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The Grand Re-Opening of LITTLE ISLAND COMICS!!

Art by Steve Manale

The Beguiling Books & Art is proud to announce the return of


The world’s first and only comic shop exclusively for kids!

Little Island Comics is BACK!!! Offering the widest possible array of graphic novels, manga, and comics for people 12 years old and younger, Little Island celebrates its Grand Re-Opening during March Break 2018 with a slate of creator appearances, refreshments and activities– with a sale to jumpstart your library of great comics for kids!


When it opened in 2011, Little Island served thousands of young readers, grateful parents, enthusiastic educators, and cool aunts and uncles for five years until the original Mirvish Village location closed due to redevelopment. During that time Little Island was more than a retail destination — it was a local hub: a venue for comics-making classes and teacher/librarian sessions, and hosted many book launches and events with kid-lit luminaries like Tomi Ungerer (The Three Robbers), Kate Beaton (The Princess and the Pony), Kazu Kibuishi (Amulet) and Jon Klassen (We Found a Hat).

“Little Island has proven to be a key part of The Beguiling’s business overall,” says proprietor Peter Birkemoe. “I’m thrilled to once again devote space where kids and parents can learn, read and start loving comics. And we really missed giving our youngest customers the specific attention they deserve.”

“Little Island Comics responded to the public’s continuing need for specialized books shops as points of discovery, interaction, and creative community,” Little Island Comics manager Andrew Woodrow-Butcher adds. “It’s a bricks-and-mortar success story!”

A year after closing its previous Mirvish Village location, Little Island Comics re-opens in March next door to its parent shop The Beguiling’s newly expanded location at the top of Toronto’s vibrant Kensington Market neighbourhood. As The Beguiling enters its fourth decade as North America’s premier comic book retailer, the move to College Street has allowed it to add a gallery and events space, which Little Island will share.

Little Island Comics will be staffed by the same team that worked at the previous location, who also work for The Beguiling’s Library Services business, which has been helping school and  public libraries curate their comics collections for more than 15 years. Comics as a medium has become a mainstay of educational library collections in the last decade, and parents and educators will appreciate the expert help in selecting titles that address curriculum objectives, learning challenges, and a wide variety of reading levels. Kids will appreciate the engaging visual storytelling in some of today’s most popular books for young people!

Little Island will offer a 20% discount on all in-print kids comics, picture books, and graphic novels throughout March Break (March 10-18, 2018) to encourage families to dig into graphic novels! The week will culminate in a Grand Re-Opening Party on Saturday, March 17th, with refreshments, drop-in activities, story time, and appearances by such creators as:

  • Scott Chantler (The Three Thieves series)
  • Naseem Hrab (Ira Crumb Makes a Pretty Good Friend)
  • Brian McLachlan (Draw Out the Story)
  • Ryan North (Adventure Time, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl)
  • Kean Soo (March: Grand Prix, Jellaby)
  • Britt Wilson (Cat Dad, King of the Goblins)
  • Tory Woollcott (Mirror Mind, Science Comics: The Brain)

…and more! For details on the line-up for the Grand Re-Opening, please follow Little Island Comics on Facebook and Twitter (@littleislandcmx) and visit our website:

We’re VERY HAPPY ABOUT THIS and we hope you are too!!

March 9: Eleanor Davis “Why Art?” Book Launch

We’re really starting off this year strong with our in-store events and now we have another amazing launch set for March!

Friday, March 9th we welcome artist Eleanor Davis to our new in-house event space in support of her new book Why Art? from Fantagraphics Books!

Eleanor Davis will be doing a performance of Why Art? starting at 7:30, followed by a Q&A with Beguiling owner Peter Birkemoe and a chance to get your copies signed!

February 8: Tommi Parrish “The Lie and How We Told It” Book Launch!

The Beguiling is thrilled to announce that on Thursday February 8th we’ll be welcoming Tommi Parrish in-store to launch their brand-new book from Fantagraphics, THE LIE AND HOW WE TOLD IT!

Tommi will be doing a reading from their work, followed by an informal Q&A conducted by artist Ginette Lapalme!

