Comics & Graphic Novels @ The Word On The Street This Weekend!

Hey folks! Just a reminder that The Beguiling will be exhibiting at The Word On The Street again this year, alongside our friends at Drawn & Quarterly. We’re at booth 234, at the corner of St. Joseph and Queen’s Park Crescent West (handy map up top!).

In addition, The Beguiling and The Toronto Comic Arts Festival are proud to sponsor another year of comics and graphic novel programming at The Word on The Street! Below is a list of author presentations, and all authors should be available for book signing at the sales table for the comics and graphic novels tent (Booth P) following their presentation, except where noted.

11:00am: The Adventures of Daniel Boom aka Loud Boy 2: Mac Attack!
With D.J. Steinberg.

11:30am: You Crack Me Up! Creating Comic Strips With Chick and Dee.
With Steven Manale and Brian McLachlan.

12:00pm: Street Fighter: Tribute! Building an International Anthology.
With Jim Zubkavich, Matt Moylan, and various UDON Artists.

12:30pm: From Picture Books to Graphic Novels and backagain!
With Jeremy Tankard, Matt Hammill, and Steven Murray.

1:00pm: Skim (Ideaspace Young Adult Marquee)
With Mariko Tamaki.

With Ray Fawkes and Cameron Stewart

2:00pm: 10 Tips To Get Your Writing Out There
With Jim Munroe and Ramon Perez

3:00pm: The Essex County Trilogy: The Country Nurse
With Jeff Lemire

Unfortunately due to a prior engagement, Jeff Lemire will not be able to attend this year’s The Word On The Street. He has been gracious enough to pre-sign many copies of all of his books, and they will be available for sale at The Comics & Graphic Novels tent.

3:30pm: Enter: The Hall of Best Knowledge!
With Ray Fenwick

4:00pm: No Girls Allowed! (Children’s Reading Tent)
With Susan Hughes and Willow Dawson

4:15pm: Drawn & Quarterly’s Petit Livres: Little books with big imaginations
With Pat Shewchuk, Marek Colek, and Matthew Forsythe

5:00pm: Webcomics Showdown: The Battle for the Future of the Internet!
With Claudia DaVilla, Andy Bellanger, Joey Comeau, Matt Forsythe, Emily Horne, Ryan North, and Ramon Perez.

For more information on the individual programs and the festival, please visit The Word On The Street’s website at

– Chris @ The Beguiling

ANNOUNCE: Achewood Creator Chris Onstad @ The Beguiling

Feat. Chris Onstad, creator of Achewood
@ The Beguiling, 601 Markham Street
Tuesday, November 4th, 2008. 7pm

The Beguiling will be welcoming Chris Onstad, creator of the online comic strip Achewood (, to his exclusive Toronto tour stop in support of his new book The Great Outdoor Fight.

Since 2001, cult comic favorite Achewood has built a six-figure international following. Intelligent, hilarious, and for adults, it’s quickly become the favourite comic of tens of thousands of people around the world. Dark Horse has published the hardbound edition of Achewood’s most popular storyline, The Great Outdoor Fight: “Three Days, Three Acres, Three Thousand Men.”

Awards for Achewood:

  • TIME Magazine’s #1 Graphic Novel of 2007.
  • Ignatz Award, “Outstanding Online Comic,” 2007.

Praise for Achewood:

  • “Onstad’s Achewood is a rare bird…”
  • “…one of the best outcomes of this Internet blitz is the hilarious Web comic Achewood, by Chris Onstad.” The New Yorker
  • “Onstad is our greatest living cartoonist.” Tony Millionaire (Maakies, Sock Monkey)
  • “These things are hilarious! You have what the NY Times Book Review might call a ‘distinctive and most welcome voice’ in comics.” -Jim Woodring (Frank, Jim)
  • “Achewood makes me laugh–in that confused, ‘what the hell was that??’ kind of way.” -Scott McCloud

We will be screening coverage of the U.S. Election results during the event!

Also: There will be an awesome, exclusive t-shirt available only at this event.

Achewood: The Great Outdoor Fight is currently available in store and online.

– Chris @ The Beguiling


That’s Eisner-nominee Pascal Blanchet’s new poster commenting on the Canadian election. For those not so politically minded (or perhaps not Canadian), current Prime Minister Stephen Harper slashed about $45 million out of Canadian arts and culture funding, with more cuts promised, and just a few weeks before he called a National election.

I’d been kind of disappointed to see so little artistic response from Canadian illustrators and comics artists, particularly seeing some of the great work that had come out of the build-up to the U.S. election, and particularly because our government seems to have taken direct aim at them. What a beautiful reversal of that trend.

Keep fighting, Pascal. We’re with you!

– Chris @ The Beguiling

Shipping List: September 24th

The following books are to scheduled to ship to The Beguiling on Wednesday, September 24th.

