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ODE to EDO Art Show Tonight!

Several friends of The Beguiling, including Sam Hiti, Ben Shannon, and of course Kagan McLeod will be participating in a fantastic art short tonight: ODE to EDO. If you can, make sure to check this one out!


ode-to-edo-invite-303.jpgODE to EDO Legacy of the Samurai

Opens tonight!

SMASH Gallery
2880 Dundas Street West (at Keele)

June 19th, 7PM to 11PM

See the exquisite collection of 14 Samurai armor sets and paintings by 21 contemporary artists. Today the spirit and visual richness of the Samurai culture speaks to us through films, manga, and personal experience. This collection, with pieces dating back to the 1890s, serves as inspiration for both western and eastern artists. This is our Ode to Edo and the traditions that honoured the samurai essence during this time.


Amro Attia, Harvey Chan, Nathan Fox, Charlotte Greenwood, Hiroshi Hirakawa, Sam Hiti, Kurt Ketchum, Tessar Lo, Kagan Mcleod, Tyrel McNicol, Joe Morse, Jose Ortega, Yukiko Otsu, Ben Shannon, Jon Todd, Tomolennon, Martin Wittfooth, Yoskay Yamamoto, Andrew Zbihlyi, David Pepper.

The show runs through June 30th, just in case you get this note a little late. Be sure to check it out.

– Chris @ The Beguiling.

All illustrations in this post by Kagan McLeod, as part of the ODE to EDO show. For more of Kagan’s art, please check out the artstore:

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The Beguiling: Your Source For Holiday Gift Giving

We just wanted to write a quick note thanking Tom Spurgeon at for recommending The Beguiling twice in his Holiday Gift Guide. In his post “171 Reasons To Spend Your Shopping Money On Comics This Year,” Spurgeon lists a number of excellent comics, art, and services related to the comics industry to make holiday gift-giving a breeze. It’s a great shopping guide all-around, and we’re particularly pleased to see just how many of his comic and graphic novel selections are in stock and for sale in the store right now… by my count, we’ve got 9 of the first 10 books he mentions (I don’t think we’ve got the Blondie one…).

On the big list, The Beguiling Original Art Store clocks in at #32, with Spurge recommending it as “…a staggering line-up of cartoonists with work available here, from big-title alt-comics pages to more rarely seen work…”. We show up again at entry #152, this time for The Beguiling Bookstore, and particularly for our ability to track down rare and hard-to-find items.

It’s always nice to be recognized for the hard work we put in trying to make the store great. As always, if there’s anything you’re looking for this holiday season, be it original art, graphic novels, prints or whatever, just let us know and we’ll be happy to help you out.

– The Beguiling Staff