saturday. Tickets are $15, and are available at The Beguiling and at the Harbourfront Box Office.

Also! Purchase a ticket to this event (or to Adrian Tomine’s signing the following weekend) from us at The Beguiling and you’ll be eligible for a 30% discount off of the new books by these authors. That’s 30% off of EXIT WOUNDS, JAMES STURM’S AMERICA, or SHORTCOMINGS. That doesn’t make your ticket to these events free, but it makes it pretty darned close.

Note: The sale price is only valid at the time of purchase of the ticket. Sale price is good for all three books, regardless of which ticket is purchased. There is a limit of 5 of each book per customer.

Sunday, October 21st: TRANSMISSION-X Art Show @ Insomnia
Just up the street from The Beguiling on Bloor is Insomnia, a bar and restaurant with an artistic bent. For the month of October, Insomnia is going to be featuring art from the Toronto online comics collective TRANSMISSION-X, and the big party to celebrate the event goes down this Sunday at 7pm. You can find out more about T-X and the art show at

Monday October 22nd: Comics Stenography at Trampoline Hall
Okay, bear with me here. Trampoline Hall is a literary salon and lecture series, where non-experts give lectures on a variety of subjects. And then some of the city’s best comics artists will interpret the proceedings–the speakers, the attendees, the bartender–in comics form. It’s all going down at Fort York’s blue Barracks at 8pm (just take the 511 streetcar south from Bathurst station).

The artists in attendance include Roxanne Bielskis, Arthur de la Cruz, Shannon Gerard, Emily Holton, Stuart and Katherine Immonen, Eric Kim, Blair Kitchen, Jeff Lemire, Steve Manale, Kagan McLeod, Ramon Perez, Ben Shannon, Fiona Smyth, Diana Tamblyn, Zach Worton, and Reverend Aitor.

Tickets are $5 at the door, it starts at 8 sharp, find out more at

I think there’s something else going on as well… pay attention to this space for updates.

– Christopher

Doug Wright Awards Benefit Auction Now Live

The organizers of The Doug Wright Awards, Canada’s premier comics and graphic novels awards, have begun their 2007 fundraising drive with the first of three auctions featuring new original art by Seth, Chester Brown, and Dave Sim. Each of the artists has created a work on the theme of the monster comics of Jack “The King” Kirby.

Seth’s piece, GROOT!, is the first to hit the auction block over at ebay and it’s pretty darned nice looking, if we do say so ourselves. Groot! is a Kirby creation from Tales To Astonish #12, and he has the most adorable little log-button nose.

Each one-of-a-kind artwork will go up for auction on eBay beginning Monday October 8th 2007, with all of the proceeds going towards the non-profit Wright Awards.

We’ll be mentioning all of the future auction items here on the website as well, but you can also bookmark this link to keep up to date on Wright Awards auctions.

Monday, October 8th: Shipping List

Here’s a list of comics and graphic novels that are scheduled to ship to The Beguiling this week. Please note that due to Thanksgiving, new comics day is delayed by one day to Thursday, October 11th. Plan accordingly.

Also, in addition to the stuff shipping from Diamond below, this week has been a BANNER WEEK for awesome new comics and graphic novels at the store. We received:

Chris Ware’s Acme Novelty Library 18.5 Portfolio, featuring all five comics covers that ran on The New Yorker magazine last thanksgiving, as well as a brand new piece of art constructed just for this portfolio. Most of the pieces measure 15″x20″ and are stunningly reproduced. $32.

The exhibit catalogue for a show of Chris Ware’s original art held in Nebraska. This full-colour, lovingly produced gallery catalogue features tons of unpublished Rusty Brown art, process material from Ware on how his work is constructed, an essay from the author, and a wealth of other comics that I, at least, hadn’t seen before. Printed in the same size as the recent Acme Novelty Library volumes, this book is 32 pages and retails for $18.00.

The Sunday Press Books collection, Sundays With Walt & Skeezix also dropped last week. In one word? Awesome. Measuring a shocking 16″x21″ and featuring a design by Chris Ware and introduction by Jeet Heer, this collection of vivid Gasoline Alley Sunday Comics Strips is a fantastic companion piece to Sunday Press’ Little Nemo: So Many Splendid Sundays collection and Drawn & Quarterly’s ongoing collection of Walt & Skeezix books. Oh, we have the third volume of that one in stock as well. $110.