All Star Batman And Robin #10 Var Ed 2.99
All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder #10 2.99
Amazing Spider-man #568 2nd Ptg Jrjr Var 3.99
Ambush Bug Year None #3 (of 6) 2.99
Angel Revelations #5 (of 5) 3.99
Avengers Initiative #17 Si 2.99
Back To Brooklyn #1 (of 5) 2.99 – A new miniseries from Garth Ennis and Jimmy Palmitotti, solid first issue.
Back To Brooklyn #1 (of 5) Noto Incv Cvr PI
Bart Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror #14 4.99
Batman Gotham After Midnight #5 (of 12) 2.99
Black Panther #41 Si 2.99
Blue Beetle #31 2.99
Captain America #42 2.99
Cartoon Network Block Party #49 2.25
Chuck #4 (of 6) 2.99
Cthulhu Tales #5 Cvr A 3.99
Cthulhu Tales #5 Cvr B 3.99
Daredevil #111 2.99
Daredevil #111 Aja Var PI
Dead #1 3.95
Dead #1 Incv Cvr PI
Dead Ahead #1 (of 3) 3.99
Deadpool #2 Mcguinness Var Si PI
Deadpool #2 Si 2.99
Fables #76 2.99
Fall Of Cthulhu Godwar #2 (of 4) Cvr A 3.99
Fall Of Cthulhu Godwar #2 (of 4) Cvr B 3.99
Fantastic Four #560 2.99
Fantastic Four True Story #3 (of 4) 2.99
Flash Gordon #1 3.99
Golly #2 3.50
Hellboy The Crooked Man #3 (of 3) 2.99
Hulk #6 2.99 – This issue of the Incredible Hulk will have a variant cover by Michael Turner. We’ll be selling this for the same price as the regular cover, but we have a strict “one per person” policy in place.
Hulk #6 Turner Var 2.99
I Kill Giants #3 (of 7) 2.99
Immortal Iron Fist Orson Randall Death Queen 3.99
Jack Of Fables #26 2.99
Legion Of Super Heroes #46 2.99
Madame Xanadu #4 2.99
Marvel 1985 #5 (of 6) 3.99
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #40 2.99
Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #3 2.99
Marvel Monsters Poster Book 6.99
Ms Marvel #31 2.99
M-theory #1 (of 3) 3.50
My Name Is Bruce One Shot 3.50
New Avengers #45 Si 2.99
New Warriors #16 2.99
Night & Fog #3 (of 6) (note Price) 3.50
No Hero #0 (of 7) Auxiliary Ed 1.00
No Hero Sketchbook 3.99
Northlanders #10 2.99
Nova #17 Si 2.99
Perhapanauts #4 3.50
Powers #30 3.95
Project Superpowers #6 (of 7) 2.99
Proof #12 2.99
Ps238 #34 2.99
Punisher Kills Marvel Universe 2nd Ptg Dillon Var (pp #832) 4.99
PVP #40 3.50
Reign In Hell #3 (of 8) 3.50
Resurrection #6 3.50
Runaways 3 #2 2.99
Samurai Legend #1 (of 4) Var PI
Samurai Legend #1 Of(4) 5.99
Scooby Doo #136 2.25
Secret Invasion Amazing Spider-man #2 (of 3) Si 2.99
She-hulk 2 #33 Si 2.99
Skaar Son Of Hulk Presents Savage World #1 3.99
Solomon Kane #1 (of 5) 2.99
Sonic X #37 2.25
Spawn #183 2.95
Star Wars Legacy #28 Vector Part 9 Of 12 2.99
Station #3 (of 5) 3.99
Superman #680 2.99
Superman Batman #52 2.99
Supernatural Rising Son #6 (of 6) 2.99
Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #52 2.95
Teen Titans #63 2.99
Thunderbolts #124 Si 2.99
Trinity #17 2.99
Ubu Bubu #3 3.50
Ultimate Fantastic Four X-men Annual #1 3.99
Ultimate Spider-man #126 2.99
Ultimates 3 #5 (of 5) 2.99 – Hah, that’s actually coming out. 5 issues out of Joe Mad in a single year. Someone lost a bet.
Uncle Scrooge #379 7.99
Usagi Yojimbo #114 2.99
Vampirella Quarterly Halloween 2008 Brereton Reg Ed 3.50
Vincent Price Presents #1 3.99
Walt Disneys Comics & Stories #694 7.99
Warhammer 40k Exterminatus #3 (of 5) Cvr A 3.99
Warhammer 40k Exterminatus #3 (of 5) Cvr B 3.99
Warhammer Condemned By Fire #5 (of 5) Cvr A 3.99
Warhammer Condemned By Fire #5 (of 5) Cvr B 3.99
Wasteland #20 3.50
Wildcats #3 2.99
Wolverine First Class #7 2.99
Wolverine Origins #28 2.99
Wolverine Roar 3.99
X-force #7 2.99
X-men Legacy #216 2.99
Youngblood #5 2.99
Zorro #7 3.50

100 Bullets TP Vol 12 Dirty 12.99 – Like all 100 Bullets collections, this one is highly anticipated.
Abe Sapien TP Vol 01 The Drowning 17.95
Absolute Ronin HC 99.00
Barks Rosa Coll TP Vol 03 Golden Helmet Charts Columbus 8.99
Batman Black And White TP Vol 03 19.99
Best American Comics HC 2008 22.00 – The controversial anthology returns, this time guest-edited by Lynda Barry, with Matt Madden and Jessica Abel on board. Should be a good year!
Black Panther TP Back To Africa 16.99
Black Summer TP 24.99
Cable Prem HC Vol 01 Messiah War 19.99
Classics Illustrated HC 03 Through The Looking Glass 9.95
Complete Terry & The Pirates HC Vol 04 1941 1942 49.99
Conan HC Vol 06 Hand Of Nergal 24.95
Conan TP Vol 06 The Hand Of Nergal 17.95
Fokke & Sukke SC 10.50
Hatter M The Looking Glass Wars TP Vol 01 14.95
Help Is On The Way TP 10.95
Iron Man Prem HC Legacy Of Doom 19.99
Iznogoud GN 02 Caliphs Vacation 11.95
Jesus Hates Zombies Lincoln Hates Werewolves GN Vol 01 (of 4 7.95
JLA Salvation Run TP 19.99
Kingdom Come TP New Edition 17.99
Locke & Key HC 24.99 – New graphic novel collection by Stephen King’s son… I read the first couple of issues of this and they were quite good, so I’m looking forward to this one. Oh, and this HC is only going to be 5 bucks more than the eventual soft cover, according to the publisher. Not much point in holding out, if you decide you want it.
Love The Way You Love TP Side B 11.95
Lucky Luke TP Vol 12 Rivals Of Painful Gulch 11.95
Madame Mirage TP Vol 01 14.99
Marvel Boy Prem HC 24.99
Marvel Illustrated Prem HC Moby Dick 19.99
MMW Atlas Era Heroes HC Vol 03 59.99
MMW Atlas Era Heroes HC Vol 03 Var Ed Vol 104 59.99
Nemesis Archives HC Vol 01 59.95
Nothing Nice To Say TP 9.95
Obsession GN 11.95
Punk Rock & Trailer Parks GN 15.95
Red Rocket 7 TP (image Ed) 16.99
Scorpion GN Vol 01 Devils Mark 19.95
Showcase Presents Metal Men TP Vol 02 16.99
Souvlaki Circus HC 13.95
Spaghetti Bros HC Vol 01 24.99
Spawn Collection TP Vol 06 29.99
Spider-man Family TP Itsy Bitsy Battles Digest 9.99
Star Wars Clone Wars TP Vol 01 Shipyards Of Doom 7.95
Star Wars Luke Skywalker Last Hope For Galaxy HC 99.95
Tamara Drewe GN 16.95
Templesmith Art Of Wormwood Gentleman Corpse S/n HC 49.99
Uncanny X-men TP Divided We Stand 12.99
Uncle Sam Freedom Fighters Brave New World TP 14.99
Water Fight GN 10.00
Wolverine First Class TP Rookie 12.99
Wonder Woman The Circle HC 24.99
X-factor Prem HC Only Game In Town 19.99

