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New in the Art Store: Jason Lutes’ BERLIN Book One & Two


The Beguiling has long represented art sales for Jason Lutes, the incredibly talented creator of the series BERLIN, published by Drawn & Quarterly. He was one of our very first clients in fact!

Today we’re happy to announce that Lutes has provided us with all of the remaining original artwork for Berlin Book One (issues #1-#8 of the regular series) and Berlin Book Two (issues #9-#16), and it is all now available for sale on The Beguiling Art Store.

In addition, we have a very rare piece of promotional art for the series, two strips that ran in Nickelodeon Magazine, and most of the original artwork for Berlin #19.

So please head over to our Original Art store, and check out some of the hundreds of pages of beautiful artwork that Jason Lutes has created over the past two decades.

– Christopher


New In The Art Store: Farel Dalrymple!


We’re happy to announce that we’ve added a selection of gorgeous new pages by Farel Dalrymple to the art store! The centerpiece is clearly the beautiful 3-page story, drawn by Farel and written by Grant Morrison, which appears in the Prometheus Eternal comic book (now available in store, by the way).

The new pieces are:

  • Prometheus Eternal 3 page set
  • It Will All Hurt #3 Cover
  • Wuarter Moon – Cat Comic
  • Palefire Graphic Novel Cover Art
  • Thought Bubble Anthology Comics Page
  • a beautiful Sherwood drawing, from Wrenchies

Go check out the new pages, and all of the marvelous art now available!

Thanks to Farel and YOU for checking it out!

– Chris @ The Beguiling

New Original Art by Mahendra Singh available in the art store, from Adventure Time: Enchiridion

The Beguiling is proud to announce that we now have available for sale ALL NEW original art by incredible artist Mahendra Singh! This time, the pieces come from the just-released ADVENTURE TIME: THE ENCHIRIDION & MARCY’S SUPER SECRET SCRAPBOOK (but mostly the Enchiridion parts).

You can find his work at:

Singh’s art is more evocative of the history of the Adventure Time universe in this book, and so the pages are as unique and strange as they are beautiful. I mean, check this out:

9475a 9474a

Mahendra Singh has a very unique illustration style that closely resembles traditional engraving. His beautiful images are created by using dip pens with English or German nibs on Denril paper, a special type of vellum which never cracks/stretches/warps. The whole page is then treated with Krylon Spray Fix afterwards to further protect it. All of this combines to create a slightly textured, unique, and truly compelling work of original art. You can see some of the texture in this image:


It’s really cool stuff!

Check it out.

– Chris @ The Beguiling

NEW IN THE ART STORE: Marian Churchland (8house) and Brandon Graham (King City)!

The Beguiling is proud to announce that it will begin selling the original comics artwork of

Marian Churchland
(Beast, 8house)

Brandon Graham
(King City, Prophet, Multiple Warheads)

Original Art Sales Begin Today, July 1st
Including the brand-new 8house #1: Arclight, released today

8houseArclight01-2x3-300July 1st: The Beguiling is proud to officially announce that it is now representing the original comics art sales of acclaimed Canadian comics creator Marian Churchland, and creator and Canadian transplant Brandon Graham in its art store. This announcement happily coincides with the release of the pair’s newest collaborative effort, 8house #1: Arclight, published today by Image Comics, with originals from the issue already available for sale at


Brandon Graham is probably best known for his signature graphic novels King City and Multiple Warheads, which he wrote and illustrated, and for his reimagining of the Image comic Prophet, which he wrote and drew along with a top team of international artists. His newest projects, the anthology-series Island (launching later this month) and the open-world speculative-fiction series 8house (debuting today) continue to deliver everything his fans have come to love about his work, and then some!


Joining Brandon for the debut of 8house today is the supremely talented artist Marian Churchland. Creator of the original graphic novel Beast for Image comic, Churchland has also contributed art to series including Elephantmen, Northlanders, Madame Xanadu, and is also co-creating the upcoming series From Under Mountains, due to debut in September 2015.

Speaking of 8house, Marian Churchland has fully illustrated the first two issues of the series, and has made almost all of the original artwork for the first issue available for sale! In addition, Churchland has provided art from several personal projects, and her work on Vertigo’s Northlanders, and it is all currently available in the art store. Brandon Graham has provided a selection of pages from his projects including King City, Multiple Warheads, Prophet, and more, which are now available for sale.

So head over to to see all of the available pages by both of these fantastic artists, and look forward to seeing even more in the weeks to come!

The Beguiling would like to thank Robin McConnell of Inkstuds for all of his help getting the art together. Check out his regular podcast at, it’s great, and Chris is on it occasionally.



Beguiling Art Store 2.0


Hello! We’re quietly relaunching our Original Art Store today. We’ve got a new, fully-functioning e-commerce site, and the import of the items from the previous art store has just been completed, and double-checked.

The Beguiling Original Art Store is where we sell original comics pages and illustrations by a curated selection of great artists, including Lisa Hanawalt, Sammy Harkham, Gabriel Ba & Fabio Moon, Jeffrey Brown, Vanessa Davis, and many, many more!

The new URL is

It ain’t pretty, and there might still be a few kinks to work out, but you can now a) register for an account, b) add pieces of art to your cart, and c) buy them, so it’s miles ahead of our previous system. 🙂

We’ll be keeping you abreast of updates, both to the site and available art, over the next few months. As always, hit up with art store questions and comments.

– Chris

New in the Art Store: Vanessa Davis and Jesse Jacobs

“Back Cover from ‘Make Me A Woman’ by Vanessa Davis”

The Beguiling is proud to announce that we are now selling original comics artwork by creators Vanessa Davis and Jesse Jacobs.

Vanessa Davis is an illustrator and cartoonist originally from West Palm Beach, Florida. Her first book, Spaniel Rage, was published by Buenaventura Press in 2005. Her second, Make Me a Woman, was published by Drawn & Quarterly in 2013. Her comics and illustrations have been published by The New York Times, New York Magazine, Psychology Today, Dissent, The Jewish Daily Forward, Saveur, Lucky Peach, Vice, Spongebob Comics, Seven Stories Press, Chronicle Books, and First Second.

Click here to view Vanessa Davis’ work in The Beguiling Art Store:

“‘By this you shall know him’ Page 24, panel 4, by Jesse Jacobs”

Jesse Jacobs is an illustrator and comics-maker from London, Ontario. His major works include BY THIS YOU SHALL KNOW HIM from Koyama Press and EVEN THE GIANTS from Adhouse. Find more by Jesse Jacobs online at

Click here to view Jesse Jacobs’ work in The Beguiling Art Store:

New Art: Pascal Girard!

We are quite please to announce that we have added a wonderful selection of new illustrations by Pascal Girard to our art store! Check them out here:

About Pascal Girard

Pascal Girard was born in Jonquière in 1981. He began filling the margins of his notebooks with drawings from his first day of school. As he was never able to rid himself of this good habit he naturally decided to make it his career. He received his interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts from the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi in 2004. Since then he moved to Quebec City and currently divides his time between his illustration career and drawing comics. His first two books, Dans un cruchon and Nicolas, shared the Réal-Fillion prize at the Quebec Francophone Comics Festival in 2006.

Now On Display: New art by Seth


If you swing by the store over the next few weeks, you’re in for a treat. Our good friend Seth, cartoonist extraordinaire, has lent us all of the original artwork for the recently released novel Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish, by David Rakoff. It’s a gorgeous collection of portraits and incidental works, including the very lovely cover painting.

The artwork will hang through the month of September. We hope you get a chance to see it. 🙂

– Chris @ The Beguiling