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SECONDS and THROUGH THE WOODS on sale Tuesday!


The moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Two of the most-anticipated books of the past few years will be available for sale Tuesday morning at 11am!

Emily Carroll shot to fame online for her amazing webcomics stories, including the multiple-award-winning horror short ‘His Face All Red.’ Now, her first collection Through The Woods sees ‘His Face All Red’ joined by 4 brand new short stories for a chilling new collection! Available in paperback and hard cover. And don’t forget the launch event tomorrow night at 7pm!

And we’re pretty sure our friend Bryan Lee O’Malley needs no introduction… but just in case: Dude wrote the six volume Scott Pilgrim series, which is amazing and was adapted into a feature film and our last few events with this fella have had hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people show up. Seconds is his highly-anticipated follow-up, and while it’s a very different book we’re sure Scott Pilgrim fans, and newcomers to his work, are gonna love it. And if you buy it from us, you get a free ticket to his event at the Bloor on July 30th!

Both of these books are great, both go on sale tomorrow, don’t miss them. :)

- Chris @ The Beguiling

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New comics July 2nd at 11am!

New comics will not be delayed by Canada Day after all.

Your hunger for fresh new sequential art can be sated at The Beguiling starting at 11am on Wednesday July 2nd, as usual.

Image “Here they are!! Part 1″ CC by Benson Kua

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Store closed for Canada Day, Tuesday, July 1st.

21-e1348153641978So we don’t usually close for public holidays, but we’re actually going to take the day off on Tuesday, July 1st. The store will be closed. Happy Canada Day!

Update: New comics will be available on Wednesday July 2nd at 11am, as usual!

This closure comes mostly because it turns out we’re not getting our delivery of new comics from Diamond on Tuesday July 1st (we normally get our deliveries on Tuesdays so that they can be ready for you guys on Wednesdays). Our new comics delivery is arriving SOMETIME on Wednesday July 2nd. Which means pulls won’t be ready until the afternoon at the earliest. If you can come in a little later that day, you may want to. Of course, we’ll work as quickly and diligently as possible to get the books out as fast as possible, but it all depends on when the shipment arrives.

Thanks for your understanding!

- Chris @ The Beguiling

Captain Canuck illustration by Kalman Andrasofszky

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Pre-purchase your copy of SECONDS beginning Monday, June 23rd, get a free ticket to the Toronto launch.

secondsThe short version: Come buy SECONDS from us, either by paying in advance starting June 23rd, or once we get the book in the store starting July 15th, and you get a free ticket to the Toronto launch event with Bryan Lee O’Malley and friends (a $10 value!). 

Long Version: SO! We’re doing a cool event to celebrate the launch of SECONDS, the new graphic novel by Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley. The event is on Wednesday, July 30th, and it’s at The Bloor Hot Docs Cinema just around the corner from our store. It’s going to be a cool event, with an interview and a presentation and some fun stuff. We think you’ll enjoy it.

Because we’re expecting a lot of people, we had to rent a big space, and that’s The Bloor. We pay for things like this by selling books, and so if you’re buying your books from us 1) Thank you! and 2) we’ll give you a free ticket! If you’re choosing to buy your books elsewhere, well, ok I guess, but to help offset the cost of the event, we’re selling tickets for $10.

SECONDS goes on sale beginning Tuesday, July 15th, and we will have books that day (barring disaster). If you want to pre-purchase a copy of SECONDS, and get your ticket early, you can come and buy one in-store beginning Monday, June 23rd. You’ll get your ticket to the event, and we’ll give you something you can exchange for your copy of the book when it arrives in store July 15th.

(Oh, and we said that you could pre-purchase starting the 16th, originally. Our bad, the tickets aren’t ready yet. Pre-purchase starts on the 23rd.)

So! This sounds a lot more complicated than it actually is. Come buy SECONDS from us, either buy paying in advance starting June 23rd, or once we get the book in the store starting July 15th, and you get a free ticket to the event (a $10 value!). 

Thanks for reading.

- Chris

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Amazing Spider-Man #1 Variant Information + Pre-order Discount

Amazing-Spider-Man-1Hi folks, we’ve had a lot of inquiries about the variant editions for the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man #1 this April. People like Spider-Man, and they like Spider-Man variants, and so we just wanted to do a little post clarifying rarity, availability, and pricing on these books.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering some of the rare variants for this series, or are just curious what’s coming out with regards to this title, click “Keep Reading” for all of the details!