We’ll start things up at 7PM at The Beguiling Books & Art in our newly-expanded space (319 College St)!
Go click ‘attending’ on fb and make us feel Good:

This event is FREE TO ATTEND and open to all-ages! See you then!



Heyyy, so–

NO NEW COMICS TODAY sadly, due to an additional delay with the shipment. Comics should hopefully be here sometime tomorrow. We’re unsure as to exactly when, but we’ll have them available as soon as humanly possible
To help make up for it we extended our Boxing Day 25% OFF sale through the end of today! 25% off all regular-priced items, 50% off bagged & priced back issues and recent back issues 50% off cover price!
Sorry for the inconvenience everybody! We hate it too!


Hey, it’s our Boxing Day/Week sales! Neat!

Before we get to that– did you know that if you sign up for our newsletter, you would have found out about these even sooner? We announce a lot of great things in the newsletter– upcoming sales, events, ticket giveaways and lots more! You can sign up sort of…diagonally down to the left from where you’re reading this on our website!

Now onto the sales!…After some words to live by


  • Bring your own bags! Save the environment!
  • We reserve the right to refuse sale of any item to any customer for any reason.  We probably won’t do this, but this is a straightforward disclaimer in case there’s any dispute about what is or isn’t on sale.
  • Out-of-print items (books/comics/etc.) are generally exempt from sale pricing. Determination of ‘out of print’ is at The Beguiling’s sole discretion. Ask at the counter if you’re unsure.
  • Anything put on hold prior to Boxing Day is entirely exempt to sale pricing.
  • Sales cannot be combined with other specials or sales.
  • “Regular Price” is determined as ‘Whatever the book would sell for not on Boxing Day, whether that’s Converted Canadian Cover price, Canadian Cover Price, or Sticker Price.
  • ALL Items released in December 2017 or later are not eligible for sale. Determination for eligibility will be made at the cash register, at our sole discretion.

December 26th ONLY: 25% off almost EVERYTHING in the store, including in-print books, comics, graphic novels, manga, BD, art books and more!
(Excluded: out of print books, rare books, wall books. Please note WALL BOOKS WILL BE UNAVAILABLE TO BROWSE OR PURCHASE UNTILDECEMBER 28TH.)


  • Absolute Death by Neil Gaiman: Was $121.99, now $20!
  • Absolute Doomsday Clock Prequel (aka ‘Watchmen’): was $112.00, now $30!
  • Monsters Unleashed Monster-Size Edition: Was $63.00, now $20!
  • Vague Tales by Eric Haven: was 22.99, now $10!
  • The Excavation by Max Anderson: was $40, now $15!
  • The Moolah Tree by Ted Stearn: was $40, now $15!
  • Farmer Ned’s Comics Barn by Gerald Jablonski: was $40, now $20!
  • Dressing by Michael Deforge: was $25, now $10!
  • Infinite Wait by Julia Wertz: was $20, now $10!
  • Cat Person by Seo Kim: was $20, now $10!
  •  various books from LANDFILL EDITIONS, ranging from $6-$14!

December 26th-28th: 50% off all bagged & priced back issues!
(wall books/rare books are not included in this sale)

December 27th & 28th : Recent back issues 50% off cover price! We will have our brand-new space open and full of all of our recent overstock on back issues at 50% off cover price (after conversion to Canadian dollars)—Rebirth, Legacy, Walking Dead, the sky’s the limit! Well, actually, December 2017 ship dates are the limit.

And last but certainly not least…

December 28th –January 3rd : WALL BOOKS 25% OFF!
Excludes our New Arrivals boxes

We’ll be open 12-4 December 31st and closed January 1 but other than that we’re open for business as usual!

That’s our sales! SEE YOU SOON and hope you’re having a great holiday season!


Here’s our hours for this holiday season! For days not listed, we’ll be open our regular hours.

(What else clever can I add here?…nothing comes to mind)

Thu Dec 21: 11-9PM

Fri Dec 22: 11-9PM

Sat Dec 23: 11-9PM

Sun Dec 24: 11-3PM

Mon Dec 25: CLOSED

Tues Dec 26: 11-7PM

Sun Dec 31: 12-4PM

Mon Jan 1: CLOSED