Anders Nilsen’s BIG QUESTIONS #15 and Michael DeForge’s SPOTTING DEER

Anders Nilsen’s BIG QUESTIONS #15 has just arrived in-store, wrapping up the exceptionally long-running serialized graphic novel. I’ve been following it since about issue #6 and it’s a phenomenal, beautiful work, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how it all wraps up. Big Questions #15 is published by the lovely Drawn & Quarterly, and is available on the main floor.

Toronto Comics wunderkind Michael DeForge also has a brand new comic book out, SPOTTING DEER, from the fine folks at Koyama Press. The previews of this one set the internet on fire┬álast week, so now that the book is available in store we hope you’ll all come by and pick up a copy, it’s even prettier than it looks here, and a massive 10″ x 10″. $5.00, both floors.

– Chris