OLA Librarians & Educators Mixer at The Beguiling!

Save the Date Fri Feb 1st from 7-9pm for a special informal evening social for Librarians and Educators at the Beguiling!

Finish off OLA by learning about the Beguiling Library Services, doing some graphic novel shopping for your school or library (20% Educator/Librarian discount available) while perusing the recently re-opened Little Island kids comics shop (the first of its kind!), plus get more information on the upcoming Toronto Comics Arts Festival (TCAF) Librarian and Educator Day Friday May 10th — and learn how to apply for the American Librarian Association Will Eisner Graphic Novel Grant for Libraries (valued at $6000 USD) — now open to Canadian Libraries and Schools! Applications close Feb 8th. Also, meet some fellow librarians and educators. And, did we mention…? There WILL be door prizes!
More details TBA – stay tuned and follow The Beguiling and the ALA Graphic Novels & Comics Roundtable @libcomix http://www.ala.org/rt/gncrt/

Event Details:
Friday February 1, 2019 from 7:00-9:00pm at The Beguiling 319 College St, Toronto, ON M5T 1S2

Agenda is open and designed to encourage people to stop in whenever they are able; please pop in to say hello, do some shopping, and meet some fellow library workers and educators.
This event is open to ALL – attendees do not need an OLA badge to attend and bringing friends and family from teaching, librarianship etc. is encouraged
No RSVP needed! Looking forward to seeing you there!


On Sunday, March 10 at 4PM we’re beyond thrilled to welcome comics legend JAIME HERNANDEZ to our new store to celebrate the release of IS THIS HOW YOU SEE ME? from Fantagraphics!
Starting at 4 Jaime will be in conversation with Jane van Koerverden from CBC. After the discussion there’ll be a chance to ask questions and then get your books signed!!!
Jaime is the co-creator with his brothers Gilbert & Mario of the legendary LOVE & ROCKETS, one of the titles that has defined the purpose and voice of our shop since the earliest days, so it obviously means a lot to us to welcome Jaime to The Beguiling’s new location!
If for some reason you have never read any of Jaime’s groundbreaking work you still have time to come to the shop and get started and see for yourself what the big deal is! Or: maybe you have, but you’ve fallen behind lately? Well, now you have time to discover that the stories collected in THE LOVE BUNGLERS (also available in Angels & Magpies) and IS THIS HOW YOU SEE ME? Represent not only some of the best comics of recent years, but also some of the finest of Hernandez’s career!
Don’t miss this rare chance to meet one of the greatest living cartoonists! We’ll see you there!


The Beguiling Boxing Week Sale 2018!

Hey, it’s time once again for our Boxing Week sales!!!

Before we get to that– did you know that if you sign up for our newsletter, you would have found out about these even sooner? We announce a lot of great things in the newsletter– upcoming sales, events, ticket giveaways and more! You can sign up sort of…diagonally down to the left from where you’re reading this on our website!

Now onto the sales!…After some sagely advice/strongly worded cautions


  • Bring your own bags! Save the environment!
  • We reserve the right to refuse sale of any item to any customer for any reason.  We probably won’t do this, but this is a straightforward disclaimer in case there’s any dispute about what is or isn’t on sale.
  • Out-of-print items (books/comics/etc.) are generally marked as such and exempt from sale pricing. Determination of ‘out of print’ is at The Beguiling’s sole discretion. Ask at the counter if you’re unsure.
  • Anything put on hold prior to Boxing Day is entirely exempt to sale pricing.
  • Sales cannot be combined with other specials or sales. (So if we already have a special price on something, it’s THAT price. You can ask, but be prepared to most likely hear this answer again)
  • “Regular Price” is determined as ‘Whatever the book would sell for not on Boxing Day, whether that’s Converted Canadian Cover price, Canadian Cover Price, or Sticker Price.
  • ALL Items released in December 2018 or later are not eligible for sale. Determination for eligibility will be made at the cash register, at our sole discretion.

December 26-28: 25% off almost EVERYTHING in the store, including in-print books, comics, graphic novels, manga, BD, art books and more!

(Excluded: out of print books, rare books, wall/rare comics, consigned comics. Please note WALL BOOKS WILL BE UNAVAILABLE TO BROWSE OR PURCHASE UNTILDECEMBER 27TH.)


  • Absolute V for Vendetta: was $121.00, now $75.00!
  • Batman: Damned #2: Only $5!
  • Dave McKean’s Black Dog: was $33.99, now $20.00!
  • We Stand on Guard HC: was $33.99, now $15.00!
  • Street Angel: After-School Kung-Fu Special: was $25.00, now $12.00!
  • Voices in the Dark: was $39.95, now $20.00!
  • Wilson: was $23.99, now $8.00!
  • Pure Shores: was $25.00, now $10.00!
  • SP4RX: was $25.95, now $10.00!
  • Teen Titans Earth One V.1 HC: was $26.99, now $10.00!
  • Founding Fathers Funnies: was $19.99, now $8.00!
  • Eartha: was $39.99,  now $15.00!
  • PPP: The Zines of Paper Rad: was $75.00, now $37.50!
  • and many more still to come!!

December 26-31: 35% off all bagged & priced back issues in our back issue basement! Buy 20 or more & get 50% OFF!

(wall/rare comics are not included in this sale; please note, sets for sale in the basement count as ONE ITEM)

December 27-31: WALL/RARE BOOKS 25% OFF!

These are our old comics priced above $15 in the back of the middle room!

December 29-31: 20% off almost EVERYTHING in the store, including in-print books, comics, graphic novels, manga, BD, art books etc!

(Excluded: out of print books, rare books, wall books, consigned comics. All the same exceptions, but 5% less off. You get it? Cool.)

Starting January 2 we’ll have our recent back issue stock on sale! We’ll be bringing long boxes up into the middle room for weekly rotations at great discounts! Please note: Comics released in December 2018 or later are exempt from this sale!

January 2-8: Recent Marvel back issue overstock 50% off cover price, plus other deep discount specials!

January 9-15: Recent DC back issues back issue overstock 50% off cover price, plus other deep discount specials!

January 16-22: Recent Image back issue overstock 50% off cover price, plus other deep discount specials!

January 23-29: Recent Miscellaneous back issue overstock 50% off cover price, plus other deep discount specials!

We’ll be open 11-4 December 31 and closed January 1 but other than that we’re open for business as usual!

PAGE AND PANEL, 789 Yonge St

Boxing week runs from December 27th to December 31st!

Nearly everything in store is 20% off!!
Exceptions include all “I’m Library People” Merchandise, New product released mid-December to present, and Canadian magazines. Any disputes between what is and is not on sale is at the condescension of the cashier on duty.

Special Discounts!
– 30% off all Jump From Paper product — so cool and colourful!
– Kikkerland Log Pillows — 30% off
– Destiny 2 Figures (Cayde 6, Ikora Rey, Zavala) Regularly, $39.99 NOW $14.99
– Stranger Things Eleven figure Regularly, $39.99 NOW $14.99
– Freehand Figure Drawing From Memory by David Ross, Regularly $26.77 NOW $17.00 WITH TAX (40% off)
– Black Dog by Dave McKean – 40% off
– TCAF logo tees — Regularly $20.00 NOW $10.00
– TCAF Hartley Lin Mugs — Regularly $15.00, Now $10.00

Special Note: Page & Panel will be closed January 2nd for our annual inventory. 

That’s our sales! SEE YOU SOON!