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Beguiling 25th Anniversary Follow Up

Photo of the 25th Anniversary crew. Back: Chris Ware, Seth, Chester Brown, Peter Birkemoe, Adrian Tomine. Front: Charles Burns, Anouk Ricard. Photo by Nathalie Atkinson.

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate The Beguiling’s 25th Anniversary event on Monday night. We greatly appreciate your patience throughout the technical hiccups, as well as having to wait out in the rain. Again, truly, thank you. 
For those that could not attend, below is the short speech that my boss, Peter Birkemoe, made before the start of the festivities. Enjoy.

Before we get started with this evening’s event and our esteemed authors I wanted to talk about how lucky I feel.

I am lucky to have a job that brings me into contact with so many of the creators I have admired most – many of whom have become great friends.

I’m lucky to have an independent book store that is still thriving against all odds 25 years after it opened in a little hole on Harbord Street. While the physical dimensions of the store haven’t expanded much since we moved to Markham Street, the scope of the store is now enormous. We’re carrying more diverse and excellent product than ever, with shelves going up to the ceiling, and reaching book lovers farther afield than we ever have before. We’re weathering the many storms of independent bookselling, and continuing to change and adapt.

A Beguiling anniversary event also never fails to remind me of how lucky I am to have met the woman I share my life with ten years ago when she covered the 15th anniversary also held here at The Bloor.

I want to also take a minute to say some thanks.

Thanks to the great publishers, large and small who help us fill our shelves, particularly Random House and Drawn and Quarterly who have graciously brought their authors here for tonight.

Thanks to my incredible staff past and present that has become a second family. It is their knowledge and hard work that keeps the store at the top of its game. I always start off by training them, but before too long all of them spend as much time training me.

Thanks to the artists – creative community that produce the wonders we sell, and have made us a hub for all things comics – known not just in Toronto or Canada, but internationally. Through TCAF we’ve been able to connect with more cartoonists, institutions, and great work the world over, and every time a tourist walks through the store from the U.S. or Europe and says that they just had to visit while in Toronto, it is wonderful validation.

Thanks to Steve Solomos and Sean Scoffield the store’s founders, who created for me, the perfect business model for The Beguiling: they looked at what other comic shops were doing and did the opposite. They also gave the store a real attitude and ‘reputation’, compared to which my own snobbery will always seem moderate.

Lastly, thanks go to you, our customers. It is with great pleasure that I see this many people out for this event, some I recognize who have been shopping here since it opened and others who have just come across us. We appreciate your patronage, loyalty and your forgiveness in shopping at a store that often has, as my father might say, 10 pounds of shit crammed into a 5-pound bag.

– Peter Birkemoe


The Rabbi’s Cat (Le Chat du Rabbin)
Sunday, October 21st, 4pm (tea) 5pm (film)
@ Cineplex Odeon Sheppard Cinemas
4861 Yonge Street (Sheppard Subway)
$15 at the Door.
More info at:
RSVP on Facebook

Le Chat du Rabbin (The Rabbi’s Cat), the beloved graphic novel of French comic artist Joann Sfar, has sold over 900,000 copies, and now makes it to the big screen in this whimsical and visually-stunning animated film. In pre-war Algiers, Rabbi Sfar lives a quiet life by the sea with his beautiful daughter Zlabya and her talking cat. Along with a Russian painter and a wise old Arab Sheikh, Sfar and the mischievous pet set out on a quest into the unknown depths of Africa. Using hand-drawn animation, Sfar and co-director Delesvaux recreate the multicultural community of 1920s Algiers in vivid and loving detail. This much-anticipated film adaptation makes its Toronto Premiere at this special screening, co-presented with The Beguiling and The Toronto Comic Arts Festival. TORONTO PREMIERE. France / Austria 2011, 100 min. French with English subtitles. Not suitable for young children.

Chris Ware’s BUILDING STORES: In Stock & On Sale!

By Chris Ware
Various trim-sizes, 14 pieces.
Pantheon Book. $55.00

It’s finally here! The long-awaited new book project from a comics creator who requires no introduction, Chris Ware.