Back Issue #30 6.95
Draw #16 6.95
Geek Monthly Vol 2 #10 5.99
Juxtapoz Vol 15 #10 Oct 2008 4.99
Wizard Magazine #205 Green Lantern Cvr 5.99
Wizard Magazine #205 Mayhew Thor Movie Cvr 5.99
Wizard Magazine #205 Mcfarlane & Portacio Spawn Cvr 5.99

Berserk TP Vol 25 13.95
Chocolat GN Vol 06 10.99
Cy Believers GN Vol 03 (of 3) 10.99
Eiken GN Vol 12 10.99
Fairy Tail GN Vol 04 10.95
Girl Who Could Run Through Time Vol 01 9.99
Heavenly Executioner Chiwoo GN Vol 05 (of 5) 10.99
Moon Boy GN Vol 04 10.99
One Thousand And One Nights GN Vol 05 10.99
Sundome GN Vol 03 12.99
Suzuka GN Vol 09 13.95
Tezuka Dororo GN Vol 03 13.95

Tezukas Black Jack Px HC Vol 01 24.95
After many, many years, North American audiences will again have a chance to read Tezuka’s beloved Black Jack, the story of a renegade doctor performing unorthadox surgeries in order to not only save… but change… people’s lives! Heh. The really good news is that this hard cover edition, exclusive to comic shops (and likely exclusive to us, locally…) will contain an extra, never-before printed Black Jack story straight from Tezuka’s archives. Seriously. Not available in the softcover release at all. So, you know. Come grab this. Limited to 1500 copies.

Oh, and due to a shipping snafu, we’re going to be getting the majority of our order on this title in the afternoon/early evening. Apologies for the delay.

Wild Animals GN Vol 01 (of 2) 10.99
With The Light Raising Autistic Child GN Vol 03 14.99
Yggdrasil GN Vol 02 (of 3) 10.99
Youre So Cool GN Vol 02 10.99

Art Of Wendy Froud HC 14.99
Magic Of Drawing SC 22.99
Mutsumi Sasaki Artworks Est 55.49
Secret Sketchbooks Of Brian Froud SC 12.99
Working With Walt SC 22.00

Ojingogo, Pohadky, and Hall Of Best Knowledge Book Launch – Update!

Ojingogo & Pohadky & Hall of Best Knowledge Release Party!
Featuring Matthew Forsythe, and Pat Shewchuk and Marek Colek, and Ray Fenwick!
Saturday, September 27th, 2008
The Central, 603 Markham Street (next to The Beguiling)

Drawn & Quarterly have just released two beautiful new books in their “Petit Livres” series of little books and so we’re going to throw a party! The Beguiling is proud to present the official launch party for Matt Forsythe’s Ojingogo and Pat Shewchuk and Marek Colek’s Pohadky, on Saturday September 27th at 5pm at The Central restaurant, adjacent to The Beguiling! It’s a little earlier than our normal events, but a late-afternoon/early evening… followed by a lovely dinner at The Central… sounded like too good of an opportunity to pass up.

In addition, we’re pleased to add Ray Fenwick, Halifax creator of the Fantagraphics release Hall of Best Knowledge, to the evening’s release! We were never able to put together a Toronto launch for Ray’s outstanding Hall of Best Knowledge when it was released this past spring to great acclaim, and this will be the perfect opportunity to fete the book!

The Release Party will feature short presentations from all works as well as a moderated Q&A session with the author/artists, followed by a signing. The event is completely free to attend and appropriate for all ages, and both books will be available for sale at the event.

A Splendid Time Is Guaranteed For All.

Matthew Forsythe is an acclaimed illustrator, blogger, and co-founder of popular illustration website His fantastic first graphic novella, OJINGOGO, has already been nominated for numerous comics and publishing awards, and all before its official release! OJINGOGO is an otherworldly pantomime about a girl, her squid, and the creatures and calamities they experience together, is an intrinsically expressive and deeply rewarding journey. OJINGOGO is accessible for all ages, tossing aside traditional narrative conventions in favour of creating its own world, language and rules that anyone can find a home of their own in. OJINGOGO is now in stock at The Beguiling.

Pat Shewchuk and Marek Colek‘s POHADKY is an illustrated marvel; the Grimm fairy tales given life beyond the limitations of their text. Translated as “folk tales” or “storybook”, POHADKY provides a tapestry of interwoven fables and morose, allegorical iconography, bringing a harsh light to the greed, loss, and submission that marks the origins of so many cultural folk tales and legends. Heavily influenced by their respective cultural backgrounds–Colek fascinated with the artistic and narrative elements in the folklore of the Czech Republic, and Shewchuk immersed in the investigation of the symbols and pictography of pre-Christian Ukrainian decorative folk arts–the artists have created a work that balances delicate, richly detailed characters and a sharp but muted visual style, and in the process have created a title that exists as so much more than mere fairy tales.

Ray Fenwick is an artist and illustrator living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. A former improv comedian and theatre school dropout, Ray now occupies himself drawing, painting and making comics. He has pioneered his own medium of storytelling, one best described as “typographical comics.” Hall of Best Knowledge is presented as a handsome, personal journal written by an unnamed voice, referred to only as “The Author.” He clearly fashions himself a genius, writing with a faux-aristocratic air, and it is presumably his belief in his own genius that leads him to want to share his knowledge with the world… Each page features information such as “It hardly needs mentioning that riding a pony is no intellectual triumph…. If riding a pony is so fantastic, why have I never read of any renowned pony-riding genius? It is because such a person does not exist, making it a foolish waste of time unworthy of attention.” These pearls of wisdom are lettered in an elegant, almost obsessive fashion, entirely hand-crafted and bedecked with Ionic columns and fleurs-de-lis.

