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Fresh coat of paint.

Hello customers and friends!

In the interests of getting with the times, at least a little bit, we’re in the process of upgrading our web presence.

The first step is we’re now running WordPress, which means the site looks about 20 times prettier than yesterday, and is going to be far more useful to you (and to us!). Because the information here can be better organized, better displayed, and more easily searched, we’re going to be updating more frequently with book reviews, new product announcements, and other cool content. You can see the beginnings of how we want it to work in the sidebar.

The site will be further customized, with upgrades to our online store likely to go live early in the new year (we’re beta-testing that now).

So, thanks for your continued patronage, and we hope to be able to bring you even more bang for your buck going forward.


– Chris @ The Beguiling

Reminder: Did you know we offer a subscription service for your comics?

They go by different names — Subscriptions, Pull Files, Hold Boxes, Pulls etc — mostly names about pulling things, like comics.While we haven’t advertised the fact, we at The Beguiling run a fantastic subscription/pull file service for comics customers. If you’re unfamiliar with the idea, here’s how it works:

  1. Provide us with a list of the comics you’d like to buy (usually two months in advance)
  2. We make sure those comics are ready for you when they come into the store!

You just come to the counter, say your name, and we produce your comics. It’s like being in a magical secret club! If you’re addicted to the thrill of weekly comic purchases, the best way to get your fix is with a pull file at The Beguiling.

Many of our new pullfile customers have set up pullfiles because it’s getting harder and harder to find the comics that they want on the racks. While we’re committed to ordering wide and stocking deep on all of the different types of comics in the industry, a pullfile is a great way to guarantee you’re getting the comics that you want.

Sound like something you’re interested in? Keep reading:

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The Beguiling Holiday Hours!

Happy Holidays everyone! To make your comics-purchasing (whether for yourself or for gifts) a little easier, The Beguiling will be operating under extended hours this holiday season!

The Beguiling Holiday Hours
Mondays & Tuesdays: 11am-7pm
Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays: 11am-9pm
Saturdays (except the 22nd): 11am-7pm
Sundays: 12pm-7pm

In addition, here are the adjustments to specific dates:

Wednesday, December 19th: Comics as usual
Saturday, December 22nd: 11am to 9pm
Sunday, December 23rd: 11am to at least 7pm
Monday December 24th: Open from 11am, closing early (3-4pm, depending on demand)
Tuesday, December 25th: Closed
Wednesday, December 26th: Boxing Day, Open 9am-6pm. There will be a small number of new comics this day. See below for details.
Monday December 31st: Open from 11am, closing early (3-4pm depending on demand)
Tuesday January 1st: Closed
Wednesday January 2nd: New Comics Day! No delay! 11am-9pm

Finally, here is a list of ‘new’ comics being released on December 26th:

Dark Horse
Eerie Presents: El Cid HC
Star Wars Omnibus: Clone Wars V3 TP: The Republic Falls

Before Watchmen: Nite Owl #4
Justice League #15
Aquaman #15

TMNT: Secret History of the Foot Clan

Mara #1
Hip Flask: Ourborous

Avenging Spider-Man #15.1
Amazing Spider-Man #700

Crossed: Badlands #20

BOOM! Studios
Deathmatch #1

The Shadow Special #1

Whew! Lots of info there! Thanks for reading!

– Chris @ The Beguiling