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The Beguiling Boxing Week Sale 2018!

Hey, it’s time once again for our Boxing Week sales!!!

Before we get to that– did you know that if you sign up for our newsletter, you would have found out about these even sooner? We announce a lot of great things in the newsletter– upcoming sales, events, ticket giveaways and more! You can sign up sort of…diagonally down to the left from where you’re reading this on our website!

Now onto the sales!…After some sagely advice/strongly worded cautions


  • Bring your own bags! Save the environment!
  • We reserve the right to refuse sale of any item to any customer for any reason.  We probably won’t do this, but this is a straightforward disclaimer in case there’s any dispute about what is or isn’t on sale.
  • Out-of-print items (books/comics/etc.) are generally marked as such and exempt from sale pricing. Determination of ‘out of print’ is at The Beguiling’s sole discretion. Ask at the counter if you’re unsure.
  • Anything put on hold prior to Boxing Day is entirely exempt to sale pricing.
  • Sales cannot be combined with other specials or sales. (So if we already have a special price on something, it’s THAT price. You can ask, but be prepared to most likely hear this answer again)
  • “Regular Price” is determined as ‘Whatever the book would sell for not on Boxing Day, whether that’s Converted Canadian Cover price, Canadian Cover Price, or Sticker Price.
  • ALL Items released in December 2018 or later are not eligible for sale. Determination for eligibility will be made at the cash register, at our sole discretion.

December 26-28: 25% off almost EVERYTHING in the store, including in-print books, comics, graphic novels, manga, BD, art books and more!

(Excluded: out of print books, rare books, wall/rare comics, consigned comics. Please note WALL BOOKS WILL BE UNAVAILABLE TO BROWSE OR PURCHASE UNTILDECEMBER 27TH.)


  • Absolute V for Vendetta: was $121.00, now $75.00!
  • Batman: Damned #2: Only $5!
  • Dave McKean’s Black Dog: was $33.99, now $20.00!
  • We Stand on Guard HC: was $33.99, now $15.00!
  • Street Angel: After-School Kung-Fu Special: was $25.00, now $12.00!
  • Voices in the Dark: was $39.95, now $20.00!
  • Wilson: was $23.99, now $8.00!
  • Pure Shores: was $25.00, now $10.00!
  • SP4RX: was $25.95, now $10.00!
  • Teen Titans Earth One V.1 HC: was $26.99, now $10.00!
  • Founding Fathers Funnies: was $19.99, now $8.00!
  • Eartha: was $39.99,  now $15.00!
  • PPP: The Zines of Paper Rad: was $75.00, now $37.50!
  • and many more still to come!!

December 26-31: 35% off all bagged & priced back issues in our back issue basement! Buy 20 or more & get 50% OFF!

(wall/rare comics are not included in this sale; please note, sets for sale in the basement count as ONE ITEM)

December 27-31: WALL/RARE BOOKS 25% OFF!

These are our old comics priced above $15 in the back of the middle room!

December 29-31: 20% off almost EVERYTHING in the store, including in-print books, comics, graphic novels, manga, BD, art books etc!

(Excluded: out of print books, rare books, wall books, consigned comics. All the same exceptions, but 5% less off. You get it? Cool.)

Starting January 2 we’ll have our recent back issue stock on sale! We’ll be bringing long boxes up into the middle room for weekly rotations at great discounts! Please note: Comics released in December 2018 or later are exempt from this sale!

January 2-8: Recent Marvel back issue overstock 50% off cover price, plus other deep discount specials!

January 9-15: Recent DC back issues back issue overstock 50% off cover price, plus other deep discount specials!

January 16-22: Recent Image back issue overstock 50% off cover price, plus other deep discount specials!

January 23-29: Recent Miscellaneous back issue overstock 50% off cover price, plus other deep discount specials!

We’ll be open 11-4 December 31 and closed January 1 but other than that we’re open for business as usual!

PAGE AND PANEL, 789 Yonge St

Boxing week runs from December 27th to December 31st!

Nearly everything in store is 20% off!!
Exceptions include all “I’m Library People” Merchandise, New product released mid-December to present, and Canadian magazines. Any disputes between what is and is not on sale is at the condescension of the cashier on duty.

Special Discounts!
– 30% off all Jump From Paper product — so cool and colourful!
– Kikkerland Log Pillows — 30% off
– Destiny 2 Figures (Cayde 6, Ikora Rey, Zavala) Regularly, $39.99 NOW $14.99
– Stranger Things Eleven figure Regularly, $39.99 NOW $14.99
– Freehand Figure Drawing From Memory by David Ross, Regularly $26.77 NOW $17.00 WITH TAX (40% off)
– Black Dog by Dave McKean – 40% off
– TCAF logo tees — Regularly $20.00 NOW $10.00
– TCAF Hartley Lin Mugs — Regularly $15.00, Now $10.00

Special Note: Page & Panel will be closed January 2nd for our annual inventory. 

That’s our sales! SEE YOU SOON!


Get excited! On Wedensday, November 28, ERIC KOSTIUK WILLIAMS will be in-store as we hold a launch event for his new book from Retrofit, OUR WRETCHED TOWN HALL! Eric is one of our favourite local creators so we’re thrilled to be able to celebrate the release of his new book!

Everything will kick off at 7PM in our Gallery Space, where Eric will be exhibiting some new prints just for the launch! Eric will read from Our Wretched Town Hall followed by a conversation with Broken Pencil editor/Beguiling staffer Jonathan Valelly and a Q&A!