– Chris @ The Beguiling

Street Fighter Tribute Book Launch – Update!

The Beguiling & Udon Comics are proud to present…

The official launch of the new international art book.

Sunday, September 28th, 2008 @ 6PM
THE BEGUILING, 601 Markham Street, Toronto
All Ages, Free To Attend

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the internationally adored video game series STREET FIGHTER, Canada’s premiere comics retailer The Beguiling and official Street Fighter publishers Toronto’s Udon Entertainment, are teaming up to throw a release party for UDON’s newest book, STREET FIGHTER: TRIBUTE! TRIBUTE is a monstrous book featuring all-new illustrations and text pieces from over 300 artists from around the world!

The official TRIBUTE launch party will feature dozens of Canadian and international artists and authors signing and sketching for fans, including acclaimed Toronto comics creators Cameron Stewart, Bobby Chiu, Kei Acedera, Scott Hepburn, Alex Milne, Arthur Dela Cruz, Eric Kim and UDON creators and staff including Alvin Lee, Omar Dogan, Joe Ng, Christine Choi, Eric Vedder, Joe Vriens, Matt Moylan, Jim Zubkavich, Saejin Oh and many more! It’s going to be the biggest gathering of artists represented in the TRIBUTE book in the entire world, and whether you’re a current or lapsed fan of STREET FIGHTER you’ll find something to love at this launch.

“We know this isn’t your typical Beguiling event,” said Beguiling manager Christopher Butcher. “But Udon is a Toronto publisher, and we’ve enjoyed working with them over the years on various comics and manga projects. With the new TRIBUTE collection the Udon guys have outdone themselves, it’s a beautiful book and anything that publishes more than 50 Canadian cartoonists and illustrators in a single go? That’s something we can get behind!”

The STREET FIGHTER: TRIBUTE LAUNCH PARTY will also feature a Street Fighter II video game tournament (with prizes provided by UDON), and the evening will be capped off by a Street Fighter-inspired musical performance by Toronto rockers MACKENZIE KING (formerly known as OPG). For more info on the tournament, visit

The STREET FIGHTER: TRIBUTE LAUNCH PARTY start at 6PM at The Beguiling, 601 Markham Street, just around the corner from Honest Ed’s. The Street Fighter II tournament will take place beginning at 7PM at The Plum Room of Rocco’s Plum Tomato (just across the street from The Beguiling). MACKENZIE KING will play at The Central (right next to The Beguiling) beginning at 9PM.

All events are appropriate for all ages, and are completely free to attend.

Chester Brown to run in the imminent Federal election

So official Friend Of The Beguiling Chester Brown is hoping to run for MP of Trinity-Spadina in the upcoming Federal election, for The Libertarian Party. Chester needs 100 signatures from eligible voters in the Trinity-Spadina riding to get him on the ballot and we’ve got a nomination form here at The Beguiling. If this is your riding you can sign up to get Chester on the ballot from now until Friday at the main desk of the store, if you’re so inclined. Please note: You can nominate Chester and then decide to vote for someone who might actually get elected.

We’re sending this out because we like Chester’s work a great deal, and it might be nice to have a really lovely election poster plastered all over town for a change.

Shipping September 17th, 2008

The following comics and graphic novels are scheduled to ship The Beguiling on Wednesday, September 17th, 2008.

Uh, this is a truly outstanding week for new comics and graphic novels.