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Update to Subscription/Pullfile Discounts

Hi there! If you are a weekly comics subscription or ‘pullfile’ customer, this message is for you! If you’re not, well, you can find out why you might want to be here!

Hey there, pullfile customers. First up, thanks for your continued business. We appreciate it. :)

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TCAF Reveals 2014 Poster by Michael DeForge


The Toronto Comic Arts Festival is proud to present its first poster image for the 2014 show, by Toronto artist Michael DeForge.

DeForge is an integral part of Toronto’s comics scene and community, and has come to international prominence for his rapidly expanding catalogue of work. In 2013 Koyama Press debuted DeForge’s first book collection of work at TCAF 2013, entitled Very Casual, and it has found its way onto many critics’ Best of 2013 lists. In winter 2014 Drawn & Quarterly will publish his graphic novel Ant Colony, and Koyama Press will debut the collection of DeForge’s acclaimed LOSE comic series at TCAF 2014 this May.

Michael DeForge posts online to

This poster, like all previous TCAF posters, will be printed in advance of the show and be available for purchase at The Beguiling and the event itself. Final design will differ. TCAF Posters from 2003-2013 are available for purchase online from The Beguiling Books & Art.

Look forward to more TCAF 2014 announcements this week!


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Holiday Hours & Shipping Schedule Update!

Hey folks! Here’s a day-by-day breakdown of our hours and availability through new years. Note the changes to new comics day, and the extended hours 2 days!

xmas-action105Weds Dec 18 – 11am-9pm - New Comics Day! Holiday Party!
Thur Dec 19 – 11am-9pm Open Late!
Friday Dec 20 – 11am-9pm
Sat Dec 21 – 11am-7pm
Sun Dec 22 – 12pm-6pm

Mon Dec 23 – 11am-9pm Open Late!
Tues Dec 249am-5pm - Open Early! Christmas EveNew Comics Day!! Scroll down for more info.
Weds Dec 25 – Closed – Christmas Day
Thur Dec 26 – 9am-7pm – Open Early! Boxing Day
Fri Dec 27 – 11am-9pm
Sat Dec 28 – 11am-7pm
Sun Dec 29 – 12pm-6pm

Mon Dec 30 – 11am-7pm
Tues Dec 31 – 9am-7pm – Open Early! New Comics Day!
Weds Jan 1 – Closed – New Year’s Day
Thur Jan 2 – 11am-7pm – Back to normal!

Hit the link for the full list of comics available on Tuesday, December 24th:

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Out Today: The Sandman: Overture #1



Maybe you saw this full-page advertisement that we took out in NOW this week. Maybe you heard a friend talking about it? Or maybe this is just the moment you’ve been waiting for, for 15 years. Regardless, The Sandman: Overture, is in stores today, October 30th, featuring the return of Neil Gaiman to the character and artwork by J.H. Williams III (Promethea, Batwoman).

We have lots of copies, including all of the variants, so come on by the shop tomorrow to get your Neil Gaiman Sandman-fix. :)


- Chris @ The Beguiling



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Tit For Tat: Amazing video with David B., Sam Hiti, Kagan McLeod, Frederik Peeters, & Paul Pope.

Tit For Tat – Collaborative drawing video with Paul Pope, David B, Sam Hiti, Kagan McLeod and Frederik Peeters

Between 1969 and 1975 the French television broadcast Tac Au Tac (Tit for Tat in english) assembled cartoonists from Europe and the Americas to cooperate in improvised drawing. The 10-15 minute episodes aired in-between programing and planted the seed for a whole generation to make their own comics. While many of the nostalgic videos can be found today on youtube, a contemporary answer to the series was lacking.

This year, during the Toronto Comics and Art Festival (TCAF), five cartoonist came together to revive the idea. A spread of cheese, crackers, wine, ink, and brushes were set before five artists. Five collaborative drawings were done that night and captured upon video at Kagan McLeod’s Toronto studio. One segment has been edited (link below) with more in the works for release in the months leading up to TCAF 2014.

Link to video: 

Paul Pope (USA, creator of Battling Boy)
Sam Hiti (USA, creator of Death Day)
David B. (France, creator of Epileptic)
Frederik Peeters (France, artist of Sandcastle)
Kagan McLeod (Canada, creator of Infinite Kung Fu)

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