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Crazy DOUBLE DEEP SALE on everything in the discount room!

As you may or may not know we have a whole room full of 50 cent comics, $1 magazines, and other deeply discounted books. We need to clear out this room for a while so until the end of July…


  • Comics for just 25 cents!
  • Magazines for 50 cents each!
  • Whole trade paperbacks for as little as 1$!

Boxes are 14 x 11 x 7 inches and hold hundreds of comics.

You should come check it out.
Sale room is open daily until 7pm (6pm on Sunday).

Image “Bullring – Selfridges lit up in the evening – Sale” CC by Elliott Brown

Holiday Hours & Shipping Schedule Update!

Hey folks! Here’s a day-by-day breakdown of our hours and availability through new years. Note the changes to new comics day, and the extended hours days!


Tues Dec 249am-5pm Open Early! Christmas EveNew Comics Day!! Scroll down for more info.
Weds Dec 25 – Closed – Christmas Day
Thur Dec 26 – 9am-7pm – Open Early! Boxing Day
Fri Dec 27 – 11am-9pm
Sat Dec 28 – 11am-7pm
Sun Dec 29 – 12pm-6pm

Mon Dec 30 – 11am-7pm
Tues Dec 31 – 9am-7pm – Open Early! New Comics Day!
Weds Jan 1 – Closed – New Year’s Day
Thur Jan 2 – 11am-7pm – Back to normal!

Hit the link for the full list of comics available on Tuesday, December 24th:

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Holiday graphic novel special: “Santa Clowes and the Krampus”


We know how tricky it can be to get all the holiday shopping for both the nice and naughty columns of your list done. To help, we’re making it a little bit easier to find everything you need in one place with a (metaphorical) combination gift/coal special offer.

While supplies last, mention this post when you purchase one of the following Daniel Clowes graphic novels- Wilson, Ghost World Special Edition, The Death Ray or the Daniel Clowes Reader, and you will also receive a FREE Transformers movie tie-in graphic novel. It might be a prequel or a strait up adaptation of one of the films but you can be sure that the acting of the male lead on the page will surpass anything you may have seen on the big screen.

We can easily help you with more ideas for holiday gifts. If you’re struggling with the creation of a new idea and are worried about borrowing too heavily from what’s already been done, we recommend you pick up a copy of Lynda Barry’s WHAT IT IS.