Action Comics #869 2.99
Age Of Sentry #1 (Of 6) 2.99 – Featuring work by Jeff Parker, a really talented guy, and the second issue will have art by Toronto’s Michael Cho! Get on board early…
Age Of Sentry #1 (Of 6) Bullock Var PI
Air #2 2.99
All Star Superman #12 2.99 – The last issue of Grant Morrison’s reality-spanning Superman story. Congrats on a great run to the entire creative team.
Amazing Spider-Man #572 NWD 2.99
Astounding Wolf-Man #8 2.99
Atomic Robo Dogs Of War #2 (Of 5) 2.95
Batgirl #3 (Of 6) 2.99
Batman And The Outsiders #11 RIP 2.99
Betty & Veronica Spectacular #85 2.25
Billy Batson And The Magic Of Shazam #2 2.25 – This is late… sorry to everyone who enjoyed the first issue, it looks like it’s going to be on a semi-irregular schedule for the next little while.
Birds Of Prey #122 2.99
Brave And The Bold #17 2.99
Broken Trinity #2 Keown Cvr B 2.99
Broken Trinity #2 Sejic Cvr A 2.99
Captain Britain And Mi 13 #5 2.99
Captain Britain And Mi 13 #5 Monkey Var PI
Casey Blue Beyond Tomorrow #5 (Of 6) 2.99
Castle Waiting Vol Ii #12 3.95 – It’s easy to forget that this series is coming out, there isn’t much in the way of “regular” alternative comics… But this is a really enjoyable series, and a strong follow-up to the graphic novel. All issues are currently in stock!
Checkmate #30 2.99
Conan The Cimmerian #3 2.99
Dc Special Cyborg #5 (Of 6) 2.99
Dc Universe Decisions #1 (Of 4) 2.99 – Find out which of your favourite DC superheroes are Democrats or Republicans… Or independent I suppose, but that would make too much sense.
Dc Wildstorm Dreamwar #6 (Of 6) 2.99
Dead Space #6 (Of 6) 2.99
Family Dynamic #2 (Of 3) 2.25 – The second issue of the brand new all-ages superhero series from Toronto’s J. Torres and Tim Levins.
Fathom #2 Cvr A Garza 2.99
Fathom #2 Cvr B Gunnell 2.99
Fathom #2 Cvr C Turner & Steigerwald Incv (Net) PI
Flash #244 2.99
Foolkiller White Angels #3 (Of 5) 3.99
Ghost Rider #27 2.99
Glamourpuss #3 3.00
Godland #25 2.99
Gravel #5 3.99
Gravel #5 Wrap Cvr 3.99
Greatest Hits #1 (Of 6) 2.99
Greatest Hits #1 (Of 6) Var Ed PI
Guardians Of Galaxy #5 Monkey Var Si PI
Guardians Of Galaxy #5 Si 2.99
Hellblazer #247 2.99
Incredible Hercules #121 2.99
Incredible Hercules #121 Monkey Var PI
Indiana Jones & Tomb Of The Gods #2 2.99
Iron Man Director Of Shield #33 Si 2.99
Marvel Adventures Avengers #28 2.99
Marvel Apes #2 (Of 4) 3.99
Marvel Apes #2 (Of 4) Jimenez Var PI
Mighty Avengers #18 Si 2.99
Moon Knight #22 2.99
Ninja High School #163 2.99
Ninja High School Yearbook 2008 4.50
Punisher #62 2.99
Rann Thanagar Holy War #5 (Of 8) 3.50
Robin #178 2.99
Scalped #21 2.99
Secret Invasion #6 (Of 8) Yu Sketch Var Si PI
Secret Invasion #6 (Of 8) Yu Var Si PI – We are getting in the variants for Secret Invasion #6 that were not shipped to us last week, for you SI fans.
Secret Invasion Thor #2 (Of 3) Si 2.99
Simpsons Comics #146 2.99
Skrulls Vs Power Pack #3 (Of 4) 2.99
Spike After The Fall #3 (Of 4) 3.99
Spike After The Fall #3 (Of 4) 10 Copy Urru Incv PI
Spike After The Fall #3 (Of 4) 25 Copy Sharp Bros PI
Spirit #21 2.99
Squadron Supreme 2 #3 2.99
Squadron Supreme 2 #3 Monkey Var PI
Star Trek Assignment Earth #5 3.99
Star Wars Knights Of Old Republic #33 Vindication 2.99
Stormwatch PHD #14 2.99
Sword #11 2.99
Tales Of Penance Trial O/T Century #2 (Of 4) 3.95
Tales Of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #50 3.25
Tangent Supermans Reign #7 (Of 12) 2.99
Terry Moores Echo #6 3.50
Tiny Titans #8 2.25
Titans #5 (Res) 2.99
Transformers All Hail Megatron #3 3.99
Trinity #16 2.99
True Believers #3 (Of 5) 2.99
Uncanny X-Men #502 Md 2.99
Walking Dead #52 2.99
War Heroes #2 (Of 6) 2.99
War Heroes #2 (Of 6) B&W Edwards Cvr Incv (Net) PI
War Heroes #2 (Of 6) B&W Harris Cvr Incv (Net) PI
War Heroes #2 (Of 6) Edwards Cvr Incv (Net) PI
World Of Warcraft #11 2.99
X-Factor #35 2.99
X-Factor #35 Monkey Var PI
X-Men First Class Vol 2 #16 2.99
Young X-Men #6 Md 2.99
Young X-Men #6 Monkey Var Md PI
Zombie Tales #5 Cvr A 3.99
Zombie Tales #5 Cvr B 3.99

Classic Marvel Figurine Coll Mag #72 Black Widow 12.00
Classic Marvel Figurine Coll Mag Iron Man Movie Sp 22.00
Giant Robot #55 4.99 – My favourite magazine.
Gothic And Lolita Bible Vol 03 (Of 6) 19.99
Heroes Magazine #6 9.99
Heroes Magazine #6 Newsstand Ed 9.99
Mad Magazine #494 4.99
Otaku Usa Magazine Sep Oct 2008 9.99
Shojo Beat Oct 08 5.99
Sketch Magazine #36 5.95
Wizard Anime Insider #61 Ouran High School Cvr 4.99
Yen Plus Magazine #3 Oct 2008 8.99

Burma Chronicles HC 19.95 – The new graphic novel from Guy Delisle. This is in store now!
Captain America TP Vol 02 Death Of Captain America 14.99
Che Graphic Biography GN (Res) 16.95 – This is the graphic novel biography of the life of Spain Rodriguez, which was supposed to be out for our event with the author earlier this fall. Hopefully everyone is still as excited about it now as they were then.
Criminal Macabre My Demon Baby TP 12.95
Devoid Of Life GN 14.99
Essential Iron Man TP Vol 01 New Ptg 16.99
Essential Off Hb Marvel Univ Master Ed TP Vol 03 16.99
Gene Colan Tribute Book Dracula Cover 9.99 – Proceeds will go to the Hero Initiative.
Gene Colan Tribute Book Iron Man Cover 9.99
Gene Colan Tribute Book Marvel Monsters Cover 9.99
Incredible Hercules Against The World TP 14.99
Into The Volcano HC 18.99
Janes In Love 9.99
Jsa Presents Green Lantern TP 14.99
Justice League Of America TP Vol 01 Tornados Path 17.99
Local HC 29.99 – This is the single best-produced graphic novel of the week, and it collects a really solid series (including the infamous Toronto issue, set at The Drake.) Check this out!
Loveless TP Vol 03 Blackwater Falls (Res) 19.99
Magician Apprentice TP Vol 02 15.99
Mmw Fantastic Four HC Vol 11 54.99
Mmw Fantastic Four HC Vol 11 Var Ed Vol 103 54.99
Pantheon TP Vol 01 Welcome To The Machine (Res) 19.95
Power Pack TP Day One Digest 7.99
Spider-Man Prem HC Vol 03 Brand New Day 19.99
Superman Kryptonite HC 24.99 – This is the collection of Darwyn Cooke & Tim Sale’s story from Superman: Confidential. A really solid outting from both creators hurt a little by the story’s delay, but definitely worth your time and money.
Turok Son Of Stone TP 14.95
Ultra TP Vol 01 Seven Days (New Ptg) 17.99
Uncle Sam Freedom Fighters Brave New World TP 14.99