Building Stories collects a decade’s worth of work by Ware, including his contributions to The New Yorker, The New York Times and McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern, as well as tons of never-seen-before material.

Look for it on the first floor along with copies of Ware’s Multi-Story Building Model.

Also, don’t forget that tickets are on sale for our November 12th Charles Burns, Adrian Tomine and Chris Ware event at the Bloor Cinema. Admission is $10 or free with the purchase of Building Stories (or Burn’s The Hive or Tomine’s New York Drawings).

Building Chris Ware’s BUILDING STORIES

Hey everyone,

You will never believe what we just got in — Chris Ware’s MULTI-STORY BUILDING MODEL! And if you do believe it you will need to see it with your own eyes!

In advance of Ware’s Building Stories, Drawn and Quarterly has published this “absolutely unnecessary addendum” that creates a 11″ x 16″ x 18″ scale model of the multi-unit apartment populated by Ware’s newest character creations. All you’ll need to create this intricate masterpiece is copy of the model, a ruler, white glue and several sharp knives… which you can get at MIDOCO!

Yes, we’re teaming up with our good friends at Midoco to actually make one of these bad boys! When you get your copy, we highly suggest going to Midoco for all the rulers, glue and sharp knives you’ll need to create this intricate masterpiece.

The Multi-Story Building Model will be on sale on September 17th at The Beguiling. There are only 1,000 of these models in existence — so you’ll definitely want to pick this one up sooner rather than later. Also, we have an event coming up with Mr. Ware coming up on November 12th (details forthcoming), so maybe you could get yours signed again! Maybe? How cool would that be? The coolest? I think the coolest.

By Chris Ware
Portfolio / signed & numbered, limited edition (1,000 copies) / 14 sheets, full color / 16 x 19 inches  / $79.95 / 978-1-77046-113-0

If you want to be one of the cool-kids who helps us put this awesome model together, email Peter at and we’ll let you know the time and the place we’re holding our Building Stories ‘party’.

Photo stolen from the D&Q Blog.

Michael Cho: Book Signing & Gallery Show

Michael Cho: Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes
Book signing featuring a gallery show of selected works
Wednesday, May 23rd, 6pm – 8pm
@ Type Books, 883 Queen Street West
Free to attend

After a day-one, sell out debut at TCAF, Michael Cho’s Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes gets its own book launch! The launch also features a small gallery show and sale of roughly a dozen paintings from the book.

Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes shines with lovingly rendered details, from expletive-filled graffiti splayed across backyard fences to the graceful twists of power lines over a bend in the road. Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes meanders through the city, functioning as a sort of caught-on-paper psychogeographical Jane’s Walk. With each season’s change, different color schemes become dominant, and a whole range of moods and moments are articulated. Cho lets the reader visit his city as a virtual flaneur, lingering equally over dilapidated sheds and well-groomed gardens in a dazzling tribute to the urban environs. Back Alley and Urban Landscapes is Cho’s first book and is published by Drawn & Quarterly.

See more of Cho’s work on his website,

Now in Stock: PROJECT H!

Good news, smut lovers! Just in time for the holidays we have three high-quality hentai manga for the discerning “aficionado.”

Shocking Pink by Yasuiriosuke
Fed up with how the world is being run, Ryuubi decides to do something about it. She is determined to rule it herself! (With sexy results.)

Three P by Hiroshi Itaba
Sizzling hot college co-eds, Reika, Sara, and Mizume, are looking for more than just a quickie from their men. (With sexy results.)

Embrace & Bloom by Kuon Michiyoshi
Shige feels like the luckiest guy in the world. His girl Mayu is short, cute, and… uh, “well-endowed.” Shige is obsessed with her “assets,” but it turns out Mayu wants more than just a quick fondle. (With sexy results.)

All three can be found on the second floor for $17.95 — U.S. cover price! Usually this kind of material is met with a steep markup but we have cut a deal with Project H to ensure a steady supply of their books. We’ll have all their forthcoming material early and in “deep” stock from now on! There’s never been a better time to love sexy results!

