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Two New Naoki Urasawa Series

Naoki Urasawa (creator of the fantastic thriller series Monster) has two new books on the shelf today!

20th Century Boys, acclaimed as Urasawa’s magnum opus, begins as the story of a young man trying to make ends meet running a convenience store and caring for his niece but as an apocalyptic cult spreads it’s influence Kenji begins to notice connections between the shadowy organization and memories of his childhood friends.

In Pluto Urasawa gives us a new perspective on manga giant Osamu Tezoka’s classic story “World’s Strongest Robot”. This science-noir murder mystery follows Europol robot detective Gesicht through Germany as he tracks a killer who targets both humans and robots with no apparent motive.

The Beguiling Back Issue Blowout Phase 03

Another Friday is around the corner and that means the great 2009 Back Issue Blowout Sale marches on. Thank you to everyone who dropped in for Phases 01 and 02 and we hope you continue to find the gems you are looking for as we pull more boxes (heavy heavy boxes) from the vaults for:

PHASE 03: Friday January 16th to Thursday January 22th.

$1 DC ISSUES: This week DC gets the same treatment Marvel had last week. All our long boxes full of recent DC Comics overstock will cost just $1 each.

TONS OF OTHER RECENT ISSUES FOR $1: All our recent overstock from small and medium publishers is going to be on sale for $1 per issue.

MASTERWORKS & ARCHIVES: 50% off selected DC Archives and Marvel Masterworks.

UPSTAIRS MAGAZINE RACK: 30% Off the sticker price of magazines on the upstairs rack. This includes many magazines not discounted in our previous magazine sale including huge runs of Alter Ego, Comic Book Market Place, Back Issue, Write Now, Rough Stuff, Wizard, and many more.

50 CENT BINS: Continuing from Phase 02 the “50 Cent Bin Comics” are still 25 cents each, with the purchase of 40 comics or more. That’s a whopping 40 comics for 10 bucks!

$5 GRAPHIC NOVELS: Also continuing from Phase 02 we have an overflowing long box full of graphic novels all for only $5. Most of these have never have been discounted previously.

1. We reserve the right to refuse sale of any item to any customer for any reason.
2. We will probably not do this, but you’d be amazed at the number of people who insist that certain things are on sale when they’re clearly not or the stickers have been tampered with, so yeah, rule #1.
3. Anything put on hold prior to this sale is entirely exempt from this sale.
4. There is no discount on the back issue bins, magazine bins, or regular comics racks during this sale. Many of the back-issue bins may be partly covered or inaccessible.

DVDs… Astonishingly Affordable

We’ve just received a bunch of movies and season box sets. Some are new to us and some we’ve had before but never at these prices.

  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force Seasons 1, 2, 3, & 4 – $23.95 each
  • Astro Boy Collection (51 episodes + lots of extras) – $29.95
  • Harvy Birdman Attorney at Law Seasons 1 & 2 – $19.95 each
  • Harvy Birdman Attorney at Law Season 3 – $23.95
  • Metropolis (Osamu Tezuka) – $28.95
  • Nana 2 (live action movie) – $22.95
  • Venture Brothers First and Second Seasons Bundle – $58.95
  • Makoto Shinkai Two Movie Set (Voices of a Distant Star & The Place Promised in Our Early Days) – $36.95
  • Voices of a Distant Star (movie & soundtrack) – $18.95
  • The Place Promised in Our Early Days – $18.95

New Viz Manga

We just received the following new books from Viz:

Battle Angel Last Order Vol 10 – Angel Goes Nova
Excel Saga Vol 18
Gimmick Vol 4
Inu Yasha Animanga Vol 30
Nightmare Inspector Vol 5
One Pound Gospel Vol 4
Zatch Bell Vol 22

More Viz Manga Arrives

We’ve received several more Viz Manga and an art book… and it’s some nice stuff!

The Arina Tanemura Collection: Art of Full Moon
Full Metal Alchemist Vol 17
Monster Vol 17
Vagabond Vol 28

Solanin by Inio Asano

I’ve been really looking forward to reading this one. It’s a thoughtful and mature slice of life story that’s worth a look even for non-manga readers. This English edition combines the two Japanese tankoubon into one slightly over-sized french fold softcover and includes the original color opening pages of both chapters.

“Meiko Inoue is a recent college grad working as an office lady in a job she hates. Her boyfriend Shigeo is permanently crashing at her apartment because his job as a freelance illustrator doesn’t pay enough for rent. And her parents in the country keep sending her boxes of veggies that just rot in her fridge. Straddling the line between her years as a student and the rest of her life, Meiko struggles with the feeling that she’s just not cut out to be a part of the real world.”

Just Arrived: Lots of New Viz Manga

This just in! We got a bunch of new Viz manga today. Check it out:

Baby and Me Vol 10
Blank Slate Vol 1
Beauty Pop Vol 9
La Corda D’Oro Vol 9
Crimson Hero Vol 9
Death Note: Complete Box Set 1-13 + “How to use” Booklet
Dragon Drive Vol 10
Eyeshield 21 Vol 22
Gun Blaze West Vol 3
Hikaru No Go Vol 13
Hosin Engi Vol 9
Knights of the Zodiac Vol 24
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Vol 1
Muhyo & Roji’s BSI Vol 7
Naruto Chapbook Vol 1
Naruto Chapbook Vol 2
Nora: The Last Chronicle of Devildom Vol 1
One Piece Vol 19
Ral Omega Grad Vol 2
Reborn Vol 9
Rosario Vampre Vol 3
Strawberry 100% Vol 6
Tail of the Moon Vol 13
Time Stranger Kyoko Vol 2

Chester Brown to run in the imminent Federal election

So official Friend Of The Beguiling Chester Brown is hoping to run for MP of Trinity-Spadina in the upcoming Federal election, for The Libertarian Party. Chester needs 100 signatures from eligible voters in the Trinity-Spadina riding to get him on the ballot and we’ve got a nomination form here at The Beguiling. If this is your riding you can sign up to get Chester on the ballot from now until Friday at the main desk of the store, if you’re so inclined. Please note: You can nominate Chester and then decide to vote for someone who might actually get elected.

We’re sending this out because we like Chester’s work a great deal, and it might be nice to have a really lovely election poster plastered all over town for a change.

Guy Delisle’s Burma Chronicles

The newest travelogue from the acclaimed author of Pyongyang and Shenzhen is now available at the Beguiling.

In his signature minimal animated style Guy Delisle relates his experiences in Burma (also known as Myanmar), a country famed for it’s brutal control and censorship. These stories show rural poverty, drug addiction, and social struggle but also culture, human resilience, and humor.

Drawn and Quarterly’s presented and production is top notch as always on this 208 page unjacketed hardcover.