Anima GN Vol 09 (Of 10) 9.99
Aria GN Vol 03 (Of 11) 9.99
Astro Boy TP Vol 1 & 2 14.95 – Finally available! The long out-of-print first and second volumes of Osamu Tezuka’s ASTRO BOY, now in one book for only 15 bucks! Look for an in-store special on this title on Wednesday.
Case Closed GN Vol 25 9.99
Castlevania Curse Of Darkness GN Vol 01 (Of 2) 9.99
Chibi Vampire GN Vol 10 (Of 13) 9.99
Chinese Hero SC Vol 07 Tales O/T Blood Sword 18.95
Death Note Collectors Ed HC Vol 01 19.99
Dragon Ball Vizbig Ed GN Vol 02 17.99
Flcl Novel Vol 02 (Of 3) 9.99
Future Lovers GN 12.95
Gakuen Alice GN Vol 04 (Of 14) 9.99
Her Majestys Dog GN Vol 10 10.99
I Shall Never Return GN Vol 04 (Of 5) 12.95
Kamisama Kazoku GN Vol 02 10.99
Loveless GN Vol 08 (Of 8) 9.99
Magic Lovers Tower GN Vol 01 9.95
Magic Lovers Tower GN Vol 02 9.95
Make Love & Peace GN Vol 01 (Of 2) 10.95
Me & My Brothers GN Vol 05 (Of 8) 9.99
Orfina Vol 04 12.99
Path Of The Assassin TP Vol 13 Hateful Burden 9.95!!
Princess Ai Encounters GN 9.99
Project Arms TP Vol 20 9.99
Rave Master GN Vol 30 (Of 35) 9.99
Speed Grapher Manga GN Vol 01 (Of 3) 10.99
Switch GN Vol 04 9.99
Togari TP Vol 08 9.99
Vagabond Vizbig Ed GN Vol 01 19.99Don’t miss out on this series. Vagabond is one of the best manga being published today, and it’s now available in a “big” edition featuring 3 volumes at a time for just $20.
Welcome To Nhk GN 08 (Of 8) 9.99
Yakitate Japan TP Vol 13 9.99
Yakuza In Love GN Vol 03 (Of 3) 12.95

NEW BOOKS (Non-Comics)
Art Of Vagabond HC Sumi 34.99
Art Of Vagabond HC Water 34.99
Illustration Now HC 25Th Anniv Ed 14.99
Jaro Fabry Art Fashion Style Hollywood 1930s-40s 29.99
Joe Chiodo Drawings And Paintings 2008 19.99
Mutsumi Sasaki Artworks Est 55.49
Naruto Anime Profiles GN Episodes 81-135 17.99
Rough Guide To Graphic Novels Ltd HC 35.00
Rough Guide To Graphic Novels SC 18.99
Shingetsu Art Of Chou Niku 55.49
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Artbook Final Drill 35.75
Tolerance HC 40.00

Archie Halloween Mini Comic Bundle 2008 (Net) PI
Bone Halloween Mini Comic Bundle 2008 (Net) PI
Buffy Tvs Conversations With Dead People Board 29.99
Cowa Halloween Mini Comic Bundle 2008 (Net) PI
Death Note Movie Dvd # 01 (Net) 24.98
Donald Duck Halloween Mini Comic Bundle 2008 (Net PI
Peanuts Halloween Mini Comic Bundle 2008 (Net) PI

Shipping September 10, 2008

This is the list of items scheduled to ship to The Beguiling on Wednesday, September 10th, 2008.

Sorry for the late list this week, I was out of town at the Diamond Retailer Seminar for comic book store retailers. I’m actually there as I write this, so since I’ve got a little bit of time I’ll be happy to add a little more information about some of these titles… And hey, if anyone says anything worthwhile I’ll let you know.

By the by, the first retailer question was “Why the hell is the Fray trade out of print?” which, as someone who has a lot of Buffy customers, I feel is a very valid question. Dark Horse’s answer is middling and awful. Look guys, the sad behind the scenes of the comics industry!

JUL080207 100 Bullets #95 2.99
MAY084243 1001 Arabian Nights Adventures Of Sinbad #3 2.99

FEB080204 All Star Batman and Robin #10 Var Ed PI
FEB080203 All Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder #10 2.99
So, I heard a rumour while I was here that this issue is being pulped and we may or may not get it, and we may or may not be able to sell them if we do? Wouldn’t THAT be weird?

What’s weirder is that I honestly thought that this issue wasn’t coming out, so there’s that.

JUL082269 Amazing Spider-Girl #24 2.99
JUL082264 Amazing Spider-Man #571 Nwd 2.99
JUL082190 Amory Wars II #4 (Of 5) 2.99
JUL083665 Archie & Friends #123 2.25
APR083842 Baobab #3 (Res) 7.95
JUL080128 Batman Confidential #21 2.99
MAY083750 Battlestar Galactica Origins #9 3.50

JUL082271 Big Hero 6 #1 (Of 5) 3.99
JUL082272 Big Hero 6 #1 (Of 5) Nakayama Var PI
I don’t hold out a lot of hope for Marvel mini-series myself, but I will say that this new mini featuring Marvel’s little-seen Japanese superhero group looks pretty fun, and with some nice art.

APR083652 Blood Bowl #3 (Of 5) Killer Contract Cvr A 3.99
APR083653 Blood Bowl #3 (Of 5) Killer Contract Cvr B 3.99
JUL080138 Booster Gold #12 2.99

JUL083875 Boys #22 Glow In The Dark Cvr 14.99
Dude, I have no idea why we are getting this. But Garth Ennis (PREACHER) and Darick Robertson (TRANSMETROPOLITAN) are doing a pretty bang-up job on The Boys in general. Are you reading it? It’s a pretty cynical take on mainstream superhero comics, working with the idea that most superheroes are awful screw-ups, and it’s just PR and government agencies keeping their tragedies from making the headlines. Then Ennis has a whole bunch of bad-asses try to tear the whole thing down. It’s part superhero parody, part massive conspiracy, part comics history lesson. There’s three trades out now and you can find it on the Garth Ennis rack on the second floor.