SKULLKICKERS Vol 2 Book Launch & Signing

Skullkickers Vol 2 Book Launch & Signing
Featuring Author Jim Zub
Wednesday, November 16th, 5pm-8pm
@ The Beguiling, 601 Markham Street
Free To Attend


The Beguiling will play host to SKULLKICKERS author Jim Zub on Wednesday, November 16th, to celebrate the release of the second Skullkickers Trade Paperback!

SKULLKICKERS VOLUME 2: FIVE FUNERALS AND A BUCKET OF BLOOD collects issues 7-11 of the noble-shooting, thief-ganking, faerie-smushing series, as our two heroes are alternately rewarded and reviled just for being… skull kickers. Great fantasy fun, local comics creators, and an Image comic that released 11 issues in a row ON TIME, it’s a f*cking miracle. Come celebrate.

Note: SKULLKICKERS vol 1, vol 2, and select issues from the series will be available for sale at the event.


A month-long gallery exhibition and silent auction at Steamwhistle Brewery
Featuring Stanislas, illustrator of The Adventures of Herge
7pm-10pm @ Steamwhistle Gallery, 255 Bremner Boulevard (Near Rogers Centre)
Free to attend

The Beguiling Books & Art and Steamwhistle Brewery are teaming to produce one of the most interesting art shows of the fall, TORONTO DRAWS TINTIN. Featuring the work of dozens of comics artists and illustrators from Toronto, and the rest of Canada. Join us for the opening night of this exciting show on November 2nd, and celebrate the legacy of one of comics’ greatest creations!

See the world of Tintin through the eyes of some of Canada’s greatest cartooning talents, including Chester Brown, Michael DeForge, Joe Ollmann, Zach Worton, and Faith Erin Hicks. More information and art previews can be found at http://torontodrawstintin

Many artists will be in attendance — EVERYONE IS WELCOME! This is an all-ages event.

TORONTO DRAWS TINTIN will hang at the Steamwhistle Brewery’s gallery space, for the month of November and close out with a jam-packed celebration of comics, illustration, and art on Sunday November 27th! All art on display will be auctioned off in support of The Comic Legends Legal Defense Fund at that time, and a graphic novel biography of Tintin’s creator Herge will be launched with the French author, Stanislas, in attendance! Come to both events!

This event is sponsored by The Beguiling Books & Art and Steamwhistle Brewery.

Shipping November 2nd, 2011

The following comics and graphic novels are scheduled to ship The Beguiling Books and Art on Wednesday October 25th, 2011. All Prices listed in U.S. Funds. Variant prices are generally accurate, but in any dispute between web price and in-store price we will defer to in-store price.