New Comics
Amazing Spider-girl #13 2.99
Amazing Spider-girl Zombie Var #13 (pp #783) 2.99
Atomic Robo #1 (of 6) 2.95
Batman Confidential #10 2.99
Beowulf #2 3.99
Black Adam The Dark Age #3 (of 6) 2.99
Black Summer #3 (of 7) 2.99
Black Summer Incv Cvr #3 (of 7) 9.99
Black Summer Wrap Cvr #3 (of 7) 2.99
Blade Of The Immortal #130 2.99
Booster Gold #3 2.99
BPRD Killing Ground #3 (of 5) 2.99
Brawl #1 (of 3) 2.99
Captain Carrot And The Final Ark #1 (of 3) 2.99
Civil War Chronicles #4 4.99
Clockwork Girl #1 (of 4) 0.99
Countdown 29 2.99
Deadlander #1 (of 4) 2.99
Drafted #2 3.50
Drain #5 2.99
Exterminators #22 2.99
Fantastic Four #550 2.99
First Born Keown Cvr A #2 (of 3) 2.99
First Born Sejic Cvr B #2 (of 3) 2.99
Friday The 13th Summer Vacation #2 (of 2) 2.99
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man #24 Omd 3.99
Gargoyles #6 3.95
Ghost Rider #16 2.99
Gi Joe Storm Shadow #4 3.50
Graveslinger #1 (of 4) 3.50
Green Arrow Black Canary #1 3.50
Green Arrow Black Canary Var Ed #1 10.00
Green Lantern #24 2.99
Grimm Fairy Tales #17 (c: 0-0-2) 2.99
Heroes For Hire #14 2.99
JLA Classified #44 2.99
Justice League Unlimited #38 2.25
Living With The Dead #1 (of 3) 2.99
Marvel Adventures Hulk #4 2.99
New Avengers #35 2.99
New Avengers Transformers #4 (of 4) 2.99
New Warriors #5 CWI 2.99
Nova #7 2.99
Ps238 #26 2.99
Punisher #51 2.99
Punisher War Journal #12 WWH 3.99
Punisher War Journal Zombie Var #12 (pp #783) 3.99
Runaways #28 2.99
Runaways Zombie Var #28 (pp #781) 2.99
Simon Dark #1 2.99
Sonic X #25 2.25
Sorrow #2 (of 4) 2.99
Spider-man Red Sonja #3 (of 5) 2.99
Star Trek Aliens Spotlight Gorn 3.99
Star Wars Dark Times #5 (of 5) 2.99
Stormwatch Phd #12 2.99
Suicide Squad Raise The Flag #2 (of 8) 2.99
Superman #668 2.99
Sword Of Red Sonja Doom O/t Gods #1 3.50
Tank Girl The Gifting #4 3.99
Tank Girl The Gifting #4 10 Copy Wood Var Incv 20.00
Un-men #3 2.99
Vss Nemesis Rising #4 (of 5) 3.50
Wolverine #58 2.99
Wolverine Zombie Var #58 (pp #783) 2.99
Wonder Girl #2 (of 6) 2.99
Wonder Woman #13 2.99
World War Hulk Front Line #5 (of 6) WWH 2.99
X-factor #24 2.99
X-men Die By The Sword #1 (of 5) 2.99
Yearbook Stories 1976 1978 4.00