JUL080045 BPRD The Warning #3 (Of 5) 2.99
JUL082356 Cable King Size Spectacular #1 4.99
JUL080181 Cartoon Network Action Pack #29 2.25
JUL082282 Civil War House Of M #1 (Of 5) 2.99

MAY082345 Criminal 2 #5 3.50
So are you reading Criminal yet? It’s one of my favourite books coming out right now, and on a more-or-less monthly basis. Along with titles like The Walking Dead, The Boys, Warren Ellis’ books from Avatar, and maybe Young Liars from Vertigo, it seems like it’s a really good times to enjoy monthly comics, even if you aren’t a superhero fan. For a long time there, your choices for monthly comics were “Superhero” or “Vertigo”, and I have to say I’m pretty happy to see a new middle-ground of recommended and enjoyable titles… Actually, the ongoing series of BPRD and Hellboy don’t hurt in that regard either. So yeah, if you’re reading any of those titles, then you’d probably enjoy the rest of them too, and we’re happy to make further recommendations for good books, just let us know.

MAY080011 Criminal Macabre Cell Block 666 #1 (Of 4) 2.99
MAR083893 Damned Prodigal Sons #3 (Of 3) 3.50
JUL082248 Dark Tower Treachery #1 (Of 6) 3.99
JUL082249 Dark Tower Treachery #1 (Of 6) Dell Otto Var PI
MAR082122 Darkness #5 Keown Cvr A 2.99
MAR082123 Darkness #5 Sejic Cvr B 2.99
JUL084085 Dead She Said #3 3.99
JUL082317 Deadpool #1 Leifeld Var SI PI
JUL082316 Deadpool #1 SI 3.99
MAY083760 Dean Koontzs Frankenstein Vol 01 #3 (Of 5) Prodigal 2.99
JUL084077 Doctor Who Classics #10 3.99

JUL082226 Dragon Prince #1 Johnson Cvr A 2.99
JUL082227 Dragon Prince #1 Sejic Cvr B 2.99
Uh, wow… This is a pretty, pretty book. I saw the preview for this at the show and if you’re a fan of that early Crossgen-era saturated style fantasy art, check this one out on the racks. It’s beautiful…

Oops, ran out of time. Here’s the rest of this week’s shipping list sans commentary. See you at the store Friday…

JUN082255 Dynamo 5 #16 3.50
JUL084079 Epilogue #1 3.99
MAY080247 Ex Machina #38 2.99
JUL080108 Final Crisis Revelations #2 (Of 5) 3.99
FEB083757 Fuzz & Pluck In Splitsville #5 (Of 5) 4.95
JUL080188 Gen 13 #22 2.99
JUL082367 Genext #5 (Of 5) 3.99
JUL080049 Goon #28 2.99
JUL080142 Green Arrow Black Canary #12 2.99
JUL080143 Green Lantern Corps #28 2.99
JUN084375 Grimm Fairy Tales #30 2.99
JUN082261 I Kill Giants #2 (Of 7) 2.99
JUL084095 Igor Movie Adaptation #4 (Of 4) 3.99
JUL083991 Interiorae #3 7.95
JAN082077 Invincible #52 2.99
JUL082181 Kick Drum Comix #1 (Of 2) 5.99
JUL080180 Legion Of Super Heroes In The 31st Century #18 2.25
MAY084242 Living Corpse #5 2.99
JUL083876 Lone Ranger #13 3.50
JUL083877 Lone Ranger #13 Authentix Cvr PI
JUL082292 Marvel Adventures Hulk #15 2.99
JUL082293 Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #43 2.99
JUL082257 Marvel Illustrated Odyssey #1 (Of 8) 3.99
JUL082256 Marvel Illustrated Three Musketeers #4 (Of 6) 3.99
JUL082304 Marvel Spotlight Knights 10Th Anniv Monkey Var 2.99
JUL082303 Marvel Spotlight Marvel Knights 10Th Anniversary 2.99
JUL083990 Meat Cake 12 Thru 16 Pack 15.80
JUN082362 Ms Marvel #30 SI 2.99
JUN084182 Neozoic #6 2.95
JUL082366 New Exiles #11 2.99
JUL082337 Nyx No Way Home #2 (Of 6) 3.99
JUL082328 Patsy Walker Hellcat #3 (Of 5) 2.99
JUL082329 Patsy Walker Hellcat #3 (Of 5) Monkey Var PI
NOV072051 Pax Romana #3 (Of 4) 3.50
JUN083814 Red Sonja #37 2.99
APR083636 Salem #2 (Of 4) 3.99
JUL083992 Sammy The Mouse #2 7.95
JUL082305 Secret Invasion #6 (Of 8) SI 3.99
JUL082311 Secret Invasion Inhumans #2 (Of 4) SI 2.99
JUN082357 Secret Invasion Runaways Young Avengers #3 (Of 3) 2.99
JUL082315 Secret Invasion X-Men #2 (Of 4) Md 2.99
JUL080132 Simon Dark #12 2.99
JUL083673 Sonic The Hedgehog #192 2.25
JUL082245 Stand Captain Trips #1 (Of 5) 3.99
JUL082246 Stand Captain Trips #1 (Of 5) Perkins Var PI
JUL084082 Star Trek Mirror Images #3 3.99
JUL084081 Star Trek Romulans Hollow Crown #1 (Of 2) 3.99
JUL080057 Star Wars Clone Wars #1 (Of 6) 2.99
MAY084244 Straw Men #2 (Of 12) 2.99
JUL080179 Super Friends #7 2.25
JUN084297 T Bird And Throttle #0 3.25
JUL083581 Toyfare #135 Star Wars Clone Wars Cvr 4.99
JUL080102 Trinity #15 2.99
AUG073317 Tron #6 3.95
JUL082258 Ultimate Origins #4 (Of 5) 2.99
JUL082259 Ultimate X-Men Fantastic Four Annual #1 3.99
MAY088370 Uncanny X-Men #500 2Nd Ptg Var 3.99
APR083646 Warhammer Condemned By Fire #4 (Of 5) Cvr A 3.99
APR083647 Warhammer Condemned By Fire #4 (Of 5) Cvr B 3.99
JUL084075 Welcome To Hoxford #2 3.99
JUL082360 Wolverine Saudade 4.99
JUL080150 Wonder Woman #24 2.99
JUL080202 World Of Warcraft Ashbringer #1 (Of 4) 3.99
JUL080203 World Of Warcraft Ashbringer #1 (Of 4) Var Ed PI
JUL082357 X-Men Magneto Testament #1 (Of 5) 3.99
JUL080226 Young Liars #7 2.99