New Comics
SEP110849 7 Warriors #1 (of 3) 3.99
SEP110114 Action Comics #3 3.99
SEP110116 Action Comics #3 Black & White Var Ed $200
SEP110115 Action Comics #3 Var Ed 3.99
SEP110541 Amazing Spider-man #673 3.99
AUG110279 American Vampire #20  2.99
SEP110147 Animal Man #3 2.99
SEP110530 Avengers 1959 #3 (of 5) 2.99
SEP110513 Avengers Academy #21 2.99
SEP110525 Avengers Origins Ant-man And Wasp #1 3.99
SEP110126 Batwing #3 2.99
SEP110880 Betrayal o/t Planet o/t Apes #1 (of 4) 3.99
SEP110361 Blood Red Dragon #1 3.99
SEP110971 Boys #60 3.99
MAR110895 Charismagic #3 Cvr A Randolph 2.99
MAR110896 Charismagic #3 Cvr B Oum 2.99
SEP110319 Cold War #2 3.99
SEP110320 Cold War #2 10 Copy Incv 6
AUG110865 Critter #4 (of 4) 3.5
SEP110805 Crossed Psychopath #5 (of 7) 3.99
SEP110806 Crossed Psychopath #5 (of 7) Torture Cvr 3.99
SEP110807 Crossed Psychopath #5 (of 7) Wrap Cvr 3.99
AUG118133 Daredevil #4 2nd Ptg Martin Var 2.99
AUG110953 Dark Shadows #1 3.99
AUG110954 Dark Shadows #1 10 Copy Francavilla Virgin Incv 6
SEP110124 Detective Comics #3 2.99
AUG110366 Duke Nukem Glorious Bastard #4 (of 4) 3.99
SEP110855 Elric The Balance Lost #5 3.99
SEP110856 Elric The Balance Lost #5 10 Copy Incv 6
JUL111119 Extinction Seed #0 (of 6) 10 Copy Incv Cvr 6
AUG110026 Fear Agent #32 Out Of Step (pt 5 Of 5) 3.5
SEP110497 Fear Itself #7 Point One 3.99
SEP110498 Fear Itself #7 Point One Bermejo Var 15
SEP110503 Fear Itself Fearless #2 (of 12) 2.99
JUL118165 Fear Itself Fearless #2 (of 12) Cho Var 15
SEP110295 GI Joe Vol 2 Ongoing #7 3.99
SEP110368 Giant Sized Elephantmen #1 Cvr A Campbell & Ruffino 5.99
AUG110040 Goon #36 3.5
SEP110106 Green Arrow #3 2.99
JUN111031 Green Hornet #19 3.99
AUG110521 Hack Slash #9 Cvr A Leister & Rosenberg 3.5
JUN111036 Hack Slash Eva Monsters Ball #4 3.99
SEP110165 Hawk And Dove #3 2.99
SEP110360 Heart #1 (of 4)  2.99
SEP110360 Heart #1 (of 4) 2.99
SEP110570 Hulk #44 2.99
JAN110608 Infinite Vacation #3 (of 5) 3.5
MAY110514 Invincible #84 2.99
SEP110872 Irredeemable #31 3.99
SEP110253 Jack Avarice Is The Courier #1 (of 5) 3.99
SEP110254 Jack Avarice Is The Courier #1 (of 5) 10 Copy Incv 6
MAY110327 Joe Hill The Cape #1 (of 4) 25 Copy Incv 3.99
SEP110099 Justice League International #3 2.99
AUG110041 Kult #4 (of 4) 3.5
SEP110952 Lady Death (ongoing) #11 3.99
SEP110953 Lady Death (ongoing) #11 Wrap Cvr 3.99
SEP110470 Last o/t Greats #2 Cvr A Peeples 2.99
SEP110471 Last o/t Greats #2 Cvr B Sejic 2.99
AUG110864 Legend Of Oz The Wicked West #1 3.5
APR110292 Locke & Key Clockworks #1 (of 6) 25 Copy Incv 3.99
AUG110529 Marksmen #4 (of 6) 2.99
SEP110160 Men Of War #3 3.99
SEP110558 Moon Knight #7 3.99
SEP110474 Moriarty #6 2.99
SEP110588 Mystic #4 (of 4) 2.99
SEP110608 New Mutants #33 Regenesis Blue Keown Xregb 10
SEP110607 New Mutants #33 Xregb 2.99
OCT100452 Next Issue Project #3 (crack Comics #63) Allred Cvr 4.99
OCT100451 Next Issue Project #3 (crack Comics #63) Weiss Cvr 4.99
JUL110895 Night o/t Living Dead Death Valley #5 (of 5) 3.99
JUL110896 Night o/t Living Dead Death Valley #5 (of 5) Gore Cvr 3.99
SEP110158 Omac #3 2.99
JUL111120 One #6 (of 10) 2.99
SEP110383 Our Love Is Real One Shot 3.99
