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Featuring Cameron Stewart and Brenden Fletcher
Wednesday, December 7th, 2016, 6pm-8pm
@ The Beguiling, 601 Markham Street

motorcrush_01-1The Beguiling is thrilled to welcome a special in-store signing featuring Brenden Fletcher and Cameron Stewart, 2/3rds of the team for the brand new Image Comics series MOTOR CRUSH! You may remember Brenden, Cameron, and artist Babs Tarr from their work on the acclaimed BATGIRL OF BURNSIDE relaunch for DC 52? Well they’re doing their own thing now and it’s going to be an amazing book, and we’re lucky enough to have Cameron and Brenden in-store on release day to sign the first issue!

MOTOR CRUSH: By day, Domino Swift competes for fame and fortune in a worldwide motorcycle racing league. By night, she cracks heads of rival gangs in brutal bike wars to gain possession of a rare, valuable contraband: an engine-boosting “machine narcotic” known as Crush.

The Beguiling will have a BUNCH of copies on hand of Motor Crush #1 for the signing, and Brenden and Cameron might just be bringing a special few items as well! Of course we’ll also have a selection of previous work by the team available for purchase too, like Batgirl, Gotham Academy, Fight Club 2, and more! Cameron and Brenden will be signing on the second floor of the shop.

We hope to see you all next Wednesday!


DEC 3: ZINESTRAVANGANZA Free Zine-Making Workshop @ Off-Panel

ZINESTRAVANGAZA! Free Zine-Making Workshop
Saturday, December 3rd, 2016, 1pm-4pm
@ Nuvango Gallery, 639 Queen Street West
Free To Attend

Part of the TCAF: Off-Panel Gallery Show & Pop Up Shop, Running until Decemeber 5th. 

Zines meet comics, comics meet zines!

Oh, that’s awkward— seems like you two already know each other…

Yes indeed, some of the world’s favourite comic artists and illustrators made their first break for the big time with zines and other forms of self-publishing.

But what goes into a zine? For some, all you’ll need is a sharpie and a photocopier. For others, you’ll have silk screens and sewing machines out before you’ve even come up with a title!

At this multi-media drop-in workshop, we’ll be talking with Jonathan Valelly of Broken Pencil Magazine about the intimate history of zines and comics. We’ll also be making three kinds of zines:

••• NEW YEAR’S LETTER REMIX! Remember those yearly holiday letters you’re great aunt used to send where she detailed the seasonal habits of her three pet rabbits and enumerated the various surgeries imminently affecting members of her bridge club? Yeah, I didn’t open them either. New Year’s letters could be so much better! We’ll be making page-turning zines you can use to share the highlights (or lowlights) of your year with loved ones and stuffed animals.

••• COLLAGE VS COMICS! Are you a scissors person or a sharpie person? Challenge yourself to be BOTH! Make a zine bringing together these two essential media! Will one prevail, or will they go together like salt and pepper (or, better yet, Salt-N-Pepa)? There’s only one way to find out!

••• COOL GUY DETECTIVE ZINE! Smell you Nancy Drew! Start with one of our templates and either make a top-secret dossier collecting clues to solve Nuvango’s latest mystery, or create a simple Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Zine to get you close to cracking the case!

Make one or try all three! We’ll have lots of supplies, surprises, and tips and tricks to get folks to make the zine of their dreams. Feel free to bring anything for your own projects or that you think might be useful to share!

Got any questions? Email Jonathan at


LCSD Specials Added
Come one, come all, to the second annual Local Comic Shop Day, taking place on Saturday, November 19th, 2016! Local Comic Shop Day is a day to get out and explore comic book stores in your city, and publishers have created special products available only at the participating stores.
To help make up for the LCSD product allocations, we’re adding some special discounts:

(Saturday and Sunday)
1 All items currently discounted in our bargain rooms above Little Island Comics are now half price, that means comics are not 50 cents but 25 cents, and all of the books, previously $1 – $5, are now half that.

2 On the second floor of The Beguiling, all of our regular backissues (for the purposes of this sale, any single issue comics priced below $20 and bearing a date prior to 2016) are half price. Any $20 or over are 25% off, excluding the few boxes of recent arrivals.

3 On the main floor of The Beguiling it is liquidation time for the back wall artbook section. All of our artbooks on this wall, are 30% off, (buy 4 or more and get half off). While technically not part of that section, the applies also to the adults-only section adjacent to it. Any books on animation on the main floor are also included.

TONIGHT! Friday Oct 28: Jessica Campbell talks HOT OR NOT: 20TH CENTURY MALE ARTISTS


Jessica Campbell talks HOT OR NOT: 20th Century Male Artists
Friday, October 28th, 6pm-8pm
@ The Central, 603 Markham Street (Next to the Beguiling)
Free to attend

“These men should be judged on their artistic merit, not their hotness. What Ms. Campbell has done here is disgraceful.”
— Jillian Tamaki, co-author of Skim and This One Summer and author of SuperMutant Magic Academy

Come one, come all, to an amazing event for Jessica Campbell’s new book release from Koyama Press, Hot Or Not: 20th Century Male Artists. While the history of 20th-century art is filled-to-overflowing with dudes, no one has ever judged the most important thing: Are these guys fuckable or not? Luckily, Jessica Campbell is up to the task, and Hot Or Not is now the definitive resource for male artist boneability, a necessary addition to the critical cannon.

Come out for a fun, at least slightly tongue-in-cheek evening as Jessica walks us through the book and its creation. Final location is to be determined, but there’ll be drinks and fun, and you might even want to come dressed as your favourite artist, I mean, Hallowe’en will be a few days later.

Picasso? More like Picasso-so. See you on the 28th.


HOT OR NOT: 20th Century Male Artists, is published by Koyama Press and available now at The Beguiling and Page & Panel, among other great stores. It features a scratch-off cover so you can see the wieners of the fellas depicted on it.

JESSICA CAMPBELL is from Victoria, BC and is an enthusiast of jokes, painting and comics. She completed her MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she was the recipient of the Edward L. Ryerson Fellowship, and also a comics instructor. She has exhibited work in Canada, the United States, Australia, and Greece.