New Books
30 Days Of Night Movie Scriptbook TP 19.99
Absolute Sandman Vol 2 HC 99.00
Alan Moores Yuggoth Cultures HC 39.99
Antiques Collected Comic Strip HC 14.95
Art Of IDW’s Transformers HC 50.00
Art Of Naruto Uzumaki 19.99
Beowulf Harper Trophy Ed GN 8.99
Complete Nemesis The Warlock Vol 02 29.99
Dynamo 5 Vol 1 Post Nuclear Family TP 9.99
Ec Archives Vault Of Horror Vol 1 HC 49.95
Essex County Vol 2 Ghost Stories 14.95 – New graphic novel by Toronto’s Jeff Lemire.
Fallen Son Death Of Captain America Prem HC 19.99
Fragile Things SC 14.95
Garth Ennis Chronicles Of Wormwood TP 19.99
Grimm Fairy Tales Vol 2 TP 15.99
Igor Fixed By Frankensteins GN 5.95
In The Studio Visits With Contemporary Cartoonists SC 19.95
James Sturms America HC 24.95
Joseph GN 9.95
Justice Vol 3 HC 19.99
King Lear GN 15.95
Little Lulu Vol 17 The Valentine TP 10.95
Magician Apprentice Vol 1 TP 15.99
Manga Complete Guide 18.95
Manga Messiah GN 12.99
Marvel Adventures Iron Man Vol 1 Digest TP 6.99
Ms Marvel Vol 3 Operation Lightning Storm Prem HC 19.99
Mystery In Space Vol 1 TP 17.99
Nightwing Love And War TP 14.99
Noble Causes Vol 7 Powerless TP 15.99
Philip K Dick Humpty Dumpty In Oakland HC 24.95
Powers Vol 10 Cosmic TP 19.95
Room With A Zoo SC 7.99
Sardine In Outer Space Vol 4 SC 13.95
Shortcomings HC 19.95
Sparrow Phil Hale Vol 2 HC 11.99
Spider Man Back In Black HC 34.99
Spider-man Fantastic Four Silver Rage TP 10.99
Spy Vs Spy Vol 2 Joke & Dagger Files TP 25.95
Sundays With Walt And Slkeezix Vol 1 HC 95.00
The Simping Dectective 24.99
Town Boy SC 16.95
Troubletown Told You So TP 11.95
Vampire Kisses Vol 1 Blood Relatives GN (of 3) 7.99
Walt & Skeezix Vol 3 1925-1926 HC 29.95
Warhammer 40k Vol 1 Damnation Crusade TP 14.99
White Rapids GN 27.95
Wolfman Hunters Moon Novel 6.99
X-factor Visionaries Peter David Vol 3 TP 15.99

New Magazines
Hogans Alley #15 6.95
Rough Stuff #6 6.95

New Manga, and there’s a LOT of it. There are 64 New Volumes of manga this week, including three volumes of Naruto. Isn’t that nuts? I think it’s kind of nuts.
Appleseed Hypernotes TP 14.95
Aqua Vol 1 GN (of 2) 9.99
Baku GN 9.99
Beet The Vandel Buster Vol 12 GN 7.99
Black God Vol 1 TP 10.99
Bleach Vol 21 TP 7.95
Boys Over Flowers Vol 26 TP 9.99
Buso Renkin Vol 8 TP 7.99
Cain Vol 1 GN (of 3) 12.95
Canon Vol 3 9.99
Cat Returns Picture Book 14.99
Cheeky Angel Vol 19 GN 9.99
Cipher Vol 9 9.99
Claymore Vol 10 TP 7.99
Dragon Drive Vol 4 TP 7.99
Elemental Gelade Vol 5 GN (of 11) 9.99
Eyeshield 21 Vol 16 TP 7.99
Fall In Love Like A Comic Vol 1 TP 8.99
Fruits Basket Ultimate Ed Vol 1 GN (of 4) 14.99
Fruits Basket Vol 1-4 Boxed Set 29.99
Gyo Vol 1 (2nd Edition) GN 9.99
Hoshin Engi Vol 3 TP 7.99
Inu Yasha Ani Manga Vol 23 GN 11.99
Inu Yasha Vol 31 TP 8.95
King Of Thorn Vol 2 GN (of 6) 9.99
Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memories Box Set Gn 14.99
Knights Of The Zodiac Vol 21 TP 7.95
La Corda Doro Vol 5 TP 8.99
Law Of Ueki Vol 8 TP 9.99
Magic Moon Vol 2 Novel (of 3) 10.99
Missile Happy Vol 1 GN (of 5) 9.99
Muhyo Rojis Bureau Super Invest Vol 1 TP 7.99
Nana Vol 7 TP 8.99
Naruto Vol 19 TP 7.95
Naruto Vol 20 TP 7.95
Naruto Vol 21 TP 7.95
O Parts Hunter Vol 6 TP 9.99
Oh My Goddess Vol 27 Rtl TP 10.95
Once Upon A Glashma GN 10.95
Picture Letters From Commander In Chief 12.99
Presents Vol 1 12.99
Pretty Face Vol 2 TP 7.99
Princess Ai Ultimate Ed GN 19.99
Reborn Vol 5 GN 7.99
Red River Vol 19 GN 9.99
Rozen Maiden Vol 6 GN (of 7) 9.99
Rure Vol 1 GN (of 6) 9.99
Shinshoku Kiss Vol 1 GN (of 2) 9.99
Spiral Vol 1 Bonds Of Reasoning TP 10.99
Strawberry 100 % Vol 2 TP 7.99
Street Fighter II Manga Vol 1 GN 12.95
Tail Of The Moon Vol 7 TP 8.99
Vampire Doll Guilt Na Zan Vol 4 GN (of 4) 9.99
Vampire Knight Vol 3 TP 8.99
Variante Vol 1 12.99
Welcome To The Nhk Novel 7.99
Witchblade Takeru Vol 2 GN 9.99
Yonen Buzz Vol 3 GN (of 3) 9.99
Yotsuba Manga Vol 5 TP 9.99
Yu Gi Oh Duelist Vol 23 TP 7.95
Yu Gi Oh Millennium World Vol 6 TP 7.95
Yu Yu Hakusho Vol 13 TP 7.95
Zatch Bell Vol 15 GN 9.99
Zombie Loan Vol 1 TP 10.99

