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Announce: In-store signing w/ Alison Bechdel

Alison Bechdel Presentation and Signing!
Author of Fun Home and Are You My Mother?
Sunday, December 2nd, 2012, 5:30pm-7:30pm
@ The Centre for Social Innovation, Annex Building
720 Bathurst Street (Just south of The Beguiling)

Facebook Event:

Exciting News: Alison Bechdel is coming back to Toronto! Not seen since debuting her fantastic memoir Are You My Mother? (the follow-up to the critically acclaimed/best-seller Fun Home) at TCAF this spring! Alison Bechdel is coming back to our fair city to be part of the inaugural Elisabeth Young-Bruehl Memorial Syposium on Childism. Luckily, she also has time in her schedule to swing by our shop for a quick presentation and signing!

On December 2nd, at 5:30pm, Alison Bechdel will be giving a presentation on her work, as well as hanging out for a bit after to sign some books and meet with fans. Seating will be limited. Bechdel’s TCAF event was delivered to a packed and delighted house, so next weekend is an evening to surely not be missed!

Originally announced as “At The Beguiling”, this event will be taking place one block south of The Beguiling, at 720 Bathurst Street. It is at The Centre for Social Innovation, in the ING Direct Presentation Space. This will give us much more room to welcome Toronto’s Bechdel fans!

About the Author: Alison Bechdel began keeping a journal at the age of ten, and has been assiduously archiving her own life and times with words and pictures ever since. For twenty-five years she wrote and drew the comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For, a generational chronicle considered “one of the preeminent oeuvres in the comics genre, period.” (Ms.)

Fun Home is currently taught on several syllabi across North America, including several courses at The University of Toronto. Alison Bechdel’s other various accomplishments include comics drawn for Slate, McSweeney’s, Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times Book Review, and Granta, and she recently guest-edited McSweeney’s Best American Comics 2011.

Bechdel lives near Burlington, Vermont.

ANNOUNCE: J. Torres and J. Lum Launch Checkets and Dot!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of a lovely new series of black-and-white board books created by comics veterans J. Torres and Jennifer Lum. The Checkers and Dot books present high-contrast patterns and rhyming text that’s perfect for little eyes and ears. Plus: the books are adorable! Please join us on Sunday, December 2nd as we celebrate these books and their wonderful creators. J and Jennifer will be on hand to meet their fans and sign copies of the books, and we’ll have some Checkers-and-Dot themed activities for the kids. See you then!

Start Your Holiday Shopping with
Checkers and Dot!

It’s getting to be that time of year, and we think the Checkers and Dot books are the perfect beginning to your holiday shopping. So, everyone who purchases one of these books during their in-store appearance will get 10% off their entire purchase! That’s right – buy Checkers and Dot and we’ll give you a deal on all of the comics in the shop! Bring your kids’ wish lists, and give the gift of comics!

Beguiling 25th Anniversary Follow Up

Photo of the 25th Anniversary crew. Back: Chris Ware, Seth, Chester Brown, Peter Birkemoe, Adrian Tomine. Front: Charles Burns, Anouk Ricard. Photo by Nathalie Atkinson.

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate The Beguiling’s 25th Anniversary event on Monday night. We greatly appreciate your patience throughout the technical hiccups, as well as having to wait out in the rain. Again, truly, thank you. 
For those that could not attend, below is the short speech that my boss, Peter Birkemoe, made before the start of the festivities. Enjoy.

Before we get started with this evening’s event and our esteemed authors I wanted to talk about how lucky I feel.

I am lucky to have a job that brings me into contact with so many of the creators I have admired most – many of whom have become great friends.

I’m lucky to have an independent book store that is still thriving against all odds 25 years after it opened in a little hole on Harbord Street. While the physical dimensions of the store haven’t expanded much since we moved to Markham Street, the scope of the store is now enormous. We’re carrying more diverse and excellent product than ever, with shelves going up to the ceiling, and reaching book lovers farther afield than we ever have before. We’re weathering the many storms of independent bookselling, and continuing to change and adapt.

A Beguiling anniversary event also never fails to remind me of how lucky I am to have met the woman I share my life with ten years ago when she covered the 15th anniversary also held here at The Bloor.

I want to also take a minute to say some thanks.

Thanks to the great publishers, large and small who help us fill our shelves, particularly Random House and Drawn and Quarterly who have graciously brought their authors here for tonight.

Thanks to my incredible staff past and present that has become a second family. It is their knowledge and hard work that keeps the store at the top of its game. I always start off by training them, but before too long all of them spend as much time training me.

Thanks to the artists – creative community that produce the wonders we sell, and have made us a hub for all things comics – known not just in Toronto or Canada, but internationally. Through TCAF we’ve been able to connect with more cartoonists, institutions, and great work the world over, and every time a tourist walks through the store from the U.S. or Europe and says that they just had to visit while in Toronto, it is wonderful validation.

Thanks to Steve Solomos and Sean Scoffield the store’s founders, who created for me, the perfect business model for The Beguiling: they looked at what other comic shops were doing and did the opposite. They also gave the store a real attitude and ‘reputation’, compared to which my own snobbery will always seem moderate.

Lastly, thanks go to you, our customers. It is with great pleasure that I see this many people out for this event, some I recognize who have been shopping here since it opened and others who have just come across us. We appreciate your patronage, loyalty and your forgiveness in shopping at a store that often has, as my father might say, 10 pounds of shit crammed into a 5-pound bag.

– Peter Birkemoe

Reminder: Anouk Ricard at Little Island Comics!

Anouk Ricard in Toronto
For the release of her new work “Anna & Froga”
Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 @ 5:30pm-7pm
@ Little Island Comics, 742 Bathurst
Free to attend

The Beguiling is proud to welcome the incredibly talented Anouk Ricard (Anna & Froga) to Toronto for the releases of her new graphic novel! 

Anouk Ricard’s Anna & Froga caused quite the splash as a Free Comic Book Day release from Drawn & Quarterly this year, as the amazing all-ages tale of a girl and her animal friends taking the mundane and making it extraordinary puzzled many adults but instantly delighted children.  The Beguiling is delighted to announce that this French cartoonist will be making her way to Canada for her first ever North American tour, where she will be presenting from her work and discussing its creation for with an adult audience. It is quite likely that a children’s event will be added to this date, to occur at Little Island, in the next week or so.

This amazing and singular cartooning talent should not be missed, so we hope you aren’t too tired after a night of comics on the 12th to come back the next evening for a fantastic event!

– Chris @ The Beguiling