In short: it’s gonna be G R E A T.


November 16 we’re excited to have two great creators in store to celebrate their new books from CONUNDRUM PRESS!

Local creator LORENZ PETER will be here with his new comic ON VINYL!

REBECCA ROSEN will be joining us all the way from Brussels to launch her new book FLEM!

It’ll all kick off at 7PM in our gallery space with a presentation, Q&A and a chance to get your books signed by the authors!!

About On Vinyl:
On Vinyl is a love letter to vinyl and an exploration of the role nostalgia plays in the decisions we make. When Lenny opens a second-hand record store in Toronto, it’s the realization of a dream, and a welcome break from the chaos at home, where developers—and his landlord—are determined to push him out.
Unfortunately, Lenny’s store isn’t much more stable than his home life. Rent is sky-high, and sales are sporadic. Some days, he’s run off his feet while other days, smashing unwanted records is the only way to pass the time.
When he finds an old press release tucked away in the sleeve of a record, the discovery launches Lenny into his next quest: to track down the long-lost record collection of Hot Walter, an elusive and aging disco DJ, and maybe, just maybe, save the store.

About Lorenz Peter
Lorenz Peter was born in Montreal and grew up in Northern Alberta. In 1990, he left school to pursue cartooning and music. Lorenz has released five full length graphic novels since then: Chaos MissionDark Adaptation (winner of the Doug Wright award for Best Emerging Artist), Side EffectGrey Museum and his newest, On Vinyl. In 1997, Lorenz joined Corpusse, forming a power duo that would influence Toronto’s underground art rock/noise scene for nearly 15 years and record 3 albums together. Lorenz lives in Toronto where he continues to work independently on comics, illustrations, and musical acts Processor and Off World.

About FLEM:
Fictional biography of a disturbed performance artist
Julia Maarten’s a mess: she’s running out of inheritance money, failing out of art school, and haunted by the ghost of her depressed mother. And then there’s the compulsive nose-picking thing…
When Julia meets a group of radical feminist performance artists in a Brussels squat, she is convinced by their political perspective and enchanted by their counter-cultural lifestyle. But has she found her tribe… or lost her mind?
FLEM, by newcomer Rebecca Rosen, takes the reader on a colour-coded journey into the dark heart of the “other” Brussels by way of a damaged young woman’s inflamed nasal canal.
About Rebecca Rosen
Rebecca Rosen is an artist, originally from Montreal, who now makes her home in Brussels. She runs the silkscreening studio l’Appat.


Join us Thursday, November 1 to celebrate the release of WAVERING LINE 5! Not only will this be your first chance to get a copy of the new issue and meet the creators, but we’ll also be presenting an art show in our gallery with lots of work from the artists!

It all kicks off at 7PM! Come, buy a book, hang out, have a great time!


Wedneday, October 31 sees the release of the final issue of the hit series WAYWARD from Image Comics! When the series began, we held the launch party at The Beguiling so now that it’s wrapping up it only made sense to team up with series co-creator/writer JIM ZUB to throw a big ol WAYWARD FINALE PARTY at the store on Friday, November 2nd!

Join us starting at 6PM for a chance to get your books signed, make mirth and mark the end of Wayward! We’ll also be stocked up on lots of copies of Jim’s other comics such as CHAMPIONS, AVENGERS, RICK & MORTY VS DUNGEONS & DRAGONS and plenty more! Jim will also be bringing his own selection of back issues and variant covers just for this event, and to top it all of we’ll have a PRINT GIVEAWAY!

It’s no secret that we love Jim here at the store so we’re super excited we could welcome him back and send WAYWARD off with the party it deserves!



Monday, October 22, The Beguiling is delighted to welcome Canadian comics legend LYNN JOHNSTON to the store to celebrate the recent release of For Better of For Worse: The Complete Library Volume 2 from IDW! Not only was Lynn the first woman *and* first Canadian to receive the prestigious Reuben Award, her influence remains strong in comics to this day, with Raina Telgemeier citing For Better or For Worse as “…the biggest impact on me as far as being a comic artist, writer and storyteller.”

This event will start at 7PM! Come by, meet Lynn Johnston and leave with your very own signed copies of the recently-released hardcover  of For Better or For Worse!

We’ll see you there!!!



On Saturday, October 27th The Beguiling, Little Island Comics & Koyama Press are beyond pleased to welcome JOHN MARTZ and BRITT WILSON to the store for a fun-for-all-ages celebration of the release of their new books  EVIE AND THE TRUTH ABOUT WITCHES and GHOST QUEEN!

Come on  out Saturday, October 27th at the kid-friendly time of 12-2PM for a fun Halloweentime activity for all! Meet the creators, get your books signed, and lots more fun stuff to come! (I mean, it’s Halloween time, right? What’s Halloween without some CANDY?)


“We’ve all read about witches, those pointy hat wearin’, broom ridin’, spell castin’, superlative olfactory organ sportin’, child nappin’ creepies. But Evie wants to be scared, and Evie has found out the truth about witches, and she didn’t find it in a book.”


“Luey, Miri and Phil don’t need a babysitter, but they might need an exorcist. With dad out of town and mom hosting an emergency yoga retreat everything was junk food and scary movies until the ghosts popped up. Now it’s up to the kids to banish the banshees. Britt Wilson presents another rollicking romp in this fun-filled phantasmagorical fantasy.”

See you there!!