See you Thursday!

– Chris

New comics for THURSDAY September 6th

As is sometimes the case, the Holiday on Monday has pushed back new comics to Thursday. To tide you over until then here is a list of what we will be getting:

DC Comics & Books
All New Atom #15 2.99
Black Canary Wedding Planner 2.99
Countdown 34 2.99
Detective Comics #836 2.99
Exterminators #21 2.99
Faker #3 (of 6) 2.99
Infinity Inc #1 2.99
Jonah Hex #23 2.99
Justice League Unlimited #37 2.25
Looney Tunes #154 2.25
Metal Men #2 (of 8) 2.99
Midnighter #11 2.99
New Line Cinemas Tales Of Horror #1 2.99
Nightwing #136 2.99
Outsiders #50 2.99
Scalped #9 2.99
Supergirl #21 2.99
Y The Last Man #58 2.99

Batman Gothic TP New Edition 14.99
Checkmate Vol 2 Pawn Breaks TP 14.99
DMZ Vol 3 Public Works TP 12.99
Jack Kirbys Fourth World Omnibus Vol 2 HC 49.99
Sentences The Life Of M F Grimm HC 19.99
Supergirl And The Legion The Dominator War TP 14.99
Sword Of The Atom TP 19.99

Dark Horse Comics & Books
Buffy The Vampire Slayer #6 2.99
City Of Others #4 (of 4) 2.99
Lobster Johnson The Iron Prometheus #1 (of 5) 2.99

13th Son Worse Thing Waiting TP 12.95

Image Comics & Books
Dust #2 (of 2) 3.99
Frank Frazettas Death Dealer #4 (of 6) 3.99
Lions Tigers & Bears Vol 2 #4 (of 4) 2.99
Lucha Libre #1 5.99
Madame Mirage #2 2.99
Pro New Ptg (note Price) 7.99
Sorrow #1 (of 4) 2.99
Steve Niles Strange Cases #1 2.5
Strange Embrace #4 (of 8) 2.99
True Story Swear To God Image Ed #8 3.5

Darkness Vol 6 Depths Of Hell TP 14.99

Marvel Comics & Books
Amazing Spider-man #544 Omd 3.99
Annihilation Conquest Wraith #3 (of 4) 2.99
Captain America Chosen #1 (of 6) 3.99
Daredevil Battlin Jack Murdock #4 (of 4) 3.99
Exiles #98 2.99
Fantastic Four And Power Pack #3 (of 4) 2.99
Incredible Hulk #110 WWH 2.99
Iron Man Enter Mandarin #1 (of 6) 2.99
Marvel Adventures Spider-man #31 2.99
Marvel Two-in-one #3 4.99
Ms Marvel #19 2.99
New Excalibur #23 2.99
New Warriors #4 CWI 2.99
Shanna She-devil Survival Of The Fittest #2 (of 4) 2.99
She-hulk 2 #21 2.99
Super Villain Team Up Modoks 11 #3 (of 5) 2.99
Uncanny X-men #490 2.99
White Tiger #6 (of 6) 2.99
Wolverine #57 2.99

Ms Marvel Vol 2 Civil War TP 14.99
Punisher Max Vol 8 Widowmaker TP 17.99
Punisher War Journal Vol 1 Civil War TP 14.99
Spider-man Family Back In Black Digest TP 8.99