JUL084309 American Widow HC 22.00
JUN084491 And Their Memory Was A Bitter Tree HC 25.00
JUL084065 Angel After The Fall HC Vol 02 First Night 21.99
MAY083753 Army Of Darkness TP Vol 06 From The Ashes 29.99
MAY083755 Bad Boy 10Th Ann HC (De) (Res) 14.99
JUN083811 Bad Boy 10Th Ann HC Miller Cvr 14.99
MAY080204 Batman The Black Glove HC 24.99
JUN083688 Bomb TP 14.95
JUN084232 Bratz Super Bratz GN 6.99
JUL084103 Complete Badger TP Vol 04 19.99
JUL084000 Complete Crumb Comics SC Vol 14 New Ptg 19.95
JUL082390 Daredevil Prem HC Guardian Devil 10Th Anniv Dm Ed 24.99
JUL082389 Daredevil Prem HC Guardian Devil 10Th Anniv Ed 24.99
MAY083864 Deitchs Pictorama SC 18.99
MAY083542 Dugout GN 12.95
JUN083759 Enigma Cipher TP 15.99
JUL082409 Eternals By Jack Kirby TP Book 02 24.99
JUL084140 Freak Brothers Omnibus TP 35.00
JUN080279 Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash TP 17.99
MAR083389 Girl Genius TP Vol 07 Agatha & Voice O/T Castle 21.95
JUL084032 Good Neighbors HC Vol 01 Kin 16.99
MAY080219 Gotham Central HC Vol 01 In The Line Of Duty 29.99
JUN083946 Graphic Classics Vol 06 Ambrose Bierce New Ptg 11.95
MAY084178 Gypsy Joe Jefferson GN 9.95
JUN084228 High SChool Musical 1 & 2 Deluxe Ed GN 9.99
JUN083890 High SChool Musical GN Vol 01 Lasting Impressions 9.99
JUL083994 Krazy & Ignatz TP 1943 1944 He Nods Quiescent SI es 19.99
JUL084147 Look Out Monsters 9.95
JUL082251 Lords Of Avalon Sod HC 19.99
JUL082252 Lords Of Avalon Sod HC Dm Ed 19.99
MAY083866 Love & Rockets New Stories #1 14.99
JUN084193 Montana Briggs #1 9.95
JUN083979 Nightmare Factory GN Vol 02 17.99
JUL082393 Omega The Unknown Prem HC 29.99
JUL082394 Omega The Unknown Prem HC Dm Ed 29.99
MAR083864 Pantheon TP Vol 01 Welcome To The Machine (Res) 19.95
JUN083954 Portable Frank SC 16.99
JUL084001 Prince Of Persia GN 16.95
JUL082412 Red Prophet Tales Of Alvin Maker TP Vol 02 15.99
JUL084101 Silent Hill SI nners Reward TP 17.99
JUN083972 Sixteen Miles To Merricks & Other Works SC 29.95
JUL082410 Spider-Man Red Sonja TP 14.99
APR083709 Sword Of Red Sonja Doom O/T Gods TP 14.99
MAR083711 Town Of Mirrors Reassembled Imagery Robert Pollard 29.99
JUL082403 Ultimate Power TP 29.99
APR083708 Witchblade Shades Of Gray TP 14.99
JUL082384 Wolverine Origins Vol 05 Deadpool Premiere HC 24.99
JUL082407 X-Men Vs Apocalypse TP Vol 02 Ages Of Apocalypse 29.99

MAY083874 Comics Journal #292 11.99
APR084266 Comics Now #3 5.99
JUN084439 Video Watchdog #143 (Note Price) 8.95

JUL084204 Afro Samurai SC Vol 01 (Of 2) 10.99
JUN084316 Bleach Box Set Vols 1-21 149.99
APR080104 Blood Plus GN Vol 03 10.95
JUN084220 Burst Angel Manga Vol 01 (Of 3) 9.99
JUN084241 Dazzle GN Vol 09 (Of 10) 9.99
JUN084245 Get Backers Infinity Fortress GN Vol 01 (Of 13) (M 9.99
JUN084221 Goth GN 10.99
MAY080277 Key To The Kingdom Vol 05 9.99
JUN084248 King Of Hell GN Vol 20 (Of 26) 9.99
JUN084249 Knockout Makers GN Vol 03 (Of 3) 9.99
JUN084348 Lets Find Pokemon Fire Red Leaf Green HC (Res) 11.99
JUN084251 Monochrome Factor GN Vol 03 (Of 4) 9.99
JUN084321 Naruto Collectors Ed HC Vol 01 19.99
JUN083841 Negima GN Vol 19 10.95
MAR083564 Nui GN Vol 01 9.99
MAY080280 Palette Of 12 Secret Colors Vol 04 9.99
JUN084255 Samurai Deeper Kyo GN Vol 30 (Of 38) 9.99
MAY083823 Soul Stealer GN Vol 01 19.99
JUN084258 Tactics GN Vol 06 (Of 9) 9.99
JUN084011 Warriors Tigerstar & Sasha GN Vol 01 Into The Wood 6.99
JUN084328 Yu Gi Oh Collectors Ed HC Vol 01 19.99

JUN084446 1000 Pin-Up Girls SC 25Th Anniv Ed 14.99
JUL084450 Art Of Graeme Base HC 60.00
JUL084492 Comp Idots Guide To Drawing Superheroes & Villains 19.95
MAY084351 Monster Book Of Manga TP Vol 04 Girls 24.95
JUN084505 South Patrick Mcdonnell 14.99

FEB080317 Sandman And Death 20Th Anniversary Bookends 295.00

– Chris @ The Beguiling

Guy Delisle’s Burma Chronicles

The newest travelogue from the acclaimed author of Pyongyang and Shenzhen is now available at the Beguiling.

In his signature minimal animated style Guy Delisle relates his experiences in Burma (also known as Myanmar), a country famed for it’s brutal control and censorship. These stories show rural poverty, drug addiction, and social struggle but also culture, human resilience, and humor.

Drawn and Quarterly’s presented and production is top notch as always on this 208 page unjacketed hardcover.