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The Beguiling Library Services

The Beguiling is happy to help you put together an extensive, informative, appropriate and fun graphic novel section for your library! Our Library Services team has been in place for more than a decade, offering expert collection development support. Librarians from across Canada and around the world seek us out to supply their libraries with the best that the medium of comics has to offer. Whether for toddlers or seniors, fiction or non-, popular or academic, we are able to help you curate your graphic novel collection to ensure that it addresses the needs of your clientele and remains current, vital, and engaging.


In 1993, the Eisner Spirit of Retailing Award was created and The Beguiling was honoured right away for excellence in comics retailing. Since then, our service, selection and resources have grown steadily and we remain among the best in the world. We have been named as one of the best stores in North America by The Comics Journal and one of the five best stores in the world by Drawn & Quarterly, a renowned publisher of graphic novels based in Montreal. At any given time, our 2 floors and 1500+ square feet are stocked with well over 10,000 distinct books, collected editions and graphic novels.

Knowledge and Diversity

Our team is drawn from a wide variety of academic and book-industry backgrounds, but – perhaps more significantly – we share a passion for the full range of comics as a medium. We offer encyclopaedic knowledge, and the selection of an emporium. In stock, every day, we carry:

  • literary graphic novels
  • Canadian graphic novels
  • fantasy, sci-fi & adventure comics
  • wordless books
  • graphic biographies
  • educational materials (e.g. Phonics Comics)
  • books on comics theory, criticism, & history
  • superhero comics
  • manga
  • adaptations of classic literature
  • non-fiction graphic novels
  • French-language graphic novels & manga
  • popular adaptations (e.g. Twilight)

Most importantly, though: we read them! As we work with you to choose the best comics for your library, The Beguiling Library Services staff will provide you with recommendations and suggestions that are first-hand, honest and informed.

Our prominence and longevity in the market has led to our developing unique relationships with a number of premier publishers, enabling us to stay aware of publishing plans and schedules. Familiarity with our product extends beyond content to publishing methods and the quality of printing and binding. Working with us, librarians can stay informed of poorly made editions, unable to withstand the handling popular titles receive in public library systems.

Our lists and recommendations tend to focus on trade paperback editions, although we keep all available hardcover and deluxe format editions in stock as well. Due to the length of time we’ve been in business and our openness to all aspects of the comics market, we have become an excellent source of out-of-print books, so please don’t hesitate to inquire about a title other retailers may describe as impossible to find.

Don’t know where to begin? Just ask!

Perhaps the biggest advantage to building your collection with The Beguiling is that we can help you find the titles you didn’t know you needed! Though we happily take orders for specific books, we are just as happy to build lists of suggestions based on your individual needs and your library’s holdings. As your collection of graphic novels grows, we can help to identify key genres or titles that you may be missing or that would compliment your current selection. We can also research and source books on specific topics or that serve specific community needs.

Because many comics, especially manga, are serial, we keep track of your series and can keep them up to date easily. Many of our clients order manga top-ups and let us do the work of knowing what series have continued. Don’t know what’s new in manga? Don’t worry – we do!

Content Concerns & No-Hassle Returns

Comic books, manga and graphic novels are often scrutinized on the sole basis of visual presentation. Because of this, some content is considered objectionable when presented in comics that would be acceptable when presented in text alone. This situation, though unfortunate, also represents a very real concern for libraries that stock graphic novels.

What distinguishes The Beguiling from other graphic novel distributors is that our expert staff reads and loves comics, and is able to offer detailed, specific opinions on the quality and content of the books we carry. We’ll flag any potential content concerns for each title we sell and help you make the right decisions for your library. And we understand that what may be acceptable in one library or community might be objectionable in another. Because of the number of our library customers, we receive constant feedback from actual librarians about the popularity and suitability of specific titles in the library context. Buying from The Beguiling, you profit from the feedback of your colleagues.

Nevertheless, if you need at any time to return a book on account of objectionable content, we will take it back without hassle. Our job is to be responsible guides to this exciting medium, and we stand behind our recommendations.

How to Order

We have compiled many lists of recommendations to help illustrate for new clients the range of what is available in the comics and graphic novel market. We are easily reached via email at mail@beguilinglibraryservices.com and would be happy to make one for you. Simply include the name of the library and a few key factors like target age groups, the type of library or institution, and a ballpark budget. We often help libraries begin their graphic novel collection with specific goals requested by the librarians (e.g. a focus on books for reluctant readers, graphic novels with diverse protagonists, books to help with English or French language learning, comics that boost circulation…). Beginning a collection is something we have done many times, but we still find it helpful to start with a list of the comics and graphic novels already present in your library. The more we know about the specific needs and niches of your collection, the better we can introduce you to this exciting form of literature and visual art.

Automatic Release Programs (ARP)

Libraries that sign up for our Automatic Release Program have the benefit of knowing that their collections are always current and balanced. We will create suggestion lists for your library or library system on a set schedule: monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, or whatever suits your needs. We are flexible and willing to work with your system in the way that makes most sense for you. For more information on setting up an Automatic Release Program with The Beguiling, please contact Andrew at andrew@beguiling.com.

NEW! Processing and MARC Records

The Beguiling is happy to announce that we are now able to provide MARC records as well as some other cataloguing and processing services. Please email Bettina at mail@beguilinglibraryservices.com for complete details!

Pricing, Billing, Discounts

Our books are generally priced at the publisher’s Canadian list price. We offer a base discount of 20% for our library customers. We are able to offer occasional further discounts for select remaindered or hurt books of up to 75% off, as these become available.

We are happy to accommodate your payment needs. We accept Visa and MasterCard, or we can invoice your library or library system, with or without a purchase order, as you prefer.

In conclusion…

We hope that you’ll consider shopping at The Beguiling for all of your comic book, graphic novel and manga needs. We think you’ll find that the knowledge and experience of our purchasing agents, along with our competitive discounts and customer service will make us a convenient, helpful and affordable retailer.

Thank you,

Beguiling Library Services