JUL111027 Patricia Briggs Alpha & Omega Cry Wolf Vol 01 #2 3.99
SEP110913 Peanuts #0 1
AUG110866 Penny For Your Soul False Prophet #2 (of 7) 3.5
AUG110424 Pilot Season Fleshdigger #1 3.99
SEP110385 Pilot Season Misdirection #1 3.99
JUL111036 Queen Sonja #23 3.99
AUG110745 Rachel Rising #3 3.99
SEP110142 Red Lanterns #3 2.99
SEP110891 Rinse #3 3.99
SEP110915 Roger Langridges Snarked #2 3.99
JUL111121 Route Des Maisons Rouges #6 (of 6) 2.99
JUN110478 Savage Dragon #175 3.99
SEP110206 Scooby Doo Where Are You #15 2.99
SEP110574 Shame Itself #1 3.99
AUG111251 Shonen Jump December 2011 4.99
AUG110884 Simpsons Classics #30 3.99
SEP110580 Six Guns #1 (of 5) 2.99
AUG110749 Snowed In One Shot 3.99
SEP110768 Sonic Super Special Magazine #1 9.99
AUG110825 Sonic The Hedgehog #230 Reg Cvr 2.99
AUG110826 Sonic The Hedgehog #230 Sega Game Art Var 2.99
AUG110834 Soulfire Vol 3 #5 Cvr A Fabok 3.5
SEP110482 Spawn #213 2.99
AUG110916 Stan Lee Traveler #12 3.99
AUG118085 Star Trek Ongoing #1 2nd Ptg 3.99
AUG110310 Star Trek Ongoing #2 10 Copy Incv 6
SEP110163 Static Shock #3 2.99
SEP110152 Stormwatch #3 2.99
SEP110483 Strange Talent Of Luther Strode #2 (of 6) 2.99
SEP110212 Supernatural #2 (of 6) 2.99
SEP110146 Swamp Thing #3 2.99
SEP110228 Sweet Tooth #27 2.99
SEP110567 Thor Deviants Saga #1 (of 5) 3.99
AUG118097 TMNT Ongoing #1 3rd Ptg 3.99
AUG110322 True Blood French Quarter #3 (of 6) 3.99
SEP110594 Uncanny X-men #1 Blank Var Xregb 3.99
SEP110592 Uncanny X-men #1 Cho Var Xregb 15
SEP110593 Uncanny X-men #1 Regenesis Blue Keown Var Xregb10
SEP110591 Uncanny X-men #1 Xregb 3.99
AUG110044 Usagi Yojimbo #141 3.5
SEP110587 Villains For Hire Point One #1 (of 5) 2.99
SEP110488 Walking Dead Weekly #44 2.99
JUL111005 Warlord Of Mars #12 3.99
JUL111006 Warlord Of Mars #12 15 Copy Garza Risque Incv 10
JUL110555 Witch Doctor #4 (of 4) 2.99
APR110803 Wulf #4 2.99
SEP110617 X-23 #16 2.99
SEP110601 X-men #20 Regenesis Blue Keown Var Xregb 10
SEP110600 X-men #20 Xregb 3.99
New Books
AUG111316 1001 Comics You Must Read Before You Die HC 36.95
SEP110318 30 Days Of Night Night Again TP 17.99
APR110255 Absolute Sandman HC Vol 05 99.99
AUG111364 Andrew Loomis Drawing Head & Hands HC 39.95
SEP111225 Art Of War GN 12.95
AUG111154 Asterix Omnibus SC Vol 01 New Ptg 19.95
AUG111155 Asterix Omnibus SC Vol 02 New Ptg 19.95
AUG111153 Asterix Wheres Asterix HC 14.95
JUL111343 Batman Files Dlx HC 100
JUL110245 Batman Noel Deluxe Edition HC 22.99
AUG111111 Bizarro Heroes TP 11.95
JUN110734 Black Widow Prem HC Itsy-bitsy Spider Dm Ed Var 78 24.99
JUN110791 Blue Collar / White Collar GN 24.95
AUG110927 Darkwing Duck Campaign Carnage TP 16.99
JUL111238 Dragon Puncher HC Book 02 Dragon Puncher Island 9.95
SEP111097 Extraordinary Adventures Adele Blanc Sec HC Vol 02 24.99
JUL110277 Flight Of Angels HC 24.99
AUG110720 From Marvel Vault TP 14.99
JUL110027 Hellboy House o/t Living Dead HC 14.99
MAY110294 Joe The Barbarian Deluxe Ed HC 29.99
JUN110338 LoEG Omnibus HC 49.99
SEP111224 Machiavelli The Prince GN 12.95
JUL111128 Mangaman HC Vol 01 19.99
JUN110720 MMW Fantastic Four HC Vol 13 59.99
JUL111258 No Longer Human Vol 01 10.95