Other Comics
30 Days Of Night Red Snow #1 3.99
Black Mist #1 (of 2) 5.99
Boys #10 2.99
Buffy The Vampire Slayer 2nd Ptg #3 (pp #779) 2.99
Buffy The Vampire Slayer 3rd Ptg #2 (pp #779) 2.99
Bump #4 (of 4) 3.99
Dark Xena #4 3.5
Doktor Sleepless #2 3.99
Doktor Sleepless #2 3.99
Doktor Sleepless Incv Cvr #2 3.6
Doktor Sleepless Wrap Cvr #2 3.99
Doktor Sleepless Wrap Cvr #2 3.99
Eva Daughter Of The Dragon One Shot 4.99
Eva Daughter Of The Dragon One Shot B&w Chen Cvr Incv 4.99
Gi Joe Special Missions The Enemy 5.5
Iron & The Maiden #2 3.99
Iron & The Maiden Michael Turner Var Incv #2 5.99
Metal Gear Solid Sons Of Liberty #11 3.99
Negative Burn #12 5.99
Ninja High School Yearbook 2007 4.5
Painkiller Jane #3 3.5
Plague O/t Living Dead #4 (of 6) 2.5
Ps238 #25 2.99
Shonen Jump Oct 07 #58 4.99
Snakewoman Vol 2 Tale Of The Snake Charmer #3 2.99
Star Trek Klingons Blood Will Tell #5 3.99
Star Trek Year Four #2 3.99
Tales To Demolish #1 3
Transformers Megatron Origin #3 3.99

Other Books
Adventures Of Dexter Breakfast Season One GN 13.95
Blurred Vision Vol 3 GN 14.95
Brian Frouds World Of Faerie HC 40
Cruel And Unusual TP 15.99
Death Valley Vol 1 TP 14.99
Graphic Biography Ronald Reagan GN 16.95
Gris Grimly Legend Of Sleepy Hollow HC 16.99
Haunted Mansion Vol 1 TP 9.99
Hope New Orleans Vol 1 Gn 18.95
Jeremiah Harm Vol 1 TP 14.99
Laika SC 17.95
Little Book Of Monsters HC 7.95
Mark Schultz Various Drawings Vol 3 Ltd HC 29.95
Mark Schultz Various Drawings Vol 3 SC 19.95

Process Recess 2 Portfolio SC 29.95
I’m really excited about this book. It’s full of beautiful two sided James Jean prints and it’s spiral bound so if you feel like framing up a couple for your wall you can do it easily without damaging the rest of the book.

Sonic The Hedgehog Archives Vol 5 TP 7.49
Thorn In The Side GN 14.95
Tokyo Is My Garden GN 18.99
Wonder Woman Archives Vol 5 HC 49.99

Giant Robot #49 4.99

Go Go Heaven Vol 3 9.99
Pieces Of A Spiral Vol 9 9.99
Great Adventure O/t Dirty Pair Novel 8.95
Gunsmith Cats Omnibus Vol 3 TP 16.95
Mpd Psycho Vol 2 TP 10.95
Oh My Goddess Vol 6 TP Rtl 10.95
Xs Hybrid Vol 2 TP 10.95
Flcl Vol 1 Px Cvr GN 9.99
Hero HC Novel 16.99
Lovers Flat GN 12.95
Outcast Vol 1 GN 9.99

The Official Toronto Comic Arts Festival Wrap-Up

Hello everyone!

I’m Christopher Butcher, one of the co-founders and organizers of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival. I and my co-organizers, Peter Birkemoe and Matthew Seiden, decided that a letter might be a nicer way to address the public than a press release after TCAF 2007, our most successful and praised festival to date.

Gina Gagliano and Mark Siegel of First Second BooksIn the days following the TCAF, we’ve been inundated with calls and e-mails congratulating us on a show that was well-run, well-curated, and in such a beautiful, historic setting as the University of Toronto campus. Added to that are numerous Internet message board posts and blog entries proclaiming this the “best comics festival around” (Mark Siegel, Editor In Chief, First Second Books) and we’re very confident in announcing TCAF 2007 a huge success.

TCAF is different than any comics event I’ve ever attended… it was a conscious decision on our park to add something new and innovative to the comics landscape. Perhaps the one thing that surprises people about TCAF—attendees, press, and exhibitors alike—is that the show is completely FREE for the public to attend! The doors are open and people can walk in and out and return at their leisure (with staff and volunteers greeting them at the door with a smile and a program book). Because admission is free, it removes the psychological barriers associated with going to ‘a comic book show.’ Curious, tentative newcomers share in the energy of a crowd of enthusiastic and knowledgeable fans, and get caught up in attending panels, getting sketches and buying books as a result. TCAF is designed to show the interested public the best that the comics medium has to offer: a broad, accessible, varied view of comics instead the stereotypical collectibles and nostalgia image they might have. As an antidote to the frequent “news” items about outrageous prices being paid for rare and mint condition vintage comics, we kick open the doors and invite the public to witness firsthand that comics and graphic novels are a living, breathing, and most importantly, booming medium.

TCAF also has a fairly unique-to-comics approach of selecting exhibitors and creative guests from across different facets of the industry, including art-comix, independents, mainstream publishers, world manga, webcomics, superheroes, comics historians and especially mini-comics and self-published materials. Because the show is free, we try to pick exhibitors and guests who will appeal to the public, who will put on a great display in their exhibit space and who will engage attendees. We were really pleased to see how well all of these diverse talents worked within the TCAF space, with each section of the show’s eight rooms and two floors truly having something for everyone, including attendees who weren’t already comics fans, but were curious about the medium. All the TCAF exhibitors did a fantastic job of enhancing the stately Victoria College building, and we’d like to thank them for their efforts. In particular, we’d like to commend the folks responsible for the new Toronto-based webcomics collective Transmission-X for turning their room into a beautiful, multi-faceted exhibition space of comics art, illustration and video installation. That interactive experience was the perfect articulation of my specific vision for TCAF, and we hope that more exhibitors will follow their lead in future years (though not, perhaps, their 3am finish time!).

Our number one goal in putting on the festival every two years is to draw attention to the great comics being produced in Canada and around the world. Hearing from exhibitors that they had a great show, financially, personally, and promotionally, we know we’re achieving our goals.

Because of the vast amount of media coverage that TCAF received, before, during and even features and profiles afterwards, TCAF has a much larger reach both locally and internationally than we’ve ever had before, and than most typical comics festivals or conventions. That exposes new audiences to great comics, and this year specifically the works of TCAF exhibitors and special guests including Paul Pope, Seth, Hope Larson, Jillian Tamaki, Darwyn Cooke, Ryan North, Joe Ollman, Paul Gravett, and dozens more. Attendance for TCAF hovered at around 6,500 people over the course of the Festival, with demographics fairly evenly split between men and women, and with the primary age demographic solidly in the 18-35 area (though many both much older and much younger attended as well). This builds on our strong attendance of 2005, having our show remain approximately the same size – an intimate size and experience we and the exhibitors enjoy. Our observation though, is that our 2005 show was held adjacent to a main thoroughfare in the city and because of that there were a number of attendees who enjoyed the event as spectacle, whereas the majority of attendees this year were pre-informed about the event (and according to our exhibitors came with money to spend). We’re aware that most traditional cons and festivals like announce higher and higher attendance numbers with each successive show, but we don’t work that way.

I’m going to start thanking people now. First and foremost, a special mention of our volunteers. You’ve probably heard it before, that these events couldn’t happen without the help of the people behind the scenes, blah blah blah. Well, one of our volunteers GOT HIT BY A CAR on his bicycle ride home from the show Saturday and still showed up for his all-day shift on Sunday. Seriously. We were set-up for the show in under 3 hours on Saturday morning, and everything was torn down and clean an hour and a half after we closed un Sunday. Our volunteer staff were absolutely amazing: friendly, tireless, and extremely competent in every task. We’ve received tons of compliments, and I want to say for the record that the show would not have happened without them, period. My sincere thanks go to everyone who volunteered to help for TCAF 2007, including Adam, Ahrem, Amanda & Victoria, Anthony, Bryce, Carl, Carlos, Choon-sik, Corey, Dave, Denise, Diana, Diane, Ehab, Erin, Jacob, Jennifer, John, Linda, Myung-Jin, Ba Da, Paul, Rizie, Rob, Solly, Stacey, Steve, Tom, Victor, and everyone else whom I’ve inadvertently forgotten. You were all awesome. And you have the t-shirts to prove it.