AUG111194 Nordguard GN Vol 01 Across Thin Ice 19.95
SEP110625 Powers Prem HC Vol 03 Little Deaths  24.99
JUL111294 R Crumb Comp Record Cover Collection HC  27.95
SEP110821 Reboot Forever HC 23.99
SEP111227 Shut Up Stop Whining & Get A Life GN 12.95
SEP111366 Silver Age Of Comics SC 26.95
JUL111185 Smurfs Box Set Vol 1-3 17.99
AUG111158 Super Pro Ko GN Vol 02 11.99
AUG110260 Superman Return Of Doomsday TP 14.99
AUG110715 Thor Iron Man God Complex TP 15.99
SEP111162 Tintin Hardcover Boxed Set 150
SEP111159 Tintin Young Readers Ed GN Blue Lotus 8.99
AUG111190 Troop 142 GN 20
SEP111192 Waste Of Time TP 19.99
New Magazine
AUG111319 Alter Ego #105 7.95
SEP111343 Hi Fructose Magazine Quarterly #21 6.95
SEP110001 Previews #278 November 2011 2.7
New Manga
AUG111241 Ai Ore GN Vol 03  12.99
AUG111098 Air Gear GN Vol 20 10.99
AUG111242 Black Bird GN Vol 11 9.99
AUG111100 Bloody Monday GN Vol 02 10.99
AUG111101 Cage Of Eden GN Vol 02 10.99
AUG111252 Claymore TP Vol 19 9.99
APR110836 Code Geass Knight GN Vol 04 10.99
AUG111249 D Gray Man GN Vol 21 9.99
AUG111253 Death Note Black Ed TP Vol 06 (of 6) 14.99
AUG111243 Dengeki Daisy GN Vol 07 9.99
JUN111056 Great Place High School GN Vol 03 S Council 12.95
AUG111191 Gunslinger Girl Omnibus TP Vol 03 16.99
AUG111244 Haruka Beyond The Stream Of Time GN Vol 14 9.99
AUG111268 High School Of Dead GN Vol 04 13.99
AUG111245 Kimi Ni Todoke GN Vol 11 From Me To You 9.99
JUL111042 Kizuna GN Vol 04 (of 6) Dlx Ed 19.95
AUG111103 Love Hina Omnibus TP Kodansha Ed 19.99
JUN111052 Mr Tiger And Mr Wolf GN 12.95
JUN111053 Only Serious About You GN Vol 01 (of 2) 12.95
AUG111246 Oresama Teacher GN Vol 05 9.99
AUG111237 Pokemon Magnetic Play Book HC 8.99
JUN111051 Private Teacher GN Vol 01 12.95
JUN111054 Seven Days GN Vol 02 (of 2) Friday Sunday 12.95
AUG111247 Story Of Saiunkoku GN Vol 05 9.99
AUG111250 Tegami Bachi GN Vol 07 9.99
AUG111108 Tokyo Mew Mew Omnibus TP 14.99
AUG111192 Toradora GN Vol 03 11.99
JUN111055 Tyrant Falls In Love GN Vol 04 12.95
SEP111300 Wavering Of Haruhi Suzumiya Novel SC 8.99
AUG111248 We Were There GN Vol 13 9.99

October 26: Illustrator Historian Lief Peng at The Nook

Lief Peng in Conversation
Wednesday, October 26th, 2011 – 7 – 9pm
The Nook Collective, 156 Augusta Avenue, Toronto
$40.00. Limited Seating.

Join esteemed illustrator, storyboard & concept artist, teacher, and creator of the widely-read blog, Today’s Inspiration, Lief Peng for an informative and entertaining presentation on modern illustration.

Peng’s presentation will focus on illustration as a cyclical process that is repeating itself again in our time. His talk will focus on mid 20th century illustrators who he has written about over the last six years. He’ll share stories and anecdotes—some from his extensive research but also first-hand accounts of personal interviews he’s conducted with many Canadian and American illustrators.

The evening is hosted by the Nook Collective, a group of award–winning illustrators and educators based in Kensignton Market. You can learn more about Lief Peng and Nook at their website,

Thanks to for the heads up on this sure-to-be-wonderful event.