Beguiling 20th Anniversary Print, by James JeanThe Festival also looked bloody great out in the world this year, thanks to some phenomenal pieces of art by our talented attending artists. Thanks go to: Darwyn Cooke, who made TCAF look more festive than ever with his gorgeous cover art to Comics Festival 2007 and our official 2007 Poster; to Bryan Lee O’Malley for lending Scott Pilgrim to the cover of Comics Festival 2007 and to our promotional material ensuring a healthy dose of recognition from Torontonians; to Evan Dorkin for having his characters Milk & Cheese destroy Toronto in some lovely promotional art; to Zach Worton for turning around our excellent program book cover and badge art in no time flat; to James Jean for his beautiful and haunting image for TCAF sponsor The Beguiling’s 20th Anniversary Print (which debuted at the show); to Chip Zdarsky, whose talented fingerprints are all over everything we did; and last but not least to Paul Pope for lending his pretty face to the cover of Eye Magazine, one of Toronto’s two alt-weeklies, for our most visible and effective promotion of the year. Funny how that works out.

I’d like to thank the TCAF staff, including Nathalie, Andrew, Jason, Naseem, and Scott for taking excellent care of their respective responsibilities: we love you very much. I’d like to thank The Beguiling staff for giving up their weekend to be conscripted into service, including Parish, Becca, Kayla, James, Derek, Jerry, and Shane. Our panel moderators Ed, Jeet, Jon, Lianne, and Neil did a great job with their respective engagements, and really every one of our guests who held a workshop or created a presentation for the show, especially Darwyn Cooke, Paul Gravett, James Jean, Marc Siegel, Jason Thompson, and George A. Walker, added immeasurably to our success. Speaking of events, I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the wonderful folks who put on ‘satellite’ TCAF events around the city. Our appreciation goes out to: Jim Munroe, Salgood Sam, and Claudia Davila for the Drawn Out Apocalypses launch; The Doug Wright Awards committee and especially Matt Seiden for our Friday-night kick-off event; Brendan Fletcher, Willow Dawson, and Bryan Lee O’Malley for the Songs & Pictures party; Brian McLachlan for the Indiana Jones party and art show; and our venue CENTRAL for our ‘victory’ party Sunday night.

I need to thank our sponsors, too. Not just because we’re contractually obligated to do so (heh), but because they really came through for us on all fronts. OWLkids, Eye Magazine, the Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Arts Council, Firefly Books, Drawn & Quarterly, and all of our publisher friends: your contributions were very much appreciated. We’ll be hitting you up again in 2009.

I know this is going to seem weird to all of you reading, but I really need to take a second and thank The Beguiling. I know I work for The Beguiling, and one of the other TCAF organizers Peter Birkemoe is the co-owner of The Beguiling, but nonetheless: props. The Beguiling is the main sponsor of the festival, putting a ton of money and an amazing amount of sweat-equity into ensuring that the show goes on. Basically, every hour that I invest into TCAF is one taken away from my job at The Beguiling, and the whole free festival does sort of distract from my employer’s job of selling comics. TCAF wouldn’t happen without the support of this fine store, and as an employee I’m always proud that we bring some of the finest comics creators from around the world to Toronto (and they in turn fall in love with our shop and brag about it elsewhere: I particularly love that).

Finally, to Matthew Seiden, this year’s Festival Director. You did a great job this year, especially in putting up with Peter and I—two less than organized people who live in our own heads more than the real world. Everything you contributed made the show better than it’s ever been, and we’re really sorry to see you go. Best of luck. 🙂

And with that, I think we’re done for this year. I’m exceptionally happy with how everything turned out, and despite some bumps in the road, I think we came through it all fantastically well. Thank you to everyone who came out, who spread the word, and who made this the best comics event I’ve ever been to.

Christopher Butcher, Festival Co-Founder
On behalf of Peter Birkemoe, Matthew Seiden, and himself.

(Photos by Flickr user “The Doodlers” except where noted. 1st: TCAF Main Floor Exhibition Space, photo by Karen Whaley. 2nd: Gina Gagliano and Mark Siegel of First Second Books. 3rd: Transmission-X installation space, featuring art by J. Bone. 4th: TCAF Second Floor Exhibition Space. 5th: Beguiling 20th Anniversary Print by James Jean. 6th: TCAF